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File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted by
austin.txt Austin - Diamond Cemetery 08-09-1998 Regina Tackett
benard.txt Benard Cemetery 07-16-2002 Charles Benard
bell.txt Bell Cemetery 08-11-1998 Randall Bowling
benard.txt Bernard/Yates Cemetery 07-16-2002 Charles Benard
burke.txt Burke Cemetary 10-04-2000 Maria Troutman
chandler.txt 5 Chandler Cemeteries 08-11-1998 Randall Bowling
childres.txt Childres Cemetery 08-11-1998 Randall Bowling
Collinsworth Shortridge Cemetery
Collinsworth Cemetery
Regina Tackett
estep.txt Estep Cemetery 01-10-2001 Lloyd Vanhoose
georges.txt Georges Creek Cemetery 08-09-1998 Randall Bowling
Harmon & Chafin Cemeteries
Harmon Cemetery (updated)
M. F. Wade
lambert.txt Lambert Cemetery 01-10-2001
Lloyd Vanhoose
mayo.txt Mayo Cemetery 03-03-2000 Steven Colvin
moore.txt Moore Cemeteries 08-11-1998 Regina Tackett
moorefam.txt Moore Family Cemetery - Complete Survey 07-15-2012 Linda Shelton
preston.txt Art Preston Cemetery 01-10-2001 Lloyd Vanhoose
moses.txt Moses Preston Cemetery 08-11-1998 Randall Bowling
noname.txt No Name Cemetery (Frasher/Ruggles) 08-11-1998 Regina Tackett
noname2.txt No Name Cemetery (Bryan/Sperry) 11-15-1998 James H. Wright
frankpar94gcm.txt Frank Parker Family Cemetery - Partial Survey 03-13-2007 Rita Parker
rpreston.txt Robert Preston Cemetery 01-10-2001 Lloyd Vanhoose
ross.txt Ross Cemetery - Complete Survey 07-15-2012 Linda Shelton
rowe.txt Rowe Cemetery 08-09-1998 Randall Bowling
vanhoose.txt Vanhoose Cemetery 01-10-2001 Lloyd Vanhoose
vanhorn.txt Vanhorn Cemetery 08-11-1998 M.F. Wade
  Vanover Cemetery - Partial Survey More To Come 8-29-2021 Deanna Meeks
webb.txt Webb Cemetery 08-24-1998 Mike Webb
wheeler.txt Wheeler Cemetery 01-10-2001 Lloyd Vanhoose

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