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[1917 - 1922 Payette County Marriages by Brides][Kollenborn][Whisman]

Total Records: 422
NoBride GroomMarriage Date NotesSubmitter
11917 - 1922 Payette County Marriages by Brides,  __/__/__1917 - 1922 Payette County Marriages by BridesCheryl Hanson
21917 - 1922 Payette County Marriages by Grooms,  __/__/__1917 - 1922 Payette County Marriages by GroomsCheryl Hanson
31922 - 1928 Payette County Marriages by Brides,  __/__/__1922 - 1928 Payette County Marriages by BridesCheryl & John Hanson
41922 - 1928 Payette County Marriages by Grooms,  __/__/__1922 - 1928 Payette County Marriages by GroomsCheryl & John Hanson
5Ackerman, Clara  Schuler, Aloysius 08/17/1914Ackerman, Clara Margaret - Schuler, Aloysius Charles August 17, 1914Cheryl Hanson
6Ainey, Pauline  Peters, David __/__/1918Ainey, Pauline - Peters, David I. 1918Cheryl Hanson
7Akins, Margaret  Phillips, William 11/22/1924Akins, Margaret Anis - Phillips, William George November 22, 1924Cheryl Hanson
8Allison, Laura  Frazier, 11/23/1927Allison, Laura E. - Frazier , Thomas H. November 23, 1927Cheryl Hanson
9Anders, Nellie  Jeffries, Loyd __/__/1922Anders, Nellie - Jeffries, Loyd R. 1922Cheryl Hanson
10Anderson,  Keel, Grover 05/__/1903Anderson, May - Keel, Grover C. 1903Patty Theurer
11Anderson, Grace  Sinden, Leslie 01/28/1920Anderson, Grace - Sinden, Leslie J. January 28, 1920Cheryl Hanson
12Armstrong, Ruth  Harmon, Elmer __/__/1902Armstrong, Ruth - Harmon, Elmer 1902Patty Theurer
13Armstrong, Zilpha  McDaniels, John __/__/1903Armstrong, Zilpha - McDaniels, John 1903Patty Theurer
14Asher,  Grimes, Plumer 01/15/1916Asher, May - Grimes, Plumer W. January 15, 1916Cheryl Hanson
15Asmussen, Lillian  Newman, Victor 06/24/1925Asmussen, Lillian Marguerite - Newman, Victor E. June 24, 1925Cheryl Hanson
16Ayers, Hazel  Johnson, John __/__/1916Ayers, Hazel Idaho - Johnson, John Arthur 1916Cheryl Hanson
17Ayers, Hazel  Johnson, John 10/5/1916Ayers, Hazel Idaho - Johnson, John Arthur October 5, 1916Cheryl Hanson
18Bailey, Blanche  Keith, John 07/10/1907Bailey, Blanche - Keith, John E. July 10, 1907Cheryl Hanson
19Baldwin, Frances  Sturdevant, William 12/28/1904Baldwin, Frances L. - Sturdevant, William C. December 28, 1904Cheryl Hanson
20Bannister, Olline  Clarke, Jesse 06/__/1919Bannister, Olline Carolyn - Clarke, Jesse L. June 1919Patty Theurer
21Bannister, Olline  Clark, Jesse __/__/1919Bannister, Olline C. - Clark, Jesse L. 1919Cheryl Hanson
22Bardwell, Anna  Christian, Earl __/__/1905Bardwell, Anna - Christian, Earl 1905Patty Theurer
23Barnett, Ilah  De, Shaw 11/22/1926Barnett, Ilah - De Shaw, Clayton November 22, 1926Cheryl Hanson
24Bartch, Gertrude  Soule, Stanley 06/16/1902Bartch, Gertrude M. - Soule, Stanley S. June 16, 1902Cheryl Hanson
25Barter, Carrie  Bach, William __/__/1903Barter, Carrie - Bach, William 1903Patty Theurer
26Beagles, Minnie  Carrigan, V. 10/23/1918Beagles, Minnie Lorena - Carrigan, V. A. October 23, 1918Cheryl Hanson
27Bean, Edna  Strother, William 05/31/1922Bean, Edna B. - Strother, William F. May 31, 1922Cheryl Hanson
28Beary, Hazelle  McGreevy, Charles 04/3/1918Beary, Hazelle M. - McGreevy, Charles April 3, 1918Cheryl Hanson
29Bilbrey, Mabel  Bramblee, Frank __/__/1925Bilbrey, Mabel - Bramblee, Frank L. 1925Patty Theurer
30Bilderback, Hattie  Maize, Sidney __/__/1903Bilderback, Hattie - Maize, Sidney D. 1903Patty Theurer
31Blayden, Olive  Paine, Charles 08/29/1904Blayden, Olive A. - Paine, Charles C. August 29, 1904Cheryl Hanson
32Blayden, Olive  Paine, Charles __/__/1904Blayden, Olive - Paine, Charles C. 1904Patty Theurer
33Bledsoe, Anna  Eldredge, Glenn 06/4/1922Bledsoe, Anna - Eldredge, Glenn Eddie June 4, 1922Cheryl Hanson
34Blind, Ida  Hackett, Paul 05/4/1917Blind, Ida - Hackett, Paul May 4, 1917Cheryl Hanson
35Blind, Rosa  Schweikert, Reinhold 04/30/1918Blind, Rosa - Schweikert, Reinhold April 30, 1918Cheryl Hanson
36Blomstrom, Eva  Currie, William 07/11/1926Blomstrom, Eva Hildur - Currie, William B. July 11, 1926Cheryl Hanson
37Bogart, Jessie  Zittercob, Jacob __/__/1933Bogart, Jessie Marjorie - Zittercob, Jacob L. 1933Patty Theurer
38Bowman, Alma  Maxfield, Russell 11/3/1918Bowman, Alma Lee - Maxfield, Russell L. November 3, 1918Cheryl Hanson
39Bowman, Emma  Bosch, John 10/15/1919Bowman, Emma - Bosch, John P. Jr. October 15, 1919Cheryl Hanson
40Boyer, Doris  James, Perry 09/12/1918Boyer, Doris Maud - James, Perry September 12, 1918Cheryl Hanson
41Bracewell, Ruth  Lackey, Chester 03/15/1917Bracewell, Ruth - Lackey, Chester T. March 15, 1917Cheryl Hanson
42Bracewell, Ruth  Lackey, Chester 03/15/1917Bracewell, Ruth - Lackey, Chester T. March 15, 1917Cheryl Hanson
43Brown, Elizabeth  Sells, Clayton 08/2/1929Brown, Elizabeth Octavie - Sells, Clayton Edison August 2, 1929Cheryl Hanson
44Burgess, Laura  Smith, Guy 04/19/1917Burgess, Laura - Smith, Guy April 19, 1917Patty Theurer
45Burkholder, Minerva  Stillwell, Burt 08/25/1904Burkholder, Minerva Elnora - Stillwell, Burt August 25, 1904Cheryl Hanson
46Burnett, Myra  Mowery, Warren 08/13/1924Burnett, Myra - Mowery, Warren E. August 13, 1924Cheryl Hanson
47Butterfield, Kate  Walker, John __/__/1898Butterfield, Kate - Walker, John 1898Patty Theurer
48Calkins, Jessie  Windle, George 01/2/1907Calkins, Jessie - Windle, George January 2, 1907Cheryl Hanson
49Callen, Lilah  Holden, Arthur 03/7/1922Callen, Lilah Dell - Holden, Arthur C. March 7, 1922Cheryl Hanson
50Calloway, Nellie  Sinsel, C. __/__/1900Calloway, Nellie - Sinsel, C. J. 1900Patty Theurer
51Calvert, Mildred  Johnson, Andy __/__/1914Calvert, Mildred - Johnson, Andy 1914Cheryl Hanson
52Cammann, Crystal  Hammack, Lester 08/28/1924Cammann, Crystal Bell - Hammack, Lester E. August 28, 1924Cheryl Hanson
53Capron, Edith  Magnuson, John 08/20/1917Capron, Edith Lillian - Magnuson, John August 20, 1917Cheryl Hanson
54Carr, Margaret  Wood, F. __/__/1893Carr, Mrs. Margaret - Wood, F. W. 1893Patty Theurer
55Carter, Mary  Stuart, William 06/25/1902Carter, Mary - Stuart, William E. June 25, 1902Cheryl Hanson
56Castles, Rose  Marnoch, John 09/15/1904Castles, Rose Ellen - Marnoch, John September 15, 1904Cheryl Hanson
57Cates, Zora  Macomb, George __/__/1898Cates, Zora - Macomb, George C. 1898Patty Theurer
58Chatfield, Florence  Edwards, Alex __/__/1900Chatfield, Florence - Edwards, Alex 1900Patty Theurer
59Chatfield, Margaret  Barry, James __/__/1904Chatfield, Margaret - Barry, James I. 1904Patty Theurer
60Cheek, Bertha  Coates, 10/25/1919Cheek, Bertha Lela - Coates , Earl James October 25, 1919Cheryl Hanson
61Christensen, Verne  Skippen, George 03/8/1921Christensen, Verne Pearl - Skippen, George Alfred March 8, 1921Patty Theurer
62Clanton, Bertha  Johnson, Ren 02/3/1907Clanton, Bertha - Johnson, Ren February 3, 1907Cheryl Hanson
63Clark, Esther  Henry, Emery 09/10/1916Clark, Esther M. - Henry, Emery J. September 10, 1916Cheryl Hanson
64Clement, Clarissa  Greenlaw, Hiram 06/12/1893Clement, Clarissa - Greenlaw, Hiram P. June 12, 1893Patty Theurer
65Clement, Cleora  Masonheimer, John __/__/1900Clement, Cleora E. - Masonheimer, John K. 1900Patty Theurer
66Coakley, Verna  Utley, Roy 04/12/1926Coakley, Verna Stacey - Utley, Roy Leon April 12, 1926Cheryl Hanson
67Coaldwell, Emma  Boston, William __/__/1926Coaldwell, Emma - Boston, William Russell 1926Patty Theurer
68Coates, Bertha  Wright, James 05/14/1902Coates, Bertha M. - Wright, James A. May 14, 1902Cheryl Hanson
69Coats, Rosa  Chatfield, Ray 12/__/1904Coats, Rosa - Chatfield, Ray December 1904Patty Theurer
70Coffey, Edna  Sherman, Chas. __/__/1904Coffey, Edna E. - Sherman, Chas. N. 1904Patty Theurer
71Colwell, Vallie  Jones, Edward 04/1/1917Colwell, Vallie Beatrice - Jones, Edward Leroy April 1, 1917Cheryl Hanson
72Compton, Frances  Boas, J. 10/4/1917Compton, Frances B. - Boas, J. E. October 4, 1917Cheryl Hanson
73Cooper, Hazel  Purcell, L. __/__/1924Cooper, Hazel - Purcell, L. I. 1924Cheryl Hanson
74Crandall, Frances  Silkett, Joel 10/25/1919Crandall, Frances - Silkett, Joel Churchill October 25, 1919Cheryl Hanson
75Cree, Bess  Brainard, Scott 06/27/1916Cree, Bess L. - Brainard, Scott B. June 27, 1916Cheryl Hanson
76Cree, Reva  Tweedy, Ira 06/1/1916Cree, Reva V. - Tweedy, Ira June 1, 1916Cheryl Hanson
77Creel, Hazel  Jordan, Willis 05/15/1904Creel, Hazel K. - Jordan, Willis W. May 15, 1904Cheryl Hanson
78Creger, Malinda  Taylor, George 08/31/1929Creger, Malinda E. - Taylor, George W. August 31, 1929Cheryl Hanson
79Creutz, Agnes  Brodersen, C. __/__/1896Creutz, Agnes - Brodersen, C. F. 1896Patty Theurer
80Crighton, Frances  Walker, Eugene __/__/1928Crighton, Frances Patricia - Walker, Eugene Glenn 1928Patty Theurer
81Crump, Daisy  Keith, E. 07/5/1922Crump, Daisy - Keith, E. Wayne July 5, 1922Cheryl Hanson
82Currin, Amy  Stearns, W. __/__/1907Currin, Amy - Stearns, W. H. 1907Cheryl Hanson
83Czar, Charlene  Checola, Sam __/__/1937Czar, Charlene Mildred - Checola, Sam Joseph 1937Cheryl Hanson
84Darnall, Bernice  Burgess, Beecher 09/4/1917Darnall, Bernice - Burgess, Beecher September 4, 1917Cheryl Hanson
85Davis, Zola  Bowles, G. 11/22/1924Davis, Zola Marguerite - Bowles, G. E. November 22, 1924Cheryl Hanson
86Dawson, Kate  Craven, Charles __/__/1902Dawson, Kate - Craven, Charles T. 1902Cheryl Hanson
87Denton, Rose  Reed, John 04/29/1925Denton, Rose - Reed, John A. April 29, 1925Patty Theurer
88Deputy, Emma  Howard, Guy 01/21/1916Deputy, Emma - Howard, Guy C. January 21, 1916Cheryl Hanson
89Detwiler, Audry  Silkett, Clelia 06/10/1916Detwiler, Audry C. - Silkett, Clelia C. June 10, 1916Cheryl Hanson
90Detwiler, Audry  Silkett, Clelia 06/10/1916Detwiler, Audry C. - Silkett, Clelia C. June 10, 1916Cheryl Hanson
91Diederichsen, Leona  Anderson, Fred 08/1/1929Diederichsen, Leona Helen - Anderson, Fred Arthur August 1, 1929Cheryl Hanson
92Diedrichsen, Kathe  Asmussen, Ernest 06/2/1921Diedrichsen, Kathe - Asmussen, Ernest E. June 2, 1921Cheryl Hanson
93Dixon, Cecil  Swanson, Boyd 06/6/1920Dixon, Cecil Mae - Swanson, Boyd June 6, 1920Cheryl Hanson
94Draper, Anna  Stroup, Alonzo 05/8/1901Draper, Anna - Stroup, Alonzo A. May 8, 1901Cheryl Hanson
95Dressler, Frankie  Watts, Walter 07/27/1904Dressler, Frankie - Watts, Walter July 27, 1904Patty Theurer
96Driscoll, Helen  Harland, Ferrin 07/5/1917Driscoll, Helen - Harland, Ferrin G. July 5, 1917Cheryl Hanson
97Duell, Beulah  Royston, Charles 10/16/1917Duell, Beulah - Royston, Charles Claud October 16, 1917Cheryl Hanson
98Duncan, Mary  Orrell, Basil 01/7/1902Duncan , Mary E. - Orrell, Basil January 7, 1902Cheryl Hanson
99Dunham, Lena  Osborne, Willis __/__/1904Dunham, Lena E. - Osborne, Willis 1904Patty Theurer
100Dunn, Merna  Judd, James 11/25/1915Dunn, Merna L. - Judd, James Demont November 25, 1915Cheryl Hanson
101Durall, Mary  Fretwell, Earl 06/22/1929Durall, Mary Louise - Fretwell, Earl Lisle June 22, 1929Cheryl Hanson
102Durham, Ethie  Howard, J. 11/10/1918Durham, Ethie B. - Howard, J. Bertram November 10, 1918Cheryl Hanson
103Duthie, Lillian  Button, Richard 10/15/1929Duthie, Lillian Crump - Button, Richard R. October 15, 1929Cheryl Hanson
104Dutton, Margaret  Milligan, Ivan __/__/1938Dutton, Margaret - Milligan, Ivan L. 1938Patty Theurer
105Earl, Estella  Lyons, Ervine __/__/1899Earl, Estella A. - Lyons, Ervine T. 1899Patty Theurer
106Ehfe, Cora  Deusen, Paul 02/12/1916Ehfe, Cora - Deusen, Paul F. February 12, 1916Cheryl Hanson
107Eldredge, Leora  Gardner, Amos 01/6/1918Eldredge, Leora 'Lola' - Gardner, Amos A. January 6, 1918Cheryl Hanson
108Eldredge, Margaret  Metzler, John 06/6/1922Eldredge, Margaret Beatrice - Metzler, John D. June 6, 1922Cheryl Hanson
109Eldredge, Rene  Brown, Lyle 05/19/1918Eldredge, Rene Elnora - Brown, Lyle M. May 19, 1918Cheryl Hanson
110Elliott, J.  Holland, Ralph 12/10/1902Elliott, J. Olive - Holland, Ralph C. December 10, 1902Cheryl Hanson
111Elliott, J.  Holland, Ralph 12/10/1902Elliott, J. Olive - Holland, Ralph C. December 10, 1902Cheryl Hanson
112Elliott, Olive  Holland, Ralph __/__/1902Elliott, Olive - Holland, Ralph C. 1902Patty Theurer
113Estes, Fern  Evans, Chester __/__/1933Estes, Fern Grace - Evans, Chester Arthur 1933Patty Theurer
114Etner, Grace  Fifer, Ira __/__/1905Etner, Grace E. - Fifer, Ira E. 1905Patty Theurer
115Ewest, Elsa  Hoffman, Jacob 11/15/1924Ewest, Elsa - Hoffman, Jacob November 15, 1924Cheryl Hanson
116Ewing, Frances  Coxe, Charles __/__/1902Ewing, Frances - Coxe, Charles H. 1902Patty Theurer
117Ewing, Frances  Coxe, Charles 06/17/1902Ewing, Frances - Coxe, Charles B. June 17, 1902Cheryl Hanson
118Ewing, Mary  Chapman, Walter __/__/1898Ewing, Mary E. - Chapman, Walter F. 1898Patty Theurer
119Ewing, Mary  Chapman, Walter 01/4/1898Ewing, Mary - Chapman, Walter F. January 4, 1898Cheryl Hanson
120Ford, Elizabeth  Williams, Henry 11/29/1920Ford, Elizabeth - Williams, Henry L. November 29, 1920Cheryl Hanson
121Fowler, I.  Walker, Clyde 06/6/1917Fowler, I. Blanche - Walker, Rev. Clyde L. June 6, 1917Cheryl Hanson
122Frakes, Stella  Fitchman, Clarence __/__/1901Frakes, Stella - Fitchman, Clarence 1901Cheryl Hanson
123Frazier, Florence  Brown, Clinton 05/17/1918Frazier, Florence L. - Brown, Clinton M. May 17, 1918Cheryl Hanson
124Frost, Mary  Prohaska, Cyril 08/28/1924Frost, Mary Ellen - Prohaska, Cyril Joe August 28, 1924Cheryl Hanson
125Geesa, Leota  Williams, Louis 12/9/1924Geesa, Leota Charlotte - Williams, Louis P. December 9, 1924Cheryl Hanson
126Gilberg, Eva  Rieck, Otto 05/17/1905Gilberg, Eva - Rieck, Otto O. May 17, 1905Patty Theurer
127Gillett, Mary  Parker, William __/__/1902Gillett, Mary - Parker, William E. 1902Patty Theurer
128Goad, Lucy  Jimerson, J. __/__/1893Goad, Lucy N. - Jimerson, J. R. 1893Patty Theurer
129Gordon, Mary  Butler, Harry 11/25/1922Gordon, Mary Viola - Butler, Harry Franklin November 25, 1922Cheryl Hanson
130Gray, Gertrude  Phillips, Joe 04/4/1918Gray, Gertrude Louise - Phillips, Joe W. April 4, 1918Cheryl Hanson
131Greene, Stella  Young, Earl 06/2/1922Greene, Stella E. - Young, Earl Edward June 2, 1922Cheryl Hanson
132Griep, Bessie  Caldwell, Robert 12/25/1917Griep, Bessie - Caldwell, Robert J. December 25, 1917Cheryl Hanson
133Griep, Enid  Shaw, Willard 10/28/1917Griep, Enid B. - Shaw, Willard October 28, 1917Cheryl Hanson
134Griffith, Anna  Allen, K. 10/10/1917Griffith, Anna E. - Allen, K. A. October 10, 1917Cheryl Hanson
135Grimes, Martha  Seaward, John 04/7/1918Grimes, Martha - Seaward, John April 7, 1918Cheryl Hanson
136Grimes, Velva  Powell, C. 05/24/1916Grimes, Velva - Powell, C. K. May 24, 1916Cheryl Hanson
137Grothe, Albertine  Brown, Percy __/__/1902Grothe, Albertine - Brown, Percy H. 1902Patty Theurer
138Haggerty, Evan  Hurd, Wilbert __/__/1898Haggerty, Evan - Hurd, Wilbert 1898Patty Theurer
139Haines, Margaret  McVeaty, W. __/__/1899Haines, Margaret - McVeaty, W. J. A. 1899Patty Theurer
140Harkins, Goldie  Callen, Curtis 07/__/1931Harkins, Goldie Grace - Callen, Curtis H. July 1931Patty Theurer
141Harry, Maud  Wilcox, Arthur 11/9/1904Harry, Maud D. - Wilcox, Arthur L. November 9, 1904Cheryl Hanson
142Harry, Olive  Copple, Berthel 07/2/1915Harry, Olive M. - Copple, Berthel C. July 2, 1915Cheryl Hanson
143Harsch, Pauline  Meier, Henry 01/11/1916Harsch, Pauline - Meier, Henry A. January 11, 1916Cheryl Hanson
144Hartley, Anna  Taylor, Frederick __/__/1904Hartley, Anna - Taylor, Frederick L. 1904Patty Theurer
145Hartwell, Alice  Walker, Thomas __/__/1926Hartwell, Alice - Walker, Thomas 1926Cheryl Hanson
146Hayes, Janet  Ballenger, Leo 12/29/1917Hayes, Janet Naomi - Ballenger, Leo Karll December 29, 1917Cheryl Hanson
147Head, Josephine  Kirk, William 08/20/1907Head, Josephine - Kirk, William T. August 20, 1907Cheryl Hanson
148Heizer, Sara  Lake, Albert 01/28/1920Heizer, Sara - Lake, Albert Thomas January 28, 1920Cheryl Hanson
149Helmick, Lillian  Gibbs, Elijah 04/11/1899Helmick, Lillian - Gibbs, Elijah April 11, 1899Patty Theurer
150Hendricks, Dorothy  Copeland, William 11/17/1926Hendricks, Mrs. Dorothy - Copeland, William November 17, 1926Patty Theurer
151Henry, Clara  Trevey, J. __/__/1903Henry, Clara I. - Trevey, J. B. 1903Patty Theurer
152Hey, Amelia  Shuee, Daniel 04/5/1899Hey, Amelia E. - Shuee, Daniel M. April 5, 1899Patty Theurer
153Hill, Blanche  Young, Edward 07/19/1922Hill, Blanche - Young, Edward July 19, 1922Cheryl Hanson
154Hinze, Elsie  Thompson, Chesney __/__/1903Hinze, Elsie E. - Thompson, Chesney B. 1903Patty Theurer
155Hinze, Frieda  Soule, Lewis 09/25/1901Hinze, Frieda - Soule, Lewis S. September 25, 1901Cheryl Hanson
156Holden, Mabel  Reiger, Philip 06/12/1917Holden, Mabel - Reiger, Philip June 12, 1917Patty Theurer
157Holden, Minnie  Crighton, Frank __/__/1905Holden, Minnie Shontz - Crighton, Frank 1905Patty Theurer
158Holl, Etta  Tyson, James __/__/1902Holl, Etta - Tyson, James A. 1902Patty Theurer
159Holland, Ida  Frazier, Edmond __/__/1899Holland, Ida - Frazier, Edmond 1899Patty Theurer
160Holland, Margaret  Gilbert, Earl 09/11/1907Holland, Margaret E. - Gilbert, Earl L. September 11, 1907Cheryl Hanson
161Hollenbeck, Mary  Enberg, Ted __/__/1922Hollenbeck, Mary Dell - Enberg, Ted 1922Patty Theurer
162Holmes, Anna  Goodson, Austin __/__/1937Holmes, Anna - Goodson, Austin Melvin 1937Cheryl Hanson
163Holt, Josephine  Osborn, Ray 12/22/1924Holt, Josephine - Osborn, Ray H. December 22, 1924Cheryl Hanson
164Horlacher, Sylvia  Meili, Otto 07/26/1917Horlacher, Sylvia Vina - Meili, Otto L. July 26, 1917Cheryl Hanson
165Hotelling, Mary  Thompson, R. 02/10/1913Hotelling, Mrs. Mary E. - Thompson, R. R. February 10, 1913Cheryl Hanson
166Houston, Emma  Napton, John __/__/1903Houston, Emma - Napton, John A. 1903Patty Theurer
167Howe, Grace  Caylor, Joseph 05/5/1921Howe, Grace - Caylor, Joseph Davis May 5, 1921Cheryl Hanson
168Hudson, Doris  Moss, William __/__/1918Hudson, Doris - Moss, William Alvord 1918Cheryl Hanson
169Humbard, Mary  McCosh, Charles __/__/1898Humbard, Mary M. - McCosh, Charles E. 1898Cheryl Hanson
170Humbert, Mary  McCosh, Charles __/__/1898Humbert, Mary - McCosh, Charles 1898Patty Theurer
171Hutchinson, Libbie  Tracy, Schuyler 04/25/1923Hutchinson, Libbie J. - Tracy, Schuyler C. April 25, 1923Cheryl Hanson
172Isaac, Lulu  Carpenter, Robert __/__/1899Isaac, Lulu - Carpenter, Robert 1899Patty Theurer
173Isley, Bertha  Williams, Clarence 10/23/1919Isley, Bertha - Williams, Clarence Edward October 23, 1919Cheryl Hanson
174Jackson, Jennie  Bartlet, Grant __/__/1893Jackson, Jennie - Bartlet, Grant 1893Patty Theurer
175Jackson, Mildred  Nichols, Denver 02/6/1918Jackson, Mildred Opal - Nichols, Denver Dayton February 6, 1918Cheryl Hanson
176James, Lillian  Golden, Frank __/__/1904James, Lillian - Golden, Frank 1904Patty Theurer
177Jeffries, Faye  Connerley, Darrell 12/11/1920Jeffries, Faye Mildred - Connerley, Darrell Vance December 11, 1920Cheryl Hanson
178Johnson, Edith  Brassfield, Jack 11/7/1919Johnson, Edith - Brassfield, Jack Stewart November 7, 1919Cheryl Hanson
179Johnson, L.  Dunham, Josiah 06/14/1917Johnson, L. Christy - Dunham, Josiah W. June 14, 1917Patty Theurer
180Jones, Bell  Bell, Elmer __/__/1894Jones, Bell - Bell, Elmer J. 1894Patty Theurer
181Jones, Julia  Stevens, Warren 05/7/1921Jones, Julia Meechan - Stevens, Warren Leo May 7, 1921Cheryl Hanson
182Kaessner, Katherine  Melcher, Ira 04/8/1914Kaessner, Katherine K. - Melcher, Ira O. April 8, 1914Cheryl Hanson
183Kay, Marie  Fielder, Stephen 01/21/1923Kay, Marie - Fielder, Stephen January 21, 1923Patty Theurer
184Keel, Mary  Carpenter, Alfred 06/12/1905Keel, Mary A. - Carpenter, Alfred W. June 12, 1905Cheryl Hanson
185Keel, Mary  Carpenter, Alfred __/__/1905Keel, Mary - Carpenter, Alfred 1905Patty Theurer
186Keifer, Nellie  Elam, Alvia 08/19/1920Keifer, Nellie Fay - Elam, Alvia Bert August 19, 1920Cheryl Hanson
187Keithley, Florence  Lydston, Charles __/__/1893Keithley, Florence - Lydston, Charles 1893Patty Theurer
188Keller, Helen  Moon, Homer 05/10/1926Keller, Helen Josephine - Moon, Homer Morris May 10, 1926Cheryl Hanson
189Kennedy, Emily  Thurston, Ralph 09/6/1916Kennedy, Emily Stringfield - Thurston, Ralph V. September 6, 1916Cheryl Hanson
190Kenward, Myrna  Ritchey, William 09/3/1918Kenward, Myrna O. - Ritchey, William R. September 3, 1918Cheryl Hanson
191Kenward, Olivine  Largent, 06/15/1922Kenward, Olivine - Largent , Ira E. June 15, 1922Cheryl Hanson
192Kenward, Ruth  Cate, Sidney 01/5/1918Kenward, Ruth - Cate, Sidney L. January 5, 1918Cheryl Hanson
193Keys, Lillie  Jacobsen, Arthur __/__/1903Keys, Lillie - Jacobsen, Arthur W. 1903Patty Theurer
194King, Mabel  Bowman, Thomas 08/18/1920King, Mabel E. - Bowman, Thomas Lot August 18, 1920Cheryl Hanson
195Kinnison, Mary  Colwell, Arthur 09/10/1914Kinnison, Mary E. - Colwell, Arthur L. September 10, 1914Cheryl Hanson
196Kinsey, Esther  Hendricks, Otto 07/19/1921Kinsey, Esther J. - Hendricks, Otto W. July 19, 1921Cheryl Hanson
197Kinsey, Florence  Crider, Paul 10/7/1917Kinsey, Florence - Crider, Paul October 7, 1917Cheryl Hanson
198Kirk, Frances  Cundiff, Fred __/__/1904Kirk, Frances - Cundiff, Fred L. 1904Patty Theurer
199Klinefelter, Ruth  Batzel, Walter __/__/1916Klinefelter, Ruth L. - Batzel, Walter G. 1916Cheryl Hanson
200Knight, Florence  Sawyer, Hurlan __/__/1929Knight, Florence - Sawyer, Hurlan 1929Patty Theurer

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