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Bienvenu, R. S. October 1999 Pauline Brandy
Bizette, Francois (1862) December 1997 Mike Miller
Bizette, Louis (1765) October 1999 Pauline Brandy
Bizette, Marcelin (1794) October 1999 Pauline Brandy
Bizette, Maximilien (1824) October 1999 Pauline Brandy
Bouanchaud, Joseph L. April 1998 Mike Miller
Buquoi, Joseph F. August 1998 Mike Miller
Buquoi, L. B. December 1997 Mike Miller
Dabadie, The Family May 1998 James L. Dabadie
D'Abadie, Felix February 1999 James L. Dabadie
D'Abadie, Robert Louis March 1999 James L. Dabadie
Daigre, Judge Henry L. May 1999 Suzanne Shoemaker
Fischer, Max July 2000 Mike Miller
Glynn, Martin July 2000 Mike Miller
Jewell, Hewett C. May 1998 Mike Miller
Lorio, Lionel F., M.D. Oct 2006 Mike Miller
Ludeling, John Theodore August 1998 Mike Miller
Morrison, Jacob H. May 1998 Mike Miller
Poydras, M. Julien July 2000 Mike Miller
Roberts, James C., MD July 1998 Mike Miller
Robin, Ernest A. April 1998 Mike Miller
Roland, Anne Francoise (c1699) April 2005 Cathy L. Sturgell
Thompson, Albert G. February 1998 Gaytha Carver Thompson


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