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Bath County Schools
File Description Size Date Submitter
Bath County 1st And 2nd Grade School 1938
Image 172K Sep 2007
Ray CopherThe Registry
Bath County School C. 1900 Image 154K
Apr 2008
Vicki BelinoskiThe Registry
Blevins Valley School 1931 Image 144K Sep 2007 Ray CopherThe Registry
Kendall Springs School Photograph 1906
Image 196K Sep 2007 Darrell Warner& Ray CopherThe Registry       
Kendall Springs School Circa 1906 Image 189K
Aug 2007
G. Hart
Kendall Springs Night School 1914 Image 127K Aug 2007
Darrell Warner
Owingsville, Bath Co., KY 1946-47 Mrs. Butcher 4th Grade Class January 1946 Image 94K Jul 2008
Ray CopherThe Registry
Owingsville High School 1938 Freshman Class Image 252K Sep 2007 Darrell Warner & Ray CopherThe Registry
Preston School 1915 Image 234K Sep 2007 Ray CopherThe Registry
Salt Lick 8th Grade Graduation Program May 17, 1939 Image 161K
Feb 2005
Jimmie D. Becraft
Salt Lick 8th Grade Graduation Class Photo May 17, 1939 Image 256K
Feb 2005 Jimmie D. Becraft
Salt Lick 1939 Senior Class Program May 18, 1939 Image 160K
Feb 2005 Jimmie D. Becraft
Salt Lick Elementary School of 1946-47, 4th Grade January 1946 Image 161K Jul 2008
Ray CopherThe Registry
Salt Lick Elementary School Of 1946-47, 6th Grade January 1946 Image 288K Jul 2008
Ray CopherThe Registry

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