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Catahoula Parish Court Records

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Court Records
File Name Date Submitter
Bill Of Sale For Chaney Dec 2007 Gloria J. Pierson
Bill Of Sale For Chaney Dec 2007 Gloria J. Pierson
Hon. M. J. Liddell   Betty White
1819 Grand Jury List May 1998 Houston Tracy, Jr.
1833 Grand Jury List May 1998 Houston Tracy, Jr.
1839 Jury List May 1998 Houston Tracy, Jr.
The below listings are the "Assorted Probate Records" (see above) divided into individual files. Submitter (Houston Tracy, Jr.) and Submittal date (25 Sep 1999) are the same for each of these files. -----Jo Branch, 13 May 2004.
Bowie FMC, James succession Dec 2007 Gloria J. Pierson
Assorted Probate Records Sep 1999 Houston Tracy, Jr.
Succession of William Andrew
Succession of Berthelmy Arneau
Succession of Hancock Allen
Succession of Andrew Hunt Adams
Pachal Austin, Administrator of the Thomas Bryan Estate
Succession of James Allen
Testimony of Stephen Aymond
Estate of Missouri C. Ardrey or Andrey
Succession of Spencer Adams
Matthew S. Brown, dec'd
Sylvester Brown, dec'd
George Fogal, alias George Mitchell
Properties of Thomas Bryan, dec'd
Inventory of the Estate of Wm. Byrnes, dec'd.
Petitioner, Jane Guier, alias Jane Fulwood
Petition of George Guier, husband of the late Anna Amanda Fulwood
Estate Sale of George Byrd, dec'd
William S. Brown, dec'd
Ecestoux Hameau, Last Will and Testament
Petition of Cameilla (sic) C. Holstein
Estate of Harrison M. Brown
Abraham Curtis, dec'd
Petition of Charles Craig
Harman [Hiram?] Cockerham died intestate
Eliza Cockerham, dec'd, late wife of West Cockerham
Henry Francis Carradine of Mississippi
William J. Clarkson died
John Campbell, wife Mary
Sidney Coman (sic), wife of John Coman
Elijah B. Cotton applies to remain Tutor
Letia Cathey, wife of Robert G. Newson
Promissory Note of John Huggans [Huggins] and Abr. Byrd (John King, deceased)
John Cobb, dec'd
J.B. Cooper, dec'd
David B. Cooper, dec'd
Estate of Joseph Collins
Estate of Jacob McDaniel
Petition by Mrs. Mary Brown, wid/o Coleman R. Brown
Petition of Elijah Cotton
Benjamin Corbett, dec'd
Estate of Jesse Bowden, dec'd 
Mortgage for the tutorship of a minor, Jane or Jame Matthews
Estate of Andrew W. Cathey & Mary Cathey, dec'd
Estate of Joel Lockett, dec'd
Thomas Heard Inventory of Estate  June 2002  Jerry Mead 
Jane Heard Petition for guardianship  June 2002  Jerry Mead 
Tutorship of Caroline Heard etal. June 2002 Jerry Mead 
Smalley vs. Heirs of Thomas Heard June 2002 Jerry Mead 
Elisha Whatley(Sr.) Inventory of Estate 1837
Transcription Mar 2003 Kathryn H. McCorkle & Nancy McDaniel Galkowski
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page 3
References to Law Licenses issued Dec 1999 Annette C. Womack
References to Medical Licenses issued Dec 1999 Annette C. Womack


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