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Filename Date of Obit Date Submitted Submitter
Yager, William George, Jr.
20 Mar 2008 Mar, 2008Jerry Nelson
Yancey, Caleb John
7 Nov 2004 Nov, 2004 Jerry Nelson
Yanda, William
6 Nov 2006 Nov, 2006 Jerry Nelson
Yarborough (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Yarbrough (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Yates (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Yawn (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Yeager, Allie Dennis
10 Mar 2003 Mar, 2003Don Johnson
Yent, Jaxine
17 Nov 2006 Nov, 2006Jerry Nelson
Yeomans, George Harold
12 Jul 2000 Aug, 2000Don Johnson
Yersavich, Billie Ruth McClendon
2 Nov 2011 Nov, 2011Jerry Nelson
Yochim, Willard David Jr.,
30 Oct 1998 Oct, 1998Don Johnson
Yoes, Donald L.
16 Feb 2000 Mar, 2000Sandra McLellan
Yohe, Lovella M. Stogsdill
4 Apr 2007 Apr, 2007Jerry Nelson
Yokum (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
York, Carolyn Norwood
19 Jan 2005 Jan, 2005Jerry Nelson
Yoss, Norma Lee Henkel
24 Apr 2001 Apr, 2001Don Johnson
Young, A-K (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Young, L-Z (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Youngblood (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Yuhasz, Jane Smith
6 Nov 2003 Nov, 2003Don Johnson
Zabbia, Heloise Gassen
24 Apr 2009 Apr, 2009Jerry Nelson
Zachary (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Zaffuto (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Zahn, Clarence Ellis, Sr.
16 Dec 2005 Dec, 2005Jerry Nelson
Zalson, Renee A.
23 Jan 2003 Jan, 2003Don Johnson
Zanca, Donna Burris
21 Apr 2012 Apr, 2012Jerry Nelson
Zanco, Joseph B., Sr.
4 Aug 2010 Aug, 2010Jerry Nelson
Zanders (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Zappula, Gasper, Sr.
2 Feb 2007 Feb, 2007Jerry Nelson
Zavagno, James A.
13 Oct 1933 Jun, 2000Jerry & Carol Nelson
Zawacki, Aviayna Nicole
26 Feb 2012 Mar, 2012Jerry Nelson
Zazulak, Gloria Lacassagne
4 May 2011 May, 2011Jerry Nelson
Zeigler, Ovede C.
21 May 2003 May, 2003Don Johnson
Zeiser, Cheryl Lynn
30 Mar 2006 Apr, 2006Jerry Nelson
Zelnis, James Louis
31 Mar 2012 Apr, 2012Jerry Nelson
Zeno, Juanita Brown
22 May 2009 May, 2009Jerry Nelson
Zeringue (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Zewe, John Carroll
14 Apr 1999 Apr, 1999Don Johnson
Zibilich, Michael Keller
26 Apr 2012 Apr, 2012Jerry Nelson
Zimmer, Rose Macaluso
10 Jan 1999 Jan, 1999Don Johnson
Zimmerle, Jeffrey
19 Jan 2010 Jan, 2010Jerry Nelson
Zimmerman, Mae Doris Gonzales
22 Dec 1999 Mar, 2000Sandra McLellan
Zitzmann, Frederick G. III
14 Nov 2000 Nov, 2000Don Johnson
Zumo, Rose Marie Pecorraro
4 Mar 2008 Mar, 2008Jerry Nelson
Zumwalt, Sarah Diane Mixon
3 Jul 2011 Jul, 2011Jerry Nelson
Zuniga, Ali Chavez
13 Jan 2010 Jan, 2010Jerry Nelson

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