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1895 Winn Parish, La. Map

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-- Historic Buildings & Businesses --

--  Churches -- Documents --  Homes --

-- Landmarks, Misc., & Scenes -- Monuments -- Schools --





project8 Government building Aug 2006 Billy Hill
dodson-postoffice Post Office, Dodson Aug 2006 Billy Hill
dodson-nicklassawmill Nicklas Sawmill, Dodson Aug 2005 Gene Barron

Sikes Bank - 01

Sikes Bank - 02

July 1999 Roy Johnson

Sikes Branch Library - 05

Sikes Branch Library - 06

Oct 2007 Jo B*ranch

Winnfield City Hall - 1

Winnfield City Hall - 3

Jul 1999 Roy Johnson
winnfield-citypolice Winnfield City Police Station (old) Jul 1999 Roy Johnson
winnpar-courthouse Winn Parish Courthouse Aug 2000 Greggory E. Davies
winnpar-library Winn Parish Library Sep 2002 Jeanez Chandler Miescke
library-drawing Library Architectural Drawing, 1962 Mar 2007 Jo B*ranch
cornerstone020 Eastern Star Lodge Cornerstone, 1966 Aug 2002 Greggory E. Davies
museum01 Front view of musuem. Aug 2000 Greggory E. Davies
museum02 Right side view of museum.
museum03 2nd right side view of museum.
museum04 Sign at Museum.
museum05 Train car on left side, towards back.
museum06 Uncle Earl's Smoke House

Max Thieme Chevrolet - 01

Max Thieme Chevrolet - 02

July 1999 Roy Johnson
gph49southern Southern Funeral Home Nov 2004 W. Bryan Price
lobbyofs136gph Southern Funeral Home, Lobby May 2006 W. Bryan Price
morticia Southern Funeral Home - New Hearse Jun 2008 W. Bryan Price
venus01 The Venus Theater, A Final Look-01 July 2005 W. Bryan Price
venus02 The Venus Theater, A Final Look-02
venus03 The Venus Theater, A Final Look-03
venus04 The Venus Theater, A Final Look-04
venus05 The Venus Theater, A Final Look-05
venus06 The Venus Theater, A Final Look-06
venus07 The Venus Theater, A Final Look-07
venus08 The Venus Theater, A Final Look-08
venus09 The Venus Theater, A Final Look-09
venus10 The Venus Theater, A Final Look-10
Winnfield Hotel Winnfield Hotel Aug 2006 Jo B*ranch
Side view
View of corner with stained-glass window
Stained-Glass Window
Post Office Winnfield Post Office Aug 1999 Roy Johnson
1947 news article 1947 Carey Salt Mine Employees Apr 2000 Shirley Armstrong & Rebecca Hubbard
saltmine02 Salt Mines June 2006 Billy Hill
1942 news article 1942 Rock Quarry Employees Aug 2000 Kathleen McConathy



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beechcrk476.txt Beech Creek Baptist Church Jun 1999 Roy L. Johnson
bethlehem772.txt Bethlehem Baptist Church Nov 1999 Annette Womack
church Cypress Creek Baptist Church Jul 1999 Annette Womack
evergreen Evergreen Baptist Church Aug 2000 Dayn Jackson

First Baptist Church, Winnfield

July 1999 Roy Johnson

First Christian Church & Congregation ph01

First Christian Church & Congregation ph02

Feb 2001 Lynette Embree

First Methodist Church, Winnfield ph01

July 1999 Roy Johnson
friendship Friendship Baptist Church Aug 1999 Jerry Lasyone



Hebron Baptist Church Jan 2000 J. Solomon
mornstar Morning Star Church - Old Aug 2000 Dayn Jackson
newbethlehem New Bethlehem Baptist Church, 1909 April 2000 Stafford Davis
stmaurice-church02 St Maurice Church 02 Jul 2000 Greggory E. Davies; Photos by Jamey Maxwell
stmaurice-church03 St Maurice Church 03
stmaurice-church04 St Maurice Church 04
stmaurice-church05 St Maurice Church 05
stmaurice-church06 St Maurice Church 06
stmaurice-church07 St Maurice Church 07
stmauricechurch St. Maurice Methodist Church Sep 2006 Talbot Family Research Group
Siloam Siloam Baptist Church Sep 2006 Talbot Family Research Group



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Tannehill Bible Records Jan 2000 Christine Lennon
Not transcribed ---Births
Clubs, Lodges
allen021 Eastern Star Lodge Members, 1966 Aug 2002 Greggory E. Davies
Courthouse or Court Related
rloath R. L. Tannehill's Oath of Office Jan 2000 Christine Lennon
allen16 1963 Winn Courthouse Dedication Program Aug 2000 Greggory E. Davies



---1963 Winn Courthouse Dedication

---Host Lodges



---A Brief History of Winn Parish Courthouses



Not transcribed

---Grand Lodge Officers, 1962

---The Laying of Corner~Stones

cornorstone020 Corner Stone Laying
branch-dyessmarr 1850 Marriage: T. Branch to M. Dyess Jun 2008 Jo B*ranch
tan-sellmarr Marriage of R. L. Tannhill to M. E. Sellinger Jan 2000 Christine Lennon
allen-thompson 1915 - Allen/Thompson Marriage Lic. Aug 2002 Greggory E. Davies
1929dedication 1929 Winnfield High School Dedication Program Aug 2000 Greggory E. Davies
1933-01 text 1933 WHS Graduation Program - 01 Aug 2000 Greggory E. Davies
1933-02 text 1933 WHS Graduation Program - 02
allen15 1933 WHS Graduation Exercises
1934 List  1934 WHS Graduation Cards - 01 Jun 2002 Lynn Embree
1934 WHS Cards - 02 Jun 2002 Lynn Embree
1934 WHS Cards - 03 Jun 2002 Lynn Embree
gauldenja "Negro Louisiana", James A. Gaulden, Ed. Feb 2001 Jimmy Gaulden
phillipssch Phillips School Spelling Certificate Mar 2000 Stafford Davis
philcert 1944 Phillips School Elementary Certificate Apr 2000 Stafford Davis



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B.W. Bailey Home

Aug 2000 Greggory E. Davies
bailey02 Former B. W. Bailey Home

George Parker Long Home

--photo 04

Jul 2000 Greggory E. Davies
sullivanhome01 The Sullivan House, today Aug 2000 Greggory E. Davies
sullivanhome02 --Sullivan House, c. late 50s or early 50s Aug 2000 Nora Martin & Peggy Beaubouef
sullivanhome03 --Sullivan House, c. 1890-1900
coin-1861 1861 Coin #01 and Coin #02 Mar 2008 Jo B*ranch
pascowatch Watch belonging to Judge G. W. Pasco Mar 2002 Jo B*ranch

Dodson Firetower - 01

Dodson Firetower - 02

Aug 2006 Billy Hill
log-team Log Team Aug 2006
Billy Hill



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terry-schwartz R. L. Terry & H. O. Schwartz Feb 2001 Jimmy Gaulden
atlantajr-1926 Atlanta High, Junior Class Dec 2004 Richard J. Heath
bcacademy Beech Creek Academy May 2001 E. F. Cook
bchcrk22 Beech Creek School Oct 2000 Kathleen McConathy
bs01.txt Brister Schoolhouse June 1999 Roy L. Johnson
brssch01 --Close up of the entryway
brssch02 --Right side and parking area
bs16.txt --Left side and back
bs17.txt --Side door and cistern
bs19.txt --Wide shot of the left side
bs03.txt --View from the front door
bs10.txt --Different angle, toward the back
bs08.txt --The cloak room
bs13.txt --Old school chairs
bs11.txt --Close up, inside front
bs05.txt --Another inside view
brssch001 Brister Schoolhouse #2 May 2008 Greggory E. Davies
brssch002 --Front, left view
brssch003 --Back view
chs3712 Calvin High School, 1937...First Grade Class Jan 2000 Peggy C. Beaubouef
chs1940s Calvin High School,1940s...Graduating Class Jan 2000 Ruth F. Lathan
chs1951grads Calvin High School, 1951 <chs1951grads.jpg> Jan 2000 Lewis & Nora Martin
chs1951officers Calvin High School Officers, 1951 Jan 2000 Lewis & Nora Martin
Central High School, c. 1910 <greg.jpg>
Feb 2001 Greggory E. Davies
schpicture01 Dodson or Sikes High School Aug 2007 Billy Hill
dodson-1930 Dodson, 1930...First Grade Class Aug 2007 Billy Hill
gans1923 Gansville Class, 1923 Apr 2004 Nelda Buchanan
hintonschool Hinton School Jun 2008 Carolyn Gough
joycesch Joyce School Oct 2004 Andrea Harris
History-Phillips School Phillips School, before restoration Apr 2000 Stafford Davis
philnew Phillips School, after restoration
philsch01 Phillips School, 01 July 2000 Jamey Maxwell
philsch02 Phillips School, 02
philsch03 Phillips School, 03
phillips-sb2 Phillips School Dec 2004 Richard J. Heath
phs-prom Pinecrest High School Prom, 1957 Feb 2001 Jimmy Gaulden
shs1948 Sikes Graduates, 1948 May 2004 DrB
sikessch664 Sikes High School, 1999 July 1999 Roy Johnson
sikessch662 Sikes High School, 1999

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