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File Name Date Submitted Submitter Photo
Walter  Bell  : Killed        May  2000 Lora Peppers  
Blake: Sexual Assault                     May  2000 Lora Peppers  
H. M. Carroll : Killed                        Aug.  2001 Lora Peppers  
Agent Carter :  Murdered   Mar.  2004 Lora Peppers  
Dr. Curtis : Assassinated           Feb. 2001 DeWanna Lindo  
Crawford /Harris : Assassinated     June 2001 DeWanna Lindo  
Fuller/Truit  : Shooting        July 2000  Lora Peppers  
John Grayham  : Execution    March 2001 DeWanna Lindo  
Isaac Green : Lynched Oct. 2000  Lora Peppers  
James M. Haddox  : Killed Oct. 2000  Lora Peppers  
D.N. Lee : Hanged Jan. 2004 Gene O’Quinn  
Shelton Marshall : Killed Aug. 2006 Lora Peppers  
Norris- Lewis : Lynching July 2000  Lora Peppers  
Paola's  : Murdered Oct . 2005 DeWanna Lindo  
Barzilla F. Small : Murdered Feb. 2001 DeWanna Lindo  
Four Men Lynched Aug.  2000 Lora Peppers  
Lynching in Franklin May  2000 Lora Peppers  

Sheriff Confiscates Still

June 2001 DeWanna Lindo   PHOTO 
Choat/Landis : Succession May 2003 Shawn  Martin  
Allen R. Head : Probate March 1999 Joy S. Neely  
Terrissa M. Head  : Probate March 1999 Joy S. Neely  
James McMullen : Succession April 2001 DeWanna Lindo  
Andrew Nelson : Succession Nov.  2005 Gale Creel  
SarahTrahern :Succession August 2005 Betty Jean Neathery  
Zilpha Guice Trahern : Tutorship August 2005 Betty Jean Neathery  


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