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McCreary County, Kentucky was formed in 1912, from Wayne, Pulaski and Whitley counties.

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File Name
Date Submitted
Submitted By
v400001.txt Vahle, Barbara Murphy   07/27/2003 07-28-2003 Neal ByrgeEmail Registry
v516011.txt Vanover, Angeline   08/03/1982 06-22-2001 Bill & Michelle Hale
v516002.txt Vanover, Anthony   11/05/1998 11-07-1998 Neal ByrgeEmail Registry
v516005.txt Vanover, Arthur Artman   08/08/2000 08-10-2000 Neal ByrgeEmail Registry
v516006.txt Vanover, Artman   09/15/2000 09-18-2000 Neal ByrgeEmail Registry
v516008.txt Vanover, Boyd Ralph   01/26/2001 01-28-2001 Neal ByrgeEmail Registry
v516009.txt Vanover, Elsie Marie   04/22/2001 04-21-2001 Neal ByrgeEmail Registry
v516012.txt Vanover, Goman   07/29/2001 07-31-2001 Neal ByrgeEmail Registry
v516013.txt Vanover, Linnie Susie   05/22/2001 06-22-2001 Bill & Michelle Hale
v516007.txt Vanover, Martha Jane Brown   09/13/2000 09-16-2000 Neal ByrgeEmail Registry
v516001.txt Vanover, Millie Josephine Head  10/20/1998 10-25-1998 Neal ByrgeEmail Registry
v516004.txt Vanover, Orbin Jessie   12/27/1999 02-06-2000 Lisa LeathermanEmail Registry
v516010.txt Vanover, Steven Dewayne   04/05/2001 04-08-2001 Neal ByrgeEmail Registry
v516014.txt Vanover, Steven Dewayne   04/05/2001 06-23-2001 Bill & Michelle Hale
v516003.txt Vanover, Susana   12/28/1999 12-30-1999 Neal ByrgeEmail Registry
v250002.txt Vaughn, Peggy Sue   04/03/2003 04-11-2003 Ina Perry BranscumEmail Registry
v250001.txt Vaughn, Silas   04/13/2001 04-14-2001 Neal ByrgeEmail Registry
v516015.txt Vanover, Timothy   11/08/2002 11-23-2002 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen Email Registry
v230001.txt Vest, Larry Ray   07/13/2003 07-15-2003 Neal ByrgeEmail Registry

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