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Filename Date of Obit Date Submitted Submitter
Rube, Irma Foil
10 Apr 2001 Apr, 2001Don Johnson
Rubel (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Ruby, Steven Dayton
6 Feb 2002 Mar, 2002Don Johnson
Rucker (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Rudison, Minister Schofield
15 Oct 2010 Oct, 2010Jerry Nelson
Rudolph, Maggie Anita
25 Dec 2006 Dec, 2006Jerry Nelson
Rue, Louis
7 Aug 2009 Aug, 2009Jerry Nelson
Ruffin (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Ruffino (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Ruggia, Mario
25 Apr 2012 Apr, 2012Jerry Nelson
Rugusa, Mamie Elizabeth Labruzza
13 Sep 1998 Nov, 2000Sandra McLellan
Rumfola, Grayson
15 Feb 2013 Feb, 2013Jerry Nelson
Rumfalo, Sam D.
4 Jun 2010 Jun 2010Jerry Nelson
Rundell (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Runnels, Ray Terry
7 Jul 2006 Jul, 2006 Jerry Nelson
Ruppert, Joseph H. Jr.
28 Mar 2001 Mar, 2001Don Johnson
Rusciano (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Rush, Mabel Rita
3 Aug 2007 Aug, 2007Jerry Nelson
Rushing (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Russell (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Russo (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Rutland (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Rutledge (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Ryals, Lela Picou
9 Jul 2006 Jul, 2006Jerry Nelson
Ryan (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Ryerson (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
Ryle, Charles Edward
9 Oct 2004 Oct, 2004Jerry Nelson
Rymer, Jewell Almarie Peavey
29 Nov 2011 Dec, 2011Jerry Nelson

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