Marion County, Kentucky

The area was first settled in 1789, Marion County was formed from Washington County in 1834 and was named for Revolutionary War General Francis Marion. Marion County is also a center of Kentucky history, found in such places as the Holy Cross Church, which dates back to 1823, and the Loretto Motherhouse, dating back to 1812.

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File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
8715gob.txt Dailey, Marvin March 14, 2003 March 2018 Sandi Gorin The Registry
bentley.j.d.txt Bentley, J. D. , 1898 12-04-2003 Judith W. Ewbank
gob716crum.txt Crum , 2003 2004 Neal Byrge
4703gob.txt Elmore, Lela Mae June 1, 2000 05/04/2017

Sandi Gorin The Registry

e5200001.txt Ewing, Mrs. Eliza, 1910 07-13-2000 Bradford Buck
brown.h.txt Brown, Harold Y, 2003 10-29-2003 Sherri Hall
teresa-devine.txt Devine, Teresa, 1912 2004 Judy Bailey
elmore4703gob.txt Elmore, Lela Mae June 1, 2000 2017 Sandi Gorin The Registry
gph32annmaryf.txt Flanagan, Ann Mary , bef. 1912 2004 Roger Mattingly
g6120001.txt Graves, Dr. W.W., 1902 10-06-1998 Brenda Joyce Jerome
green3659.txt Green, John H November 17, 1912 06-12-2007 Sandi Gorin The Registry
gob1142hays.txt Hays, Martha Thompson, 2003 2004 Neal Byrge
gob977henderso.txt Henderson, Georgia, 2002 2004 Sherri Hall
h6300001.txt Howard, Dan H., 1913 05-22-2002 Deb Shillo
h6300002.txt Howard, Lucius Stillman , 1947 05-22-2002 Deb Shillo
ckirland.txt Kirkland, Cassie 03-27-2002 Sandi Gorin The Registry
l5000001.txt Linney, Mrs. Martha Maxwell Knox , 1884 05-09-2002 Deb Shillo
gph31charlesb.txt Mattingly, Charles Bernard , bef. 1915 2004 Roger Mattingly
gph34mattingl.txt Mattingly, Mary Ann , bef. 1915 2004 Roger Mattingly
m2400001.txt Maxwell, Mrs. Eunice Kitchel Stiles, 1879 05-09-2002 Deb Shillo
m2400002.txt Maxwell, Dr. John C., 1894 05-09-2002 Deb Shillo
mays.joseph.txt Mays, Joseph , 2002 12-04-2003 Sherri Hall
minor.ellen.txt Minor, Mary Ellen., 1904 01-2004 Debbi Dicken
jmore.txt Moore, Jimmie 03-27-2002
gob655mullins.txt Mullins, Elsie Jane., 1983 2004 Roger Mattingly
7907gob.txt O'Neal, Mabel August 27, 2000 01/28/2018  
o216001.txt Osborne, Mary Elizabeth, 1998 09-19-2000 Pat
dmpenn.txt Penn, Donald Miles 2002
gob603penn.txt Penn, Donald Miles, 2002 2004 Sherri Hall
p4120001.txt Phillips, Joseph Maxwell, 1922 05-22-2002 Deb Shillo
gob661prdy.txt Purdy, Bert, 1964 2004 Roger Mattingly
shannon3404gob.txt Shannon, Lewis December 6, 1981 8-2006 Virgie Shannon JohnsonThe Registry
gob1151smothers.txt Smothers, Annette, 2003 2004 Neal Byrge
t6250001.txt Tarkington, Mrs. Juliette Maxwell, 1894 05-09-2002 Deb Shillo
t6100001.txt Tharp, Lee, ca 1900 07-13-2000 Bradford Buck
mary-walls.txt Walls, May, 1939 2004 Judy Bailey
waten11947.txt Wathen, Richard Nicholas June 12, 1919 09-28-2021 Mary K. Creamer
weatherf4196.txt Weatherford, Mary A. (Belden) August 12, 1906 06-02-2009 J. Robison
weatherf4195.txt Weatherford, William S. August 28, 1905 06-02-2009 J. Robison

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