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Obituaries (McF-McK)

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Filename Date of Obit Date Submitted Submitter
McFadden (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
McFarlane, Maggie M. Buxton
18 Sep 2003 Oct, 2003Don Johnson
McFayden, Colin H., Jr.
28 Aug 2008 Feb, 2008Jerry Nelson
McFerrin (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
McGary (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
McGaughy, Marilyn W.
19 Jan 2005 Jan, 2005Jerry Nelson
McGee (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
McGehee (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
McGhee, Deborah
14 Oct 2001 Nov, 2001Don Johnson
McGill, Bruce Davidson
23 Dec 2012 Jan, 2012Jerry Nelson
McGivney, Maureen
3 Sep 1954 Dec, 2007 Jerry Nelson
McGlothlin, Debra Rene
19 Dec 2009 Dec, 2009Jerry Nelson
McGough, Abbey Lane
16 May 2007 May, 2007 Jerry Nelson
McGowan (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
McGrath, Adelaide Frances (Sister Mary Patricia)
d. 13 May 1999 Mar, 2001Don Johnson
McGraw (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
McGreal, Donald James
2 Jul 2002 Aug, 2002Don Johnson
McGregor, W. M.
28 Mar 2002 Apr, 2002Don Johnson
McGuiness, Owen L.
22 Jul 2002 Aug, 2002Don Johnson
McGurk, Florence (Sister Mary Bernadina)
d. 18 Dec 1992 Mar, 2001Don Johnson
McHale, Edward Martin
31 Aug 2007 Sep, 2007Jerry Nelson
McHenry, Tommy Patrick
7 Apr 2001 Apr, 2001Don Johnson
McIlwain, Fay Spindle
2 Mar 2007 Mar, 2007Jerry Nelson
McIntyre (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
McKaskill, William, Jr.
14 Sep 2000 Oct, 2000Don Johnson
McKaskle, Charles Ray
9 May 2010 May, 2010Jerry Nelson
McKay (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
McKean (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
McKee, Beatrice Lucille
8 May 2002 Jun, 2002Don Johnson
McKeithen, Millard B.
20 Feb 2003 Mar, 2003Don Johnson
McKenna, Betty Lou
18 Jan 2002 Jan, 2002Don Johnson
McKenney, George
3 Aug 2002 Sep, 2002Don Johnson
McKenzie, Rhoda Elmease
6 Jul 2010 Jul, 2010Jerry Nelson
McKey (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
McKigney (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
McKinney (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
McKinney-Kirkland, Darlene
20 Apr 2010 Apr, 2010Jerry Nelson
McKinnie (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
McKinnon, Leonard Leslie, Jr.
11 Mar 2003 Mar, 2003Don Johnson
McKinstry (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
McKlemurry, Lillie Mae
18 Jun 2006 Jun, 2006Jerry Nelson
McKneely (Collection)
In File In FileIn File
McKnight (Collection)
In File In FileIn File

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