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The Photo Albums of May Scaggs
Donated by  Karen Emerson on Feb 23, 2001

 Bio of May Scaggs

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May Scaggs,
Open Fork, 1927

Luther Calvin Scaggs Family, 1924

Elwood Debord

Emma Debord, 1927

Everett Holbrook, 1927

Fairview Sunday School, 1924

Ina B. Redwine

Lula Holbrook & husband, Hank

Elsie Burton & Jessie Holbrook, 1925

Owen Mabry, 1924

Sabra Johnson & Myrt

Summer School, -1928, Grayson, Carter Co, KY

Viola Johnson Lewis

August "Gusty" Skaggs & Uncle Henry

Francis "Aunt Frank" &

Bud Clay

Charles Holbrook

Coleman Binion

Corrine Harper, 1929

Cynthia Waugh Holbrook

Dee Mabry

Francis Waddell Adams & Laura Bell Hobrook Skaggs

Grundy School

Harve & Dixie Green

Ibex School, 1928

James Monroe Holbrook

Nell Caudell Compton, Mabel Hack & Flora Masters

Orville & Earl Catron

Owen Mabry, 1928

Paris Holbrook, ca. 1929

Rev. C.P. Cecil, 1924

Mariam & Jr. Tabor, 1929

Martha Fauson

Melvin Hamm

Merdi & Mollie Waddell


Bud Clay & Ann  Skaggs, 1927

Merle Fraley, 1927

Holbrook family, 1923

Myrtle Waggoner & Leonard

Henry & Augusta Skaggs, Luther Calvin & Laura Bell Holbrook Scaggs

Humphrey & Emma Skaggs Barker

Esta Brown & Emma Scaggs, June 1926

Everett Waddell, 1927

Fuller Fell Cox & Mrs. Cox

Arnold & Mary Ann Skaggs McDaniel

Grace Wagoner, Hattie Kegley, Lizzy Leedy, Lily Leedy

James Scaggs, 1928

Atha Johnson, Ana, Merle, Dar..., Nina Johnson, Ernest, Thelma, La..., Jessie, Jan 1926

Logan Scaggs, Lena Ward, Easter, 1926

Luther Calvin Scaggs with brother, Millard Skaggs

May Scaggs & Mrs. Addie (Harry) Stafford

May Scaggs with school kids

Meredith & Mollie Waddell

Mrs. Amanda Musick, 1930

Mrs. Leonard Binion, 1926

Mrs. Lillian Conn

Mt. Ephriam School, 1918

Roy Stevens & Ann Scaggs, 1927

school kids, Elsie Burton, Troy Holbrook

Sim & Laura

Troy B. & Emily H., 1925

Ernest, Vaughn Debord, 1926

Ward Leedy & Ada Barker

Woodrow Kegley, Sept 1926

Albert Holbrook, WWII Vet.

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