Byrd-Glover Cemetery

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Location: North from Reynolds on Highway 128 . Turn on North Rd # 283

Thanks to Lisa and Warren Windham for the photographs of these tombstones. Many of us would never have the opportunity to see these graves in person.

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William Frances Saylor
s/o J J & S S Saylor
b. 01/02/1880  d. 06/08/1882

Charlie M Saylor
b. 12-21-1881  d. 08/04/1887

Infant of F E & S P Glover
b. 07/07/1886  d. 07/08/1886

John W Glover
 son of F E & S P Glover
07/16/1881  Aged 1 year, 17 days

Infant of F E & S P Glover
b. 07/07/1886  d. 07/08/1886

Ruth E Glover
 daughter of F E & S P Glover
b. 07/17/1885  d. 07/29/1885

Infant of J L & M D Ogburn
Born & Died 11/30/1885

India C. Ogburn
b. 1884  d. 1886

J L Ogburn
b. 04/27/1849  d. 04/07/1885

Susan B. Glover
 daughter of J P & Matilda Glover
b. 03/03/1843  d. 06/10/1902

Matilda Glover
 wife of John P Glover
b. 04/10/1825  d. 02/02/1885

Elder John P Glover
b. 10/17/1814  d. 08/21/1879

Infant son of J J & S S Saylor
born & died 11/16/1887

Infant son of H E & M L Saylor
d. 12/18/1890

John G Saylor
b. 09/09/1873  d. 07/11/1888

Laura E Saylor
b. 07/27/1870  d. 05/16/1896

Mary Glover English
b. 1852  d. 1932

Edwin Glover English
b. 05/06/1860  d. 01/10/1922

Mattie Lee Musselwhite
 wife of William Musselwhite
 daughter of JP & Matilda Glover
b. 08/30/1852  d. 06/22/1888

Daughter of William & Matilda L Musselwhite
b. 07/19/1887  d. 05/28/1888

Quintus Curtis English
b. 04/02/1875  d. 01/14/1941

Florine Ogburn English
wife of Q(uintus) C(urtis) English
b. 10/05/1882  d. 03/29/1959

Melissa Ogburn
b. 1881  d. 1949

John Jacob Saylor (Sr)
Company D 27 Regiment SC Volunteers CSA
b. 1832  d. 1921

Additional Comments:
As you can see, there is a discrepancy in the dates of
the markers.  I do not know which is correct.

John Jacob Saylor, Jr
b. 1873  d. 1923

Saphronia G Saylor
b. 1845  d. 1924

John Jacob Saylor, Sr
b. 1832  d. 1921

Unknown Grave
Stone with slot cut out through the middle where marker
once stood, situated at front of Saylor/Ogburn/English
section of Byrd-Glover Cemetery next to the road,
believed to possibly be grave of Hull Dukes, per
information of Millard Hugh Windham (08/23/1917-

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