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Truman A. Alwell  2002 Jimmy & Kathy Kelly
Marvin Aplin (missing file) Nov 2008 James Rice
William Sikes "Billy" Baker, III Jan 2009 James Rice
Delta Maurice Book, Sr. Jun 2005 Renee' Adams
Maurice Nelson Book Feb 2006 Renee' Adams
Wilbert W. Book Jun 2005 Renee' Adams
Frances Ewing Boothe Jun 2005 Renee' Adams
Dr. Gene S. Boyd Feb 2009 Gina Brown
Nannie Elizabeth Breithaupt Nov 1999 Kathy Lemay Kelly
Otis Breithaupt, Mrs.   2002 Carol Young Knight 
Rev. Ricky B. Brown Jul 2008 Gina Brown
Rose Belle Verrett Carmello Mar 2002 Betty White
James Jo Carpenter Jul 2005 W. Bryan Price
Minnie Young Carraway Sep 1999 Carol Young Knight
Louis Chatman Mar 2002 Betty White
John Stonewall Chenault Sep 1999 Carol Young Knight
Anthony Chevallier 1999 Kathy Lemay Kelly
J.D. Chevallier Sep 1999 Carol Young Knight 
Mary "May" Chevallier 1999 Evelyn Corbett Cunningham
Elisha Lott Cotten Aug 2007 Rita Jones
Anna Lea Hooter Crawford 1999 Houston Tracy, Jr.
Eddie Purvis Crawford Dec 2008 James Rice
Mary Graves Davis Aug 2007 Richard Sevier
Elbert Doughty 1999 Carol Young Knight 
Louise Young Doughty 1999 Carol Young Knight 
Cavel Duplechin, Mrs. Mar 2002  Betty White
Helen Barry Eastin Mar 2002 Betty White
A. L. Evans 1999 Houston Tracy, Jr.
Charlie Floyd 1999 Kathy Lemay Kelly
Clarence Fontenot Mar 2002 Betty White
Randy A. Fontenot Mar 2002  Betty White
Rowland S. Fontenot Mar 2002 Betty White
Alton Lacoy Ford Jul 2008 Gina Brown
Ephraim Heaster Ford Dec 2008 James Rice
Lessie Smith Ford Nov 2008 James Rice
Cecil Gaspard 1999 <>
Cecil "Bo" Gaspard Aug 2006 Renee' Adams
Jeffery DeWayne Goodwin Jun 2005 Renee' Adams
Samuel W. Graham 1999 Kathy Lemay Kelly
Lucy Guice Apr 2004 Timothy D. Hudson
Eula Mae Guidroz Mar 2002 Betty White
Patricia "Patti" Denise Posey Haden Jul 2008 James Rice
Patricia "Patti" Denise Posey Haden #2 Dec 2008 James Rice
Alice Lena Young Hanes 1999 Carol Young Knight
Violet Hardie Jul 2008 Gina Brown
Vera Mae Hardy Mar 2002 Betty White
Harry P. Harvey Mar 2002 Betty White
Vivian Badeaux Hebert Mar 2002 Betty White
Sheriff Roy L. Huff 1999 Kathy Lemay Kelly 
Beulah Huffman 1999 Kathy Lemay Kelly
Louis Franklin Hughes 1999 Carol Young Knight
James "Jim Bob" Robert La Pointe Mar 2002 Betty White
Clint Littleton, Jr. Jan. 2005 Cindy Bordelon
Tim Littleton Jan 2005 Cindy Bordelon
Gloria Neal Luttrull Nov 2008 James Rice
Maude Hanes McBride 1999 Carol Young Knight
Albert Arlington McClure 1999 Houston Tracy, Jr.
Thomas Marshall "Bucky" McLeod Jr. Mar 2002 Betty White
Versie West Meche, Mrs. Mar 2002 Betty White
R. S. Metcalfe 1999 Mike Miller
Jefferson James Miller Mar 2002 Betty White
Linnie Morris 1999 Kathy Lemay Kelly
Vivian Myers 1999 Kathy Lemay Kelly
Lillian M. Nugent  Jun 2003 Lillian M. Nugent
Dr. Charley Fred Passman Jun 2005 Renee' Adams
Brent Joseph Periou Mar 2002 Betty White
Calvin S. Peyton 1999 Carol Young Knight 
Ernestine Young Peyton 1999 Carol Young Knight
E.Y. Peyton 1999 Carol Young Knight 
Judge Truman Phelps Oct 1999 Shirley McCluer
W. F. Pierce Apr 2006 Ron Manley
Jay Hugh Pipes Sep 1999 Carol Young Knight
Hilda S. Pitre Mar 2002 Betty White
Orien Pool 1999 Briscoe Price
B. Edgar Poole 1999 Houston Tracy, Jr.
Thelma Louise Rainey 1999 Houston Tracy, Jr.
Clement Rozas Mar 2002 Betty White
Lester Dee Simms Sep 1999 Carol Young Knight
Ethel Wilkinson Smith 1999 Carol Young Knight
Routon Luther Smith 1999 Kathy Lemay Kelly
Joseph Ed Stelly Mar 2002 Betty White
Boatner Swayze 1999 Houston Tracy, Jr.
Ilene B. Swayze Nov 2008 James Rice
Charles Ray Taylor (missing file) Nov 2008 James Rice
Frances Marion Taylor Apr 2006 Ron Manley
Harvey Taylor Oct 1999 Kathy Lemay Kelly
Harvey Taylor (#2) Oct 1999 Kathy Lemay Kelly
Terry Thompson Mar 2002  Betty White
Seville A. Tullos 1999 Kathy Lemay Kelly
Cora R. Walker 1999 Houston Tracy, Jr.
Marvin Earl "Buster" Walton Mar 2002 Betty White
Phineas Walton Whatley Nov 1999 Kathy Lemay Kelly
Carlton Ray White Jun 2005 Renee' Adams
Mikel Wiley Jr. Aug 25, 2008 Gina Brown
Clifton Carl "Red" Wilson Sep 1999 Carol Young Knight
Olive Virginia Montepelia Wilson Oct 1999 Kathy Lemay Kelly
Mildred Beard Wurster 1999 Houston Tracy, Jr.
Absalom Young 1999 Carol Young Knight
Elizabeth Young 1999 Carol Young Knight
Ernest Young 1999  Carol Young Knight 
Ernest Lee Young 1999 Carol Young Knight 
Rev. Henry Thomas Young Sep 1999 Carol Young Knight  
Jessie Young, Mrs. Sep 1999 Carol Young Knight 
John S. Young 1999 Carol Young Knight 
Lawrence Young Sep 1999 Carol Young Knight 
M.E. Young, Mrs 1999 Carol Young Knight 
Rose Young 1999 Carol Young Knight 
William Young 1999 Carol Young Knight


We are looking for any historical documents, articles, photos, etc. Everyone is urged to donate transcriptions of Catahoula Parish bible records, cemeteries, court records, old newspaper articles, biographies of residents, old letters, census data, obituaries, family histories, parish histories, military records, old photographs, etc.

The USGenWeb has provided an easy to use form for submitting a RECORD of any type to the Louisiana GenWeb Archives. It will be forwarded to me for the Catahoula Parish Archives. You can still submit a free form text document if you choose not to use the form provided. Click here to go to the FORMS page or send your formatted documents, according to the GUIDELINES below, to Bryant Walker if you would like to contribute to the Catahoula Parish Archive Project.

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