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Breckinridge County, Kentucky
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          In 1887 a group of people met in the courthouse in Hardinsburg for the purpose of organizing a Baptist Church.  These
were delegates from Stephensport, New Bethel, Lost Run, Pleasant Hill, Pelville, Clover Creek and Pisgah.

          At this meeting twenty-eight persons presented letters and certificates of Baptism from these respective churches.  They
also appointed five trustees, elected two deacons, and unanimously elected R. T. Bruner as pastor.  A short time later a building committee
was appointed to locate a site and to erect a church building.  The congregation increased in number and in July of 1888 they petitioned
membership in the Goshen Association.

          In 1890 the third Deacon was added to the church and a committee was appointed to investigate the possibilities of building a
parsonage.  The following year Brother F. B. Hagen was elected to pastor the church.  Following him were, 1893 Reverent W. B.
Rutledge, 1894 Frank Quinn, and 1895 J. R. Hunt.

          February 28, 1897 Eula Hensley was received for baptism.  Today the Young Women’s Missionary Society is named the
Eula Hensley Circle in honor of this lady who went to China as a missionary and gave her life to that service.  Miss Hensley died there in the
mission field from an attack of appendicitis while still a young woman.

          From 1898 to 1904 the church was served by the following pastors: 1898 J. R. Moore, 1900 Brother W. B. Rutledge a second
time and 1903 Reverend Fitzgerald, 1904 Reverend E. B. English.  At this time the Breckinridge Association was granted dismissal from Goshen.  Following Brother English was J. J. Willet then Brother Meng, who was the first pastor to live in the new parsonage in Hardinsburg, and he was followed
by Brother English for a second time.

          In 1926 H. A. Ackland was pastor.  During his stay, the lot was purchased and the new church was built.  This one stands
there today.  Brother Ackland had been a foreign missionary prior to his coming here.

          Brother Daugherty followed Ackland in 1927 and while he was here his wife died and he remarried a native of Hardinsburg.

          Following Brother Daugherty were the following pastors: in 1949 T. E. Smith, 1949 R. E. Sasser, 1951 Adrian Lamkin, 1956 Robert
Wayne and in 1962 Reverend Raymond Farrar.  It was in 1962 under Brother Farrar’s leadership that the new children’s building was erected.

          It is impossible to even estimate the influence our churches have had upon the modern society that has been built in America.  This
is true on a graduated scale in every community.  Our churches have helped develop the leaders that have kept us, on an even keel.