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Russell County was formed in 1825 from Cumberland, Adair and Wayne Counties

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File Name
Date Submitted
Submitted By
c100003.txt Coffey, Moses 08-13-1999 Diana Flynn
f452007.txt Flanagan, William G.D., Dr. 09-26-2000 Gary L. Flanagan
s530001.txt Smith, Avery G. 05-19-2002 Steve Conner

Russell County, Kentucky Cemetery Index

Death Certificates
File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
blankenship-c.jpg Blankenship, Clarence 09-15-2004  Sharon Dykes The Registry
george-edward.jpg George, Edward
09-15-2004 Sharon Dykes The Registry
Keith, James E. 1923-1983 09-15-2004 Sharon Dykes The Registry
polston-asa.jpg Polston, Asa 1946
01-20-2004  Rideth Lowe
polston-elender.jpg Polston, Elender Stephens1916 01-20-2004 Rideth Lowe
polston-john.jpg Polston, John 1948 01-20-2004 Rideth Lowe
polston-william.jpg Polston, William 1921 01-19-2004 Rideth Lowe

Russell County, Kentucky Census Index

Land Records
File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
g620002.txt Deed - George, Flower (Floren) to Mary George, 4/17/1854 09-26-2000 Sharon Dykes The Registry
g620003.txt Survey Order - George, Elizabeth, 1855 09-26-2000 Sharon Dykes The Registry

Russell County, Kentucky Marriage Index

File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
r163001.txt Robertson, Mathew  Rev. WarPension Claim 1833 09-02-1998 Warren Wall
r163001.txt Triplett, William  Rev War Pension Claim 1832 04-14-2004 Joan Renfrow
s601-001.txt Sharp, Isham  Rev War Pension Claim 1834 05-27-2004 Jeff Sharpe
Steve Conner The Registry
gar1885.txt Union Veterans Meeting - Dec. 1885 05-19-2002 Jim Garner
g620001.txt George, Elizabeth, widow of John George, Pension File 09-26-2000 Sharon Dykes The Registry
p423001.txt George J. (E. or Irvin) Polston Pension File 03-25-1999 Edith & Glenda Bastin
p423002.txt Polston, William  Pension File 03-25-1999 Edith & Glenda Bastin

File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
lawyers.txt Kentucky Lawyers in 1859 all Counties 09-01-2000 Lora Young

Russell County, Kentucky Newspaper Index

File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
c100002.txt Cape, Wendel, 1995 09-26-2000 Sharon Dykes The Registry
d500001.txt Dean, Charles, 1928  04-20-1998  Sue P. Carpenter
m214001.txt McFall, Mattie Pearl
03-31-2004  Debbie Dickin The Registry

File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
w-b452-001 Blankenship, Jesse  1870. 08-21-2004 Sharon Dykes The Registry
c100001.txt Cape, John, 1837  07-05-1997  John
f452001.txt Flanagan, Bryant, 1837  06-14-1998  Gary L. Flanagan
f452002.txt Flanagan, Daniel, 1865  07-19-1998  Gary L. Flanagan
f452004.txt Flanagan, Ira, 1905
Gary L. Flanagan
f452003.txt Flanagan, Mason, 1900  07-19-1998  Gary L. Flanagan
f452005.txt Flanagan, Parkey J., 1905  07-19-1998  Gary L. Flanagan
f452006.txt Flanagan, W.G.D., 1905  07-19-1998  Gary L. Flanagan
j520001.txt Jones, Allen Sr., 1830  02-04-2000  Deborah Parks
j520-002 Jones, Allen and Sarah  1828 01-19-2005 Deborah Parks
j520-003 Jones, Baxter 1851 01-19-2005 Deborah Parks

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