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File Description Size Date Submitter
Belcher, John David, September 16, 1942
09-13-2021 Deanna MeeksThe Registry
Blizzard Deaths   03-17-2001 Kelly Blizzard The Registry
Blackburn, Elmer March 28, 1921
08-02-2021 Deanna MeeksThe Registry
Bradley Landon January 17, 1919   07-27-2005 Cora Sparks
Buckner/Mason   Nov, 2004 Delores Martin
Cheek, Rafe   July 22, 1925   01-07-2005 Carolyn Smith
Crisp, Dollie (Stephens)1877-1950   09-12-2003 Sherri Hall The Registry
Harrington, Draxie 3-12-1980   05-16-2004 Jessica Mullins
Hicks, Marc V October 19, 1945
08-21-2021 Deanna Meeks
Hillman, James Henry; 1982   04-17-2001 Ethelene Hillman Hale
Johnson Sr., Eli July 25, 1913   03-09-2006 Elsa Tackett
Johnson, Susaner Elizabeth   03-09-2006 Elsa Tackett
McGuire, William James February 8, 1959
08-02-2021 Deanna MeeksThe Registry
Newsome, Daniel March 25, 1960
01-11-2022 Deanna MeeksThe Registry
Newsome, Tivis Newberry March 14, 1939
08-31-2021 Deanna MeeksThe Registry
Newsom, Virginia February 15, 1921
09-06-2021 Deanna MeeksThe Registry
Owen, John, December 29, 1927
10-10-2021 Deanna MeeksThe Registry
Owen, Mary A., July 26, 1911
10-10-2021 Deanna MeeksThe Registry
Qualls, Melvina, June 15, 1936
10-10-2021 Deanna MeeksThe Registry
Robinson, Josie, December 10, 1930
01-09-2022 Deanna MeeksThe Registry
Spradlin, Marvin Davis Killed by Shotgun...??? August 30, 1978   May 1, 2008 April Spradlin
Stacy, Rebecca Davis  1994   01-11-1999 Russell L. Lawrence The Registry
Stepp, Eliza June 1, 1934
08-02-2021 Deanna MeeksThe Registry
Stepp, Moses December 10, 1939
08-02-2021 Deanna MeeksThe Registry
Travis Jr, John November 20, 1913
01-16-2022 Deanna MeeksThe Registry
Wright, Hattie January 24, 1953   08-03-2008 Alice Warner The Registry

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