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Obituaries (Tr-Tz)

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Filename Date of Obit Date Submitted Submitter
Trahan (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Trammel, Betty Lou Garner
28 Aug 2000 Sep, 2000Don Johnson
Trammell (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Tranum, Shad Adam
4 Jan 2006 Jan, 2006Jerry Nelson
Trapani, Judy
21 Jun 2008 Jul, 2008Jerry Nelson
Trapen (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Trapp, Isabelle Maniscalco
3 Feb 2002 Feb, 2002Don Johnson
Trauth, Leo Francis, Jr.
18 Jun 2007 Jun, 2007Jerry Nelson
Travis, A-L (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Travis, M-Z (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Travonna, Mi'yeeka
20 Feb 2002 Mar, 2002Don Johnson
Traylor (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Treadaway, Mary Ellen
25 Oct 2009 Nov 2009Jerry Nelson
Treadway, Justin Edward
30 Oct 2008 Nov, 2008Jerry Nelson
Trede, George E., Jr.
24 Jul 2005 Jul, 2005Jerry Nelson
Tregre, Viola Folse
8 Aug 2007 Aug, 2007Jerry Nelson
Trellue, Mertie Cunningham
28 Feb 1999 Mar, 1999Don Johnson
Trent (Collection)
In File In fileIn File
Triana, Jasper
27 Feb 2011 Mar, 2011Jerry Nelson
Trice (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Triche (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Tricou, James Robert, Jr.
13 Oct 2012 Oct, 2012Jerry Nelson
Triguero, Dolores
3 Jan 2012 Jan, 2012Jerry Nelson
Trimm, Marie L.
20 May 2008 May, 2008Jerry Nelson
Trimpey, Susan C.
11 Jan 2009 Jan, 2009Jerry Nelson
Triola, Anthony J.
14 Sep 2010 Oct 2010Jerry Nelson
Triolo (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Triplett (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Trobona, Mary Caruso
6 Feb 2006 Feb, 2006Jerry Nelson
Troha, George William
6 Jun 2011 Jun, 2011Jerry Nelson
Trombatore (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Trosper, Barbara June Crowe
16 Feb 2001 Feb, 2001Don Johnson
Trotter, Catherine Cecile Rotenberg
13 Oct 2011 Oct, 2011Jerry Nelson
Troxclair, Huey Joseph
15 Dec 1999 Mar, 2000Sandra McLellan
Troxler (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Troyer, Robert
13 Mar 2010 Mar, 2010Jerry Nelson
Trudeau, Charles F.
26 Mar 1954 Dec, 2007Jerry Nelson
True, Samuel William, Jr.
16 Jul 2006 Jul, 2006Jerry Nelson
Trupiano, Amy Lucille Causey
6 Jan 2005 Jan, 2005Jerry Nelson
Truxillo (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Tryniecki, Linda Ritchie
Nov, 2013Jerry Nelson
Tschantz, Connie Jacobsen
14 Aug 1999 Aug, 1999Don Johnson
Tschirn, Ina Claire David
2 Feb 2011 Feb, 2011Jerry Nelson
Tucker (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Tuggle, Mildred Jennings
18 Sep 2009 Sep, 2009Jerry Nelson
Tulian, Eugene A.
17 Jan 1930 Jun, 2000 Jerry & Carol Nelson
Tullier (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Tullos (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Turcotte, Alice Phillips
22 Jul 2007 Jul, 2007Jerry Nelson
Turk (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Turknett, Junior C.
14 Jun 2003 Jun, 2003Don Johnson
Turnage (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Turner (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Turpin, James Daryl
18 Jul 2006 Jul, 2006Jerry Nelson
Tuttle, Doris
13 Sep 2006 Sep, 2006Jerry Nelson
Tuza, Imre
27 Jul 2004 Aug, 2004 Jerry Nelson
Tycer (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Tyler (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Tynes (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Tyrney, Betty Jean
2 Jun 2005 Jun, 2005Jerry Nelson
Tyson, Addie Laverne Zachary
1 Sep 2003 Sep, 2003Don Johnson

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