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Elliott County was formed in 1869 from Carter, Lawrence & Morgan Counties




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image7.gif Bowling Rosa Skeens b. 1886, d/o Thomas Henry & Caroline Musick Skeens & cousin to Daniel Skeens - Rosa married William Bowling. Photo circa 1906   Debbie
brickey555gph.jpg Brickey, John William & Anna Margaret, c. 1950; Rev. John William Brickey native of Elliott County born May 7th 1878 Culver Ky (Elliott County)he married Anna Margaret Dec. 12th 1898.He died Sept. 11th 1964 in Lexington Ky. John William was the son of Parish & Mary Jane Green Brickey.Rev. John brickey was the first person to be buried in the Elliott County Memory Gardens Cemetery. Anna Margaret Fyffe born Feb 1st 1883 wife of John Brickey died in Rowan County KY buried in the Memory Gardens Cemetery
Elliott Co.

7-17-2005 Cora Sparks
Brickey, Joseph Woodrow - Joe Brickey was born 02/08/1917 s/o John William & Anna Margaret Brickey. He died 10/15/1982 in Portsmouth Ohio.

Additional Comments:
My husband's uncle. Info taken from his Brickey Family History.

10-12-2005 Cora Sparks
Brickey, Sena Victoria Mason b.13/10/1866 in Scott Co. Ky daughter of Parish & Mary

Jane Green Brickey in home of Parish Brickey Culver Ky.Sena died 26/09/1950 in Morgan Co.

Melissa Susan Adkins was b.May 10th 1841 Daughter of Parish &Mary Jane Green Brickey. No info on the death of Melissa Susan

10-12-2005 Cora Sparks
brickey556gph.jpg brickey559gph.txt Brickey, Parish & Mary Jane, c. 1887 8-25-2005 Cora Sparks
Image 39K Brown, Wales Scotland July 31, 1899 12-10-2021 Edgar Brown
Image 39K Brown, Dr. Wales Scotland June 29, 1899 12-10-2021 Edgar Brown
Buckner, Simeon Scot and Jaley Bell (Mason) Buckner.   

Simeon Buckner holding Audry Mae Buckner died of TB not long after this
picture. Alice Buckner is held by Jaley Buckner.

Dolores Martin
burton6087gph.jpg Burton-This is a photo of my father Tom Burton Son of William and Francess Elizabeth Holbrook Burton. Tom Burton was born in Eliot County Ky on March 24 1926, Tom and his siblings Jane, Ruby,Oscar,Elsie, Delbert and Ruby were raised By their maternal grand parents Corbin and Emily Jane Stephens Holbrook when their mother died three months after Tom was born. File at: burton 3-10-2012 Sharon Burton Engle
image11.jpg Conn, Ada age 2 (d/o Samuel H. & Sarah Ellen Kegley Conn), 1915   Debbie
image12.jpg Conn, Ada and Stella Caudill, best friends (Stella married Ada's brother, Harvey Conn), ca. 1928   Debbie
image13.jpg Conn, Ada (d/o Samuel & Sarah Ellen Kegley Conn) & her niece, Vada Johnson (d/o Martha Conn Johnson), 1917   Debbie
image6.jpg Conn, Flannery; Front row: left to right: unknown boy, Ada Conn Flannery (seated) holding Samuel Ernest Flannery (b. 1934), Everett Conn (s/o Frank & Omie Conn), Naomie "Omie" Binion Conn (d/o Luster Binion & Sarah Flannery), Riley Conn (s/o Frank & Omie Conn)
Back row:Jesse Conn (s/o Frank & Omie Conn), unknown girl, Samuel H. Conn (father of Ada), Sarah Conn, Elsie Conn, Opal Conn (all d/o Frank & Omie Conn), 1935
image19.jpg Conn, Frank and Naomia; Frank s/o Samuel & Sarah Ellen Kegley Conn & Naomie "Omie" Binion Conn d/o Luster & Sarah Flannery Binion, 1915   Debbie
image14.jpg Conn, Harvey (s/o Samuel & Sarah Ellen Kegley Conn), Stella Caudill Conn & Baby, Loretta   Debbie
image20.jpg Conn, Harvey, Myrtle & Emma, children of Samuel H. & Sarah Ellen Kegley Conn, 1907   Debbie
image8.jpg Conn, Samuel H. (s/o Freeland "Freelin" & Angeline Shelton Conn) & his grandson & namesake, Samuel Earnest Flannery (s/o Elmer Marion & Ada Conn Flannery), 1937   Debbie
image95.jpg Cox, Mary Elizabeth, b. 11/17/1857 Scott Co., VA - d. 8/8/1931 Elliott Co., she was the d/o Hiram & Louisa McConnell Cox (Cocke). Photo date 9/1929   Debbie Simmons White
image9.jpg Cox, Mary Conn (d/o Samuel & Sarah Ellen Kegley Conn) & her children   Debbie
image4.jpg Dill, Bertha (Kegley), b. 3 May 1919) and Tina Kegley Pauley (b. 21 Jul 1913, d. Jun 1978), daughters of Floyd & Lizzie Henson Kegley   Cleo Jenkins
H1.jpg Evans, Henry and Sarah (Holbrook). They ran a store and the Sarah Post Office, named for Sarah Holbrook Evans, who was the postmaster. Henry Harrison Evans wa born 31 Oct 1858 in Johnson Co., KY and died 11 Feb 1920 in Elliott Co. He was the s/o Warrington B. & Virginia Dobyns Evans. Sarah Holbrook Evans was aborn 14 Feb 1862 in Lawrence Co., KY and died 8 Aug 1953 in Elliott Co. She was the d/o Campbell & Susannah Holbrook.   Anita Skaggs
image22.jpg Flannery, Elmer Marion 1907-1970, (s/o Wm. R. "Willie" & Frances "Fannie" Skeens Flannery) & Ada Conn Flannery, 1913-1985, (d/o Samuel & Sarah Ellen Kegley Conn), Betty Jean Fernandez (baby) & Samuel Ernest Flannery, 1934-1995, d. in Elliott Co. Photo circa 1937.  
image15.jpg Flannery, Frances "Fannie" Skeens, 1881-1915 (d/o Luke & Amanda Susan Rabb Skeens, she married William R. "Willie" Flannery). Photo circa 1906  
image18.jpg Flannery, Samuel family: Front row, Samuel Flannery, Sarah Ellen Kegley Conn, Samuel H. Conn holding Evelyn Mabry, Betty Flannery. Back Row: Elmer Marion Flannery, Ada Conn Flannery. Photo taken 1942.  
image23.jpg Fraley, James Henderson 1862-1954 (s/o Daniel & Millie Evans Fraley)   Ramona Woods
image10.jpg Harris, Emma Conn (D/o Samuel & Sarah Ellen Kegley Conn)   Debbie
image5.jpg L to R: Harris, Sarah (Binion), Emma (Kegley) Conn, Mastin Conn, Samuel H. Conn & Sarah Ellen Kegley Conn   Cleo Jenkins
gph170holbrook.txt Holbrook Home, 1885 9-30-2004 Billie Zappones
holbrookeliza.txt Holbrook, Eliza Ziphoria 9-30-2004 Billie Zappones
milt.jpg Holbrook, John Milt & Litha Belle (Reynolds). John Milt Holbrook was born 12 Dec 1866 and died 9 Nov 1943 in Elliott Co., he was the s/o James & Cynthia Ann Waugh Holbrook. Litha Belle Reynolds Holbrook was born 27 Feb 1867 and died 13 Feb 1935 in Elliott Co; she was the d/o John B. & Mary A. Barker Reynolds   Anita Skaggs
holbrook.jpg Holbrook, Richard & Lillie (Sparks). Richard Holbrook was born 29 Jun 1877 and died 3 Nov 1949 in Elliott Co.; he was the s/o James & Cynthia Ann Waugh Holbrook. Lillie Sparks Holbrook was born 18 Jan 1880 and died 15 Mar 1972 in Elliott Co., she was the d/o John E. & Elizabeth Boggs Sparks.   Anita Skaggs
will2.txt Holbrook, Will & Oma, 1915   Billie Zappone
Holbrook, Will, Oma & dau. Ruby  
Billie Zappone

Holbrook, Oma at Will's tombstone  

Billie Zappone
image25.jpg Ison, Altert, 1883-1973, s/o Allen & Elizabeth Smith Ison, c. 1960   Samone
image1.jpg Kegley, Floyd, (s/o Frank & Tinie) & Elizabeth Ellen "Lizzie" Henson Kegley, Georgia Kegley Whitt (standing), Ruby Kegley Skaggs (baby)   Cleo Jenkins
image3.jpg Kegley, Frank & Katherine "Tinie" (Conn). Frank was s/o Samuel & Elizabeth Kegley, "Tinie" was s/o Samuel & Mastin Conn   Cleo Jenkins
image2.jpg Kegley, Samuel H. & Sarah Ellen (Conn). Sarah Ellen was d/o Samuel & Elizabeth Conn   Cleo Jenkins
Kegley, William D. & Nancy (Kegley) Kegley
William Kegley was the son of Joel & Deliah Hounshell Kegley. He was born 26
June 1853 and died 17 Dec. 1888 and is buried in the Old Elliott Cemetery
located on Stark Ridge in Elliott Co. KY. William D. first married Elizabeth
Pennington d/o William and Nancy Kelly Pennington. William D. and Elizabeth
had the following children: Joel William who married Ada McDowell; Gordan;
Nancy D. who married Jesse Waddell and Mary E. who died young. After
Elizabeth's death William D. remarried to Nancy "Nanny" Kegley d/o of William
and Malinda Jane Kinser Kegley. Nanny was born 14 Aug. 1865 and died 5 Feb.
1939. William D. and Nanny had 1 child together Daniel Kegley born 3 Nov. 1887
and died 1980 in Elliott Co. KY. After William D.'s death Nanny remarried to
Joseph Skaggs and they had the following children: Willie Benjamin who married
Mary Stafford; Henry, never married; Ora who married Beatha Smith; Gracie who
married Cecil Stafford; Jacob, never married; Glenmore, never married; Elijah
who married Mae Kinster.


Anita Skaggs
Kelly, Mary Jane Brickey, was the daughter of John William and Anna Margaret Fyffe Brickey. She was born 03/05/1908 in Culver Ky and married Oscar Jennings Kelly the s/o George Kelly. Mary Jane died March 5th 1990 in Portsmouth Ohio and buried in the Kelly Family Cemetery Isonville Ky Elliott County.

Additional Comments:
Mary Jane Brickey is my husband's Aunt. Info was taken from the Brickey Family History.

10-12-2005 Cora Sparks
image24.jpg Long, Maggie Ella Fraley Murray, age 21 (D/o Robert E. Lee & Verlina Sturgill Fraley), photo May 1930   Ramona Woods
gph172cleffier.txt Parsons, Cleffie (Holbrook) & Ross, 1948 9-30-2004 Billie Zappones
Oliver, Anna Lorene Brickey - she was b. 02/26/1920 the d/o John William & Anna Margaret.
She married husband#2 Daniel Oliver 01/14/1961.Lorene died 10/16/1990 in Morgan Co. Ky she is buried in Memory Gardens Cemetery Isonville Ky. Daniel Oliver was b. 11/11/1891 Knott Co.he died 10/27/1973 in Elliott Co. Ky.

Additional Comments:
Anna Lorene Brickey is the mother of my husband. Info has been taken from the Brickey Family History.

10-12-2005 Cora Sparks
Phillips, Eliza Hester Mason, dau of Stonewall Jackson and Senia Victoria Brickey Mason  
Dolores Martin
image16.jpg Rabb, Dr. John Charles Theodore Augustus, b. 1817 in Hannover, Germany, married Jane E. Elliott (b. 1838, d/o Samuel R. & Minerva Oakley Elliott) in 1858, d. abt. 1895   Debbie
image102.jpg Salyers, Henry Amos (1895-1925) & Alpha Rosa Porter Salyers (1892-1923). Amos was s/o Charles Franklin Salyers, Alpha Rosa d/o Caloway Sampson & Mary J. Smith Porter of Bruin. He died in VA two years after Alpha died, leaving 6 small children.   E. Brewster
image96.jpg Simmons, James "Jim" Dalford (b. 17 Apr 1896 - d. 16 Mar 1970) as a soldier in WW1, he was s/o Milton Green & Mary Elizabeth Gray Simmons.   Debbie Simmons White
image94.jpg Simmons, Milton Green, b. 19 Nov 1857 Carter Co., d. 5 Sep 1938 Elliott Co.; he was s/o Christopher Columbus & Jane Gray Simmons. He married Mary Elizabeth Cox. I believe these pictures were taken at their home in Newfoundland..   Debbie Simmons White
SKAGGS.jpg Skaggs, Joseph "Joe" He was b. 22 Feb 1865 Carter Co. and died 1 Jun 1926 in Elliott Co., he married to Nannie Kegley Skaggs and was s/o Annias & Linnie Skaggs.   Anita Skaggs
image17.gif Skeens, Daniel, 1873-1944, s/o James Melvin Jr. & Corinda Alice Porter Skeens, photo circa 1900   Debbie
image21.jpg Skeens, Elizabeth "Lizzie" & Isome Lee Flannery. Elizabeth b. 1878- d.1939, d/o Luke & Amanda Rabb Skeens. Isome b. 1873 - d. 1925, s/o William Riley & Nancy Davidson Flannery. Photo circa 1900   Debbie
Boggs.jpg Sparks, John E. & Elizabeth (Boggs). John E. Sparks b. 22 Jun 1847 in Carter Co., d. 17 Feb 1910 in Elliott Co., s/o Nelson & Margaret Mauk Sparks. Elizabeth Boggs Sparks b. 1 Dec 1852 in Carter Co., d. 22 May 1945 in Elliott Co., d/o Hugh & Lavisa Whitt Boggs., photo circa 1900   Anita Skaggs
mauk.jpg Sparks, Margaret Mauk, b. 8 Jun 1820 in Scott Co., VA and d. 14 Jan 1894 in Elliott Co., KY. D/o Peter & Eleanor Sparks Mauk   Anita Skaggs
image98.jpg Stephens, George Eddie, 3/17/1885 - 7/30/1950, s/o William Henry & Charity Stephens.   Debbie Simmons White
image97.jpg Stephens, Jacob, s/o William Henry & Charity Stephens & b/o George Eddie Stephens, above. I have heard that Jacob had planned to marry her but was killed in France and never returned home. I hope someone can identify her.   Debbie Simmons White
image26.jpg Weddington, Jane Vencil Seated: Jane Vencil Weddington, standing, left to right, May Weddington Day, Lucy Katherine Weddington Manning & Virginia Smith Porter   Debbie Simmons White
image105.jpg Wooldridge Family, 1919
Back side of photo listing names
  Sharon Sloas

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