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Russell County was formed in 1825 from Cumberland, Adair and Wayne Counties

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File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
aaron.txt Aaron Cemetery  01-28-1999  Sharon Dykes The Registry
benallen.txt Ben-Allen Cemetery 09-23-1998 Pam McGaha
bernard2.txt Bernard Cemetery 11-21-1998  M. F. Wade
bethel.txt Bethel Cemetery #1 (South of Jamestown) - Partial Listing 10-08-1998  Gary L. Flanagan
bethel2.txt Bethel Cemetery #2 - (Near Casey County line) 11-01-1998  M. F. Wade
chapman.txt Chapman Family Cemetery  03-29-1999 Garry Bell
choatcem.txt Choat Cemetery  07-28-1998  Gary L. Flanagan
coffey.txt Coffey Friendship Cemetery - Partial Listing 10-08-1998  Gary L. Flanagan
concord.txt Concord Cemetery - Partial Listing 09-03-1998  Gary L. Flanagan
cosby.txt Cosby Wilson Cemetery  09-07-1998 M. F. Wade
fairview.txt Fairview Cemetery  07-14-1998  M. F. Wade
flanagan.txt Flanagan Cemetery - Partial Listing 09-03-1998  Gary L. Flanagan
hare.txt Hare Cemetery  01-28-1999  Sharon Dykes
hudson.txt Hudson Cemetery  08-18-1998  Ruth Dunham
kerns.txt Kerns Cemetery  11-01-1998 Kenneth Kerns
k514001.txt Kimbler Family Cemetery  03-25-1999 Garry Bell
mthope.txt Mt. Hope Cemetery - Partial Listing 10-08-1998  Gary L. Flanagan
pleasant.txt Pleasant Hill Cemetery  09-07-1998  Gary L. Flanagan
rippetoe.txt Rippetoe Cemetery  11-21-1998  Sharon Dykes The Registry
robertson.txt Robertson Family Cemetery  03-29-1999 Garry Bell
sullivan.txt Sullivan Family Cemetery  03-29-1999 Garry Bell
turner.txt Turner Family Cemetery  04-04-1999 Garry Bell
wilkers.txt Wilkerson Cemetery  09-07-1998  M. F. Wade
grider.txt Grider Cemetery  03-25-1999  Sharon Dykes The Registry
williams.txt Williams Family Cemetery 03-25-1999 Garry Bell

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