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Twin Falls County

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File Description File Size Date Submitter
Twin Falls Cemetery Book 1 50K Dec 2002 Lee McCracken
Twin Falls Cemetery Book 2 365K Dec 2002 Lee McCracken
Twin Falls Cemetery Book 3 482K Dec 2002 Lee McCracken
Twin Falls Cemetery Book 4 408K Dec 2002 Lee McCracken
Alphabetical listing of Books 1-4
Surnames A 47K December 2002 Lee McCracken
Surnames B 135K  
Surnames C 98K  
Surnames D 65K  
Surnames E-F 66K  
Surnames G 65K  
Surnames H 130K  
Surnames I-J 43K  
Surnames K 48K  
Surnames L 61K  
Surnames M 127K  
Surnames N-O 44K  
Surnames P 63K  
Surnames Q-R 67K  
Surnames S 142K  
Surnames T 48K  
Surnames U-V 21K  
Surnames W 98K  
Surnames X-Y-Z 10K  

Gravestone Photographs

File Description Size Date Submitter
Craig, Austin Image 70K Oct 2009 Christine Storey
Jones, May Image 193K Oct 2009 Christine Storey
Mathers, Bill Image 227K Oct 2009 Christine Storey
Mathers, Ruby And Lee Image 232K Oct 2009 Christine Storey
Miller, Joseph Warren Image 41K Jun 2007 Joseph D. Miller
Morgan, Anna Barbara Image 264K Jun 2009 Christine Storey
Nielson, John Richard, Jr. Image 82K Jul 2009 Carolyn Golowka The Registry
Pendleton, Don E. Image 136K Oct 2009 Christine Storey
Pinkston, Robert & Blanche (Tombstone) Image 103K Aug 2005 Edie Baker
Prescott, Marsha Image 269K Oct 2009 Christine Storey
Webb, Albert G, Vada Anne, Dewey A. Image 92K Oct 2009 Christine Storey
Webb, J.H. Image 133K Oct 2009 Christine Storey

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