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Winn Parish Photo Album III
Groups: Military, Miscellaneous, Political, School, Sports

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1895 Winn Parish, La. Map

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Index to photos & Index2 "In Service of Our Country" Mar 2004 Nelda Buchanan
WWII-22 "In Service of Our Country" Nov 2006 Jason Kelley




gathering01 Gathering (1) July 2006 Ricky Leeper

Gathering (2)

Aug 2006 Billy Hill
project6 Gathering (3)
cccamp CCCamp July 2006 Billy Hill
cccamp02 --Closeup of flag
cccamp03 --Xlg closeup of flag
deloach9 Knights of Pythias Funeral of James S. Deloach Aug 2002 Greggory E. Davies
allen10 Gathering at Winn Courthouse, ca. 1922 Aug 2002 Greggory E. Davies
allen011 85th Birthday of Judge R.W. Oglesby Aug 2002 Greggory E. Davies


1880-1890 Jones, DeLoach, Wallace Aug 2005 Thomas DeLoach
allen005 O.K. Allen Takes Oath of Office Aug 2002 Greggory E. Davies
allen006 Christmas in the Governor's Mansion (O.K. Allen Family, 1933) Aug 2002 Greggory E. Davies
allen007 Cong. A. Leonard Allen with King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Aug 2002 Greggory E. Davies
allen008 Cong. Allen Presents Missionaries to President Truman Aug 2002 Greggory E. Davies


1905lpi 1905 LPI Summer Normal Class Jan 2002 Winston McCain
whs1908 1908 Class of WHS Aug 1998 Deanna Simmons Hess
gans1923 1923 Old Gansville School Class Apr 2004 Nelda Buchanan
unionschool-1921 1921 Union Hill School Jan 2010 Jean Tomei
bchcrk22 1922-23 Beech Creek School Class Oct 2000 Kathleen McConathy
winsch1924 1924 c., Maxine Tannehill Hudson & Winn Classmates Sep 2000 Jane Ann Hudson Kobelski
grammar1925 1925 Grammar Class Nov 2006 Jason Kelley
grammar1925-bk --1925 Grammar Class, back of photo

--1925 Grammar Class, list of names01

grammar1925names2 --1925 Grammar Class, list of names02
dodson1930 1930/1931 Dodson, Grade 1 Aug 2007 Billy Hill
winnhs1934 1934 Winnfield High School Graduating Class March 2001 Lynette Embree
chs1937 1937 Calvin High School First Grade Class Jan 2000 Peggy Beaubouef
chs1940s 1940s Calvin High School Graduating Class Aug 1998 Ruth Latham
shs1948 1948 Sikes High School Grads Apr 2004 DrB
wts2nd 1949 Winn Training School 2nd Grade Class Feb 2001 Jimmy Gaulden
wts3rd 1949 Winn Training School 3rd Grade Class Feb 2001 Jimmy Gaulden
fifth49 1949 Winn Training School 5th Grade Class Feb 2001 Jimmy Gaulden
wts8th 1949 Winn Training School 8th Grade Class Mar 2001 Jimmy Gaulden
wts9th 1949 Winn Training School 9th Grade Class Mar 2001 Jimmy Gaulden
wts10th 1949 Winn Training School 10th Grade Class Mar 2001 Jimmy Gaulden
wts11th 1949 Winn Training School 11th Grade Class Feb 2001 Jimmy Gaulden
wtsfac49 1949 Winn Training School Faculty Mar 2001 Jimmy Gaulden
wtsfac2 --1949 Winn Training School Faculty    
wtsmaj49 1949 Winn Training School Majorettes Feb 2001 Jimmy Gaulden
chs1951officers 1951 Calvin High School Officers July 2006 Lewis & Lenora Martin
wpta52  1952 Winn Parish Teachers Association Feb 2001 Jimmy Gaulden
Prom 1957  1957 Pinecrest High School Junior-Senior Prom Feb 2001 Jimmy Gaulden
dodsonschool01 Dodson or Sikes School Photo Aug 2006 Billy Hill
joyceschool Joyce School ????? ?????
Terry & Schwartz  Superintendent R.L. Terry & Supervisor H.O. Schwartz Feb 2001 Jimmy Gaulden



chsbb1951 1951 Calvin High School Basketball Team Jul 2006 Lewis and Lenora Martin
thomas1946  1946 Thomas Lumber Co. Softball Team Apr 2000 Shirley Armstrong & Rebecca Hubbard
ahsbb49 1949 Atlanta High Bulldog Basketball Team Feb 2001 Greggory E. Davies
wtsgirl 1949 Winn Training School Girls Basketball Team Feb 2001 Jimmy Gaulden
wtsbal49 1949 Winn Training School Boys Basketball Team Feb 2001 Jimmy Gaulden
thomas51 1951 Thomas Lbr Co. City League Softball Champs Apr 2000 Shirley Armstrong & Rebecca Hubbard
yellowjk  1957 Pinecrest High School Football Team Jan 2001 Jimmy Gaulden

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