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Morehouse Parish Obituary Records - G

This page was last updated on November 2, 2020

Filename Date Submitter
GARDNER, Bartlett G. 1909 Lora Peppers
GARDNER, Joy Thomas May 15, 2008 Gina Brown
GARNER, Leon Jan 10, 2001 Gina Brown
GARRETT, Henry Flood Madison Aug 13, 2001 Gina Brown
GARRETT, Kimberly Ann Jan 03, 2007 Gina Brown
GARTMAN, Evvie J. Jan 04, 2011 Gina Brown
GEE, Billie Culp Jan 05, 2008 Gina Brown
GEE, Forg F. Mar 07, 2015 Gina Brown
GENTRY, Melburn A. Nov 27, 2016 Gina Brown
GEORGE, Gregory Grimes Mar 02, 2016 Gina Brown
GIFFORD, Billy Joe Jul 20, 2017 Gina Brown
GILBREATH, Blade Brian Sep 06, 2015 Gina Brown
GILBREATH, Joe Oct 15, 2012 Gina Brown
GILBREATH, Roselene Jun 24, 2015 Gina Brown
GILLEY, Connie Ann Houck Jan 05, 2008 Gina Brown
GINN, James Edward Feb 10, 2017 Gina Brown
GIVENS, Margie House Mar 1909 Lora Peppers
GLASS, Frances H. Jul 30, 2020 Gina Brown
GLOVER, Verdell Jan 06, 2004 Gina Brown
GOFF, Bobby Gene Jun 15, 2012 Gina Brown
GOFF, Charlotte Ann Oct 07, 2015 Gina Brown
GOLD, Floyd Mar 08, 2015 Gina Brown
GOLDEN, Steven D. Feb 21, 2015 Gina Brown
GOLDSBERRY, Peggy Ann Feb 25, 2018 Gina Brown
GOLEMAN, Harvey Jul 22, 2020 Gina Brown
GOLEMAN, James R. Feb 08, 2019 Gina Brown
GONZALES, Joyce Lynn White Jun 26, 2016 Gina Brown
GOODWIN, Hersey Oct 27, 2016 Gina Brown
GORMAN, Joyce Elaine Day Feb 08, 2017 Gina Brown
GORMAN, William Apr 20, 2019 Gina Brown
GOSBY, Thomas Nov 30, 2007 Gina Brown
GOULD, Frances Nell Oct 06, 2018 Gina Brown
GOURLEY, Clifton H. Jr. Sep 04, 2017 Gina Brown
GOYNE, Doris Marie Reddick Dec 01, 2018 Gina Brown
GOYNE, Douglas Gene Aug 11, 2018 Gina Brown
GOYNE, Wayne Ersel Oct 11, 2020 Gina Brown
GRAFTON, Shelley Ann Dec 31, 2012 Gina Brown
GRAHAM, Mary Holdman Jan 11, 2017 Gina Brown
GRANBERRY, Mary Alice Norris Nov 27, 2004 Gina Brown
GRANT, Phyllis Fontana Apr 01, 2016 Gina Brown
GRAVES, Betty Ross Oct 08, 2018 Gina Brown
GRAVES, Billy E. May 05, 2009 Gina Brown
GRAVES, James Harold Jul 22, 2017 Gina Brown
GRAVES, Kyle Glennon Feb 10, 2004 Gina Brown
GRAVES, Leonard Hoy Sep 16, 2017 Gina Brown
GRAVES, Nathan Dec 15, 2016 Gina Brown
GRAVES, Thelma Pardue Jan 07, 2019 Gina Brown
GRAY, Dorothy Irene Scott Feb 02, 2017 Gina Brown
GREEN, Bobbie Dean Jul 16, 2008 Gina Brown
GREEN, Louis May 15, 2016 Gina Brown
GREEN, Louise Vick Oct 10, 2017 Gina Brown
GREEN, Paul Edward Nov 07, 2017 Gina Brown
GREEN, Russell Edward Nov 10, 2017 Gina Brown
GREEN, Talmage Wesley Feb 29, 2008 Gina Brown
GREENE, Glen Jr. Sep 14, 2017 Gina Brown
GREER, Ebin Lamar Jr. Oct 26, 2017 Gina Brown
GREER, Judith Mauser Nov 30, 2018 Gina Brown
GREER, Sonya M. Aug 18, 2008 Gina Brown
GREGORY, Dianne Morgan Apr 29, 2017 Gina Brown
GREGORY, Edward L. May 27, 2016 Gina Brown
GREGORY, Guy Edward Dec 18, 2012 Gina Brown
GREGROY, Linda B. Bankson Jul 18, 2015 Gina Brown
GRIFFIN, Joyce Lee Hodge Dec 23, 2017 Gina Brown
GUICE, Billie Gerald Aug 26, 2008 Gina Brown
GUICE, Marguerite Jun 10, 2018 Gina Brown
GUICE, Melvin Ray Jul 09, 2017 Gina Brown
GUICE, Patrick M. Sep 15, 2008 Gina Brown
GULLEDGE, Virginia Hebert Apr 14, 2019 Gina Brown
GUNTER, George Lee Nov 03, 2017 Gina Brown
GUNTER, Johnny Mar 05, 2015 Gina Brown
GUNTER, Ruby Earline Doke Oct 24, 2017 Gina Brown
GUYEWSKI, Donavon Geofferey Dec 01, 2008 Gina Brown


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