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Photos - People
Text & Description (Click this Link for Description, Photo Link for Image) Photo Link Date Submitter
Allen, James R. Image 173K May 2007 Christine Thacker
Amos, John B. Image 51K Jun 2007 Christine Thacker
Benning- Plane Christens - Image 128K Apr 2007 Christine Thacker
Breech Cannon & Iron Works Image 80K Apr 2007 Christine Thacker
Breech Loading Cannon Image 164K Apr 2007 Christine Thacker
Bus Line Image 59K Apr 2007 Christine Thacker
Commercial Airlines - Peddy, T.J. Image 199K Apr 2007 Christine Thacker
Confederate Bill Image 56K Apr 2007 Christine Thacker
Cushman, Beachie Image 66K Apr 2005 Pat Coyle
Cushman, Charles T. family Image 75K June 2004 Pat Coyle
Cushman, Margaret Shaw Image 66K June 2004 Pat Coyle
Cushman, Jane Adelaide Shaw Image 168K June 2004 Pat Coyle
Dinglewood (Lieutenant Stevens) Image 125K Jun 2007 Christine Thacker
Fountain Image 67K Apr 2007 Christine Thacker
George J. Garrett, Fox Hunter Image 155K Jun 2007 Christine Thacker
Hand, Othell Image 64K Jun 2007 Christine Thacker
Ham, Mattie Image 20K Dec 2002 Anne Brown
Hatcher, Claud A. Image 160K Jun 2007 Christine Thacker
Howard, J. W. [Rev.] 70 Years Old 1909 2K Jul 2004 Carla Miles The Registry
Jaycetts Image 88K Jun 2007 Christine Thacker
Jeffries, Clara Elizabeth; William Curtis; Mary Frances Image 36K Dec 2002 Anne Brown
Jeffries, Clara Salter; Sanie Mae Burton; Mamie Ogletree Jones Image 37K Dec 2002 Anne Brown
Jeffries, Clifford & Ruby Image 48K Dec 2002 Anne Brown
Jefferies, John Swept Family Image 46K Dec 2002 Anne Brown
Jones, Clara [Mrs.] 1940s Image 94K Jan 2011 John Mallory Land
Jordan, C. Dexter Image 169K Apr 2007 Christine Thacker
Key, Margaret Davis Image 66K June 2004 Pat Coyle
Lanier, Sidney Image 168K Aug 2007 Christine Thacker
Livsey, William J. Jr. [General] Image 162K Apr 2007 Christine Thacker
Martin, Jane Ellison Ware Image 101K June 2004 Pat Coyle
Moore, Montague M. Image 60K Apr 2007 Christine Thacker
Morgan, J. Tom Litho-krome Superstar Image 136K Jun 2007 Christine Thacker
Overbey, James Nathanial Image 16K Sep 2006 Jean Harron
Peabody, George Foster Image 138K Apr 2007 Christine Thacker
Pemberton, John S. Image 97K Jun 2007 Christine Thacker
Pope, Jno. A. Lincoln - Mercury Image 151K Apr 2007 Christine Thacker
Rainey, Ma (Gertrude Prigett) Image 59K Apr 2007 Christine Thacker
Ridenhour, Charlotte Virginia Image 82K May 2007 Christine Thacker
Salter, Maggie Ham Image 24K Dec 2002 Anne Brown
Schiffman, Jack S. Image 216K Apr 2007 Christine Thacker
Schiffman, Jack S. The Pilot Image 84K Apr 2007 Christine Thacker
Sorrow, William Harvey April 28, 1918 Image 288K Mar 2015 Troy Colquitt
Springer, Arthur ,wife & Dau. Image 69K Apr 2007 Christine Thacker
Tarlton, Jimmy , Thomas P. Darby & Image 62K Apr 2007 Christine Thacker
Tindall, Julia Wilcox Cushman Image 32K June 2004 Pat Coyle
Ware, James Henry Image 60K June 2004 Pat Coyle
Ware, Margaret Caldwell Ellison Image 114K June 2004 Pat Coyle
Ware, Robert Alexander Image 218K June 2004 Pat Coyle
Ware, Robert A. family Image 61K June 2004 Pat Coyle
Ware, Robert A. & his great grandchildren 1891 Image 62K June 2004 Pat Coyle
Ware, Robert Alexander Jr. Image 203K June 2004 Pat Coyle
Young, W. H. Image 108K Apr 2007 Christine Thacker

Photograph Records - Postcards - Places
File Description Image Size Date Submitter
Photos & Postcards of Places in Muscogee Co. Can Be Seen Here      
Muscogee Club Image 45K Feb 2007 Alice Wood
YMCA 1907 Image 41K Feb 2007 Alice Wood

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