Marion County, Kentucky

The area was first settled in 1789, Marion County was formed from Washington County in 1834 and was named for Revolutionary War General Francis Marion. Marion County is also a center of Kentucky history, found in such places as the Holy Cross Church, which dates back to 1823, and the Loretto Motherhouse, dating back to 1812.

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Marion County, Kentucky Biography Index

Marion Co. Births, 1852 - A-L 12-08-1998 Vickie
1852m-y.txt Marion Co. Births, 1852 - M-Y 12-08-1998 Vickie
1853a-l.txt Marion Co. Births, 1853 - A-L 12-09-1998 Vickie
1853m-y.txt Marion Co. Births, 1853 - M-Y 12-09-1998 Vickie
1854a-l.txt Marion Co. Births, 1854 - A-L 12-09-1998 Vickie
1854m-y.txt Marion Co. Births, 1854 - M-Y 12-09-1998 Vickie
1855.txt Marion Co. Births, 1855 12-14-1998 Vickie
1856a-l.txt Marion Co. Births, 1856 - A-L 12-14-1998 Vickie
1856m-y.txt Marion Co. Births, 1856 - M-Y 12-14-1998 Vickie
1857.txt Marion Co. Births, 1857 12-14-1998 Vickie
1858.txt Marion Co. Births, 1858 12-15-1998 Vickie
1893.txt Marion Co. Births, 1893 12-15-1998 Vickie
1894.txt Marion Co. Births, 1894 12-16-1998 Vickie

bethelunion.txt Bethel Union or Lizard Point Cemetery with corrections 05-24-2001 Brad Buck
cookgird.txt Cook - Girdler Cemetery 01-11-2001 Connie Hickey
holyname.txt Holy Name of Mary Cemetery 04-13-2001 Christine Murcia
hourigan.txt Burials in Hourigan Cemetery 05-23-2000 Wanda Judson
lebanon.txt Lebanon Cemetery: 10-07-2009 Joy Fisher
oldbethel.txt Old Bethel Union Cemetery 05-21-2001 Brad Buck
roller.txt Roller Cemetery 05-24-1998 Virgie Shannon Johnson
stjoseph.txt St. Joseph's Cemetery   Susan L. Thacker Settles
tharp.txt Tharp Family Cemetery 05-06-2001 Brad Buck
pleasant-hill.txt Pleasant Hill Cemetery 07-23-2008 Audrey Lanham-Smothers


Death Certificates
whooker.jpg Hooker, James Willis, October 28, 1873 - October 10, 1944 06-2008 Maxie Jones
Waddell.jpg Waddell, Curtis Lee, July 26, 1889 - August 19, 1929 03-2008  
Woodrum, James March 22, 1918
01-2010 Elizabeth Kernen

Death Records
1852.txt Marion Co. Deaths, 1852 12-07-1998 Vickie
1853.txt Marion Co. Deaths, 1853 12-12-1998 Vickie
1854.txt Marion Co. Deaths, 1854 12-12-1998 Vickie
1855.txt Marion Co. Deaths, 1855 12-14-1998 Vickie
1857.txt Marion Co. Deaths, 1857 12-15-1998 Vickie
1858.txt Marion Co. Deaths, 1858 12-15-1998 Vickie
simpson.txt Patrick Kelly Simpson - 1993  05-03-2013 Kayla Boyce

purdy.txt Purdys of Kentucky 01-07-1999 James Fremon

lawyers.txt Kentucky Lawyers in 1859, all Counties 09-02-2000 Lora Young
Mary Yoder

1852.txt Marion Co. Marriages, 1852 12-07-1998 Vickie
1853.txt Marion Co. Marriages, 1853 12-07-1998 Vickie
1854.txt Marion Co. Marriages, 1854 12-07-1998 Vickie
1857.txt Marion Co. Marriages, 1857 12-15-1998 Vickie
1858.txt Marion Co. Marriages, 1858 12-15-1998 Vickie
1893.txt Marion Co. Marriages, 1893 12-15-1998 Vickie
1894c.txt Marion Co. Colored Marriages, 1894c 12-15-1998 Vickie
1894w.txt Marion Co. Marriages, 1894w 12-15-1998 Vickie
1901.txt Marion Co. Marriages, 1901 12-15-1998 Vickie
1904.txt Marion Co. Marriages, 1904 12-15-1998 Vickie
1853 Marriages from Pulaski County that also mention Marion County 1999 Valerie Davis

kyr-126.txt Revolutionary War Pensioners 05-27-1998 Sandi Gorin
korean Korean War - Unaccounted for Ky 03-12-2001 DPMO
vietnam Vietnam War - Unaccounted for Ky 03-12-2001 DPMO
johnson118gmt.txt Johnson, Lemuel June 26, 1863 Civil War 07-19-2005 Cora Sparks


Johnson, Lemuel 1863 - Photo (Served in 40th Ky Mounted Infantry Co.D) 04-27-2007 Cora Sparks

kycoform.html Ky County Formations 1780-1912 02-08-2000 John W. Picklesimer
m6260001.txt Mercer, Felix - Estate Sale, 1877
05-24-1998 Rita Fox
c642001.txt Carlisle, Nathan - Newsclip, 1887 06-16-2002 Carol Holt

cholera.txt Cholera Plague, Haysville, 1891 10-12-1997 DeLynn Strebel
1879.txt Lebanon Weekly Standard, August 1879 05-23-2000 Bradford Buck
1912.txt Lebanon News, April 1912 05-23-2000 Bradford Buck


Marion County, Kentucky Obituary Index

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