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Text & Description (Click this Link for Description, Photo Link for Image) Photo Link Date Submitter
Altman, James Mitchell Invalid Pension Application Image 127K Jun 2004 Chuck Altman
Altman, Jessie Roy and Fannie Cross (Family) 1920 Image 90k Jun 2004 Chuck Altman
Bledsoe, Farm In Pinehurst, Ga Image 69K Mar 2006 Chuck Altman
Bledsoe, Robert & Emmie Image 43K Mar 2006 Chuck Altman
Bledsoe, Robert B. 1958 Image 39K Mar 2006 Chuck Altman
Coney, Charles Culpepper & Susan Whitsett Bible Page (1) Image 277K Dec 2006 Knobles Jr. & Coney
Coney, Charles Culpepper & Susan Whitsett Bible Page (2) Image 272K Dec 2006 Knobles Jr. & Coney
Cross, and Adam Families Image 45K Nov 2004 Chuck Altman
Cross, James Horton Family 1896 Image 93K Jan 2005 Chuck Altman
Goodroe, Rebecca Smith 1919 Image 140K Jun 2004 Chuck Altman
McDowell, Anna Vaughan Image 49K Mar 2006 Chuck Altman
Shiloh United Methodist Church June 2007 Image 36K Sep 2007 Larry Childs The Registry
Snow, Methodist Church - Snow Spring, Dooly Co. Image 56K Oct 2006 Valerie Johnson Freeman The Registry
Webb, William Washington August 6, 1853 - July 8, 1942 Image 66K Jul 2011 Cathy Abrams
Woodruff, Malissa and Rebecca Goodroe 1919 Image 32k Jun 2004 Chuck Altman
Wright, Weldon, West & Belflower June 1927 Image 41K Mar 2013 James Nobles

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