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McCreary County, Kentucky was formed in 1912, from Wayne, Pulaski and Whitley counties.

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File Name
Date Submitted
Submitted By
k350003.txt Keeton, Dicy   07/14/1951 01-05-2001 Bobbie Ivey-LewallenThe Registry
k350004.txt Keeton, Granville   03/28/1951 01-06-2001 Bobbie Ivey-LewallenThe Registry
k350001.txt Keeton, Hettie Marcum   05/29/1952 10-29-2000 Bobbie Ivey-LewallenThe Registry
k350002.txt Keeton, Partelia Terry   12/09/1952 10-30-2000 Bobbie Ivey-LewallenThe Registry
k300010.txt Keith, Carrie M.   09/30/2000 10-03-2000 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
k300012.txt Keith, Estil   12/19/2000 12-21-2000 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
k300001.txt Keith, Ina Lee   12/22/1999 12-24-1999 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
k300006.txt Kidd, Anne   11/29-1998 12-14-1998 Lisa LeathermanThe Registry
k300015.txt Kidd, Bernice Marie   08/28/1978 06-22-2001 Bill Hale
k300008.txt Kidd, Cecil   03/14/2000 03-15-2000 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
k300007.txt Kidd, Cecil   03/14/2000 04-03-2000 Lisa LeathermanThe Registry
k300010.txt Kidd, Eva   09/07/1953 10-30-2000 Bobbie Ivey-LewallenThe Registry
k300009.txt Kidd, Lela   03/28/2000 04-09-2000 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
k300012.txt Kidd, Madge   05/18/2001 05-19-2001 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
k300013.txt Kidd, Sue   01/01/2001 01-03-2001 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
k520015.txt King, Anna   11/29/2000 12-01-2000 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
k520006.txt King, Blanch   06/15/2000 06-17-2000 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
k520010.txt King, Charles David   06/08/1960 10-10-2000 Bobbie Ivey-LewallenThe Registry
King, Charles E.    08/12/2003 07-10-2004
k520004.txt King, Chester   03/11/2000 03-13-2000 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
k520016.txt King, Dester "Dusty"   12/05/2000 12-07-2000 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
k520007.txt King, Eula   07/12/2000 07-14-2000 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
k520018.txt King, Foster   1954 04-13-2001 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
k520013.txt King, George O.   07/30/1957 11-05-2000 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
k520020.txt King, Hettie Hazel Privett   12/11/1982 06-27-2001 Bill Hale
k520009.txt King, Iris Lillian   08/22/2000 08-24-2000 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
k520011.txt King, James Bailey   04/18/1960 10-10-2000 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
k520005.txt King, John Charles   03/09/2000 03-14-2000 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
k520008.txt King, Leonard   08/08/2000 08-10-2000 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
k520012.txt King, Martha Duncan   11/15/1965 11-21-2000 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
k520019.txt King, Mattie   06/12/2001 06-13-2001 Neal Byrge
k520017.txt King, Paul Edward   10/22/2000 10-24-2000 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
k520014.txt King, Rufus   03/22/1950 10-12-2000 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
k520003.txt King, Thedore II   02/27/2000 03-01-2000 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
Kirkman, William    July 25, 2002 06-30-2004
Sherri HallThe Registry
k260001.txt Koger, Dillard   12/24/2000 12-26-2002 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
l200001.txt Lackey, Mitchel   06/29/1960 10-12-2000 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
l200002.txt Lackey, Rosa   07/14/1952 10-31-2000 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
l250001.txt Lawson, Charlsie   03/26/1966 11-20-2000 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
l250002.txt Lawson, Julia Sharp 10-31-2000 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
l235004.txt Laxton, Amias   12/17/1953 04-13-2001 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
l235001.txt Laxton, Esau   10/13/1956 11-03-2000 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
l235002.txt Laxton, Johnny K.   11/30/1955 10-06-2000 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
l235005.txt Laxton, Louanner Jane   12/20/1953 04-17-2001 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
l650001.txt Lawhorn, Mary Jane   05/08/1960 10-10-2000 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
l250003.txt Lawson, Maude   12/13/1950 12-12-2000 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
l250004.txt Lawson, William   03/21/1952 10-28-2000 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
l235003.txt Laxton, Leon   08/24/1960 10-12-2000 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
l000005.txt Lay, George W.   11/21/1952 10-30-2000 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
l00000.txt Lay, Martin   1964 10-18-2000 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
l000001.txt Lay Sr. Michael (Elder)   12/14/1879 10-06-2000 suparsons
l000002.txt Lay, Mildred Stephens   09/03/2000 10-04-2000 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
l000007.txt Lay, Onvest Hooper   11/26/1963 10-18-2000 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
l000008.txt Lay, S. F.   04/11/1884 10-14-2000 suparsons
l000004.txt Lay, Spencer Sr.   10/29/1884 10-14-2000 suparsons
l000003.txt Lay, William Alfred   12/16/1955 10-08-2000 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
l350001.txt Litton, C. C.   10/22/1953 10-30-2000 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
l300001.txt Lloyd, Lewis   12/06/1951 10-28-2000 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
l350002.txt Louden, Cornelius   02/26/1951 01-05-2001 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
l140001.txt Lovell, Rebecca   01/24/2000 01-26-2000 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
l130003.txt Lovett, Harold   10/08/2000 10-10-2000 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
l300002.txt Loyd, Mack   04/06/1966 11-21-2000 Bobbie Ivey-Lewallen The Registry
l000009.txt Lowe, Bertha Gibson   1951 01-05-2001 Bobbie Ivey-LewallenThe Registry 
l520002.txt Lynch, Carl G.   03/04/1982 06-23-2001 Bill Hale
l520001.txt Lynch, Kathleen   08/10/2000 08-11-2000 Neal ByrgeThe Registry

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