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Filename Date Submitter
Murders 1866-1874 Mar 1998 Greggory E. Davies
Murders 1868 Mar 1998 Greggory E. Davies
The Colfax Riot of April 1873 - Index Aug 2005 Jo Branch
Custer Massacre Examined From Indian Point of View-1999 Oct 1999 Suzanne Shoemaker
Founders of Natchitoches Will Honor St. Denis Oct 1, 1999 Oct 1999 Suzanne Shoemaker
Looking Back - 1949 Oct 1999 Suzanne Shoemaker
Looking Back - 1958 Sept 1999 Suzanne Shoemaker
Looking Back - 1974 Oct 1999 Suzanne Shoemaker
Neutral Strip and Outlaws Mar 1999 Gaytha Thompson
Bolton-Fuller Partition Sale-1911 Mar 1998 Kay Thompson-Brown
Budget of Expenses 1912 May 1998 Kay Thompson-Brown
Democratic Electors-May 1901 Mar 1998 Kay Thompson-Brown
Democratic Representives 1916 Feb 1999 Suzanne Shoemaker
Members of the Bar of 1890 Jan 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Robeline Council Jan 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Smith for District Judge-1912 May 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Blood and Honor: Duel On The Cane-1839 Jan 2000 Old Natchitoches Parish Magazine
Sarah Butillon Feb 2007 Lora Peppers
Lucy Debose Fatally Shot - 1886 Apr 2005 Lora Peppers
The Natchez Indians Feb 1999 Suzanne Shoemaker
Hon. E.L. Pierson killed - 1875 Apr 2005 Lora Peppers
C. W. Stauffer shot - 1867 Apr 2005 Lora Peppers
Grant Wilson killed by lightening - 1886 Apr 2005 Lora Peppers
NSU Team Unearths Remains of Prominent Civil War Veteran Sept 1999 Suzanne Shoemaker
Post Offices and Postmasters in 1863 Jan 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Cabildo Exhibit Opens At Old Courthouse Museum-1999 Sept 1999 Suzanne Shoemaker
Early Natchitoches Newspapers Feb 1999 Suzanne Shoemaker
Highway Laws, Parish Of Natchitoches La, 1918 Dec 1999 Suzanne Shoemaker
A Natchitoches Parish History Sep 1998 Sherry Sanford
Natchitoches Parish Up To 1890 Jan 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Newspapers & Periodicals Jan 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Old Saline Community and Church Jul 2010 Pauline S. Mobley
Our Natchitoches Apr 1998 Gaytha Thompson
St. Denys and Natchitoches Mar 1999 Gaytha Thompson
Early Towns of Natchitoches Parish Dec 1997 Annette Womack
Grand Ecore Jan 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Grant's Point Jan 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Marthaville Jan 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Provencal Jan 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Robeline Jan 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Courthouse Museum May 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Drake's Salt Works: Rotary Drilling in America Sep 1997 Greggory E. Davies
Drake Saltworks/Saline Creek Festival May 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Greneaux Tree May 1998 Frank Monteleone
Melrose Plantation May 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Roque House Museum May 1998 Gaytha Thompson
The Gallows Apr 1998 Gaytha Thompson
Buchanan Letters Mar 1999 Karon Mathews
Chopin Bibliography Available For Scholars Sept 1999 Suzanne Shoemaker
Chester L. Camp, Medal of Honor for Heroism-1955 Mar 1998 Greggory E. Davies
Courthouse Museum Exhibit Examines Colonial Ties Between France and Louisiana-1999 Jan 2000 Suzanne Shoemaker
Dorman to Albritton letter 1932 Feb 2002
First Surgical Operation-1916 Feb 1998 Suzanne Shoemaker
For Women Motorists-1917 Sept 1999 Suzanne Shoemaker
Holiday Fire Burns 61 Acres-1964 May 1998 Deep South Genealogy
Kitchenette Burns 1965 May 1998 Deep South Genealogy
Letter To The Editor-1909 May 1998 Kay Thompson-Brown
Letter to William Beasley from Son of John Lynch Wrinkle Mar 1998 Carolyn Cade
Livestock Show at LSU Includes Parish Winners-1965 May 1998 Kay Thompson-Brown
Local Personal and Otherwise-1916 Feb 1998 Suzanne Shoemaker
Narrow Escape From Drowning-1903 May 1998 Kay Thompson-Brown
Newspaper Ads May 1998 Kay Thompson-Brown
Ninth Annual Adai Caddo Indian Nation Pow Wow-1999 Oct 1999 Suzanne Shoemaker
Robert DeBlieux Named Chairman for Cancer Crusade-1965 May 1998 Kay Thompson-Brown
Elizabeth Russell Celebrates 90th Birthday-1999 Jan 2000 Suzanne Shoemaker
What's Your Line? Dec 1999 Suzanne Shoemaker


We are looking for any historical documents, articles, photos, etc. Everyone is urged to donate transcriptions of Natchitoches Parish bible records, cemeteries, court records, old newspaper articles, biographies of residents, old letters, census data, obituaries, family histories, parish histories, military records, old photographs, etc.

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