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File Description Size Date Submitter
c536-001.txt 99th Birthday of William Bryan Cantrell 1.65k 11-28-1999 Samone Ratcliff   
c415001.txt 90th Birthday of Virgie Wheeler Colvin 1.34k 2-22-2001 Samone Ratcliff   
f550001.txt Luther Edward & Marmett Fannin Celebrate 50th Anniversary 2k 5-4-2001 Samone Ratcliff   
d152001.txt Mr. & Mrs. Port Dobyns Celebrate 50th Anniversary 2k 1-5-2001 Samone Ratcliff   
horton.txt Travis Horton 3.64k 9-27-2004 Becky Fox 
r341-001.txt 90th Birthday of Pearl Ison Ratcliff 1.22k 3-18-2000 Samone Ratcliff   
aread15.txt Heading West ~Abraham Kegley and family 11k 3-18-2000 John Stegall
aread10.txt A Grave For Two ~Carter and Fraley Families 5k 1-9-2000 John Stegall
e152-0001.txt Minnie Lewis Evans Article 7k 1-7-2000 Judy Smith
aread12.txt From Elliott Co. to Oklahoma, ~ Horton and Houghton 13k 1-18-2000 John Stegall
aread13.txt Aunt Annie's Saddle ~ Annie Carter Brown 4k 3-18-2000 John Stegall
aread16.txt Who Was Lydia Hylton? ~Hylton and Steagall families 10k 3-18-2000 John Stegall

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