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Washington County, Florida
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Text & Description Size Date Submitter
Barfield Cemetery, Wausau 11K Jul 2004 Lisa Morgan
Blue Pond Cemetery 3K Apr 1998 Sylvia Dee Smith
Caryville Cemetery, Caryville 10K Jul 2006 Danny & Suzy Jackson
Cravey Cemetery, Vernon 2K Nov 2003 Whit Gainey
Cypress Creek Cemetery, Alford 5K Nov 2003 Whit Gainey
Double Pond Cemetery 10K Feb 1999 Whit Gainey
Dunn-Raley Cemetery, Miller's Ferry 3K Aug 1999 Jerry Hinson
Ebenezer Cemetery, Vernon 3K Jan 1999 Betty Smith
Ebenezer Cemetery, Vernon 13K Oct 1999 Jerry & Betty Hinson
Falling Waters Cemetery, Chipley 2K Nov 2003 Whit Gainey
Gainer Cemetery 4K Feb 1998 Patti Peterson
Gap Pond Cemetery 28K Apr 2000 Cathy Burnsed
Haddock Cemetery, Wausau 1K May 2004 Whit Gainey
Hicks Family Cemetery, Wausau 1K Nov 2003 Whit Gainey
Kent Cemetery, Nassau 3K Aug 2002 Danny & Suzy Jackson
Live Oak Cemetery 3K Aug 2002 Danny & Suzy Jackson
Moss Hill Cemetery, Vernon 6K Jan 1999 Betty Smith
Moss Hill Cemetery, Holmes Valley 16K Apr 2004 Mary Washburn
New Hope Cemetery - Partial Survey 23K Feb 2012 Lisa Kalmbach
Oaky Ridge Cemetery, Chipley 3K Aug 2002 Danny & Suzy Jackson
Orange Hill Cemetery, Chipley 7K Jan 1999 Betty Smith
Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Poplar Head 3K Aug 2002 Danny & Suzy Jackson
Potter Cemetery, Vernon 1K May 2004 Whit Gainey & W. T. Miller
Rock Hill Cemetery, Chipley 8K Aug 2002 Danny & Suzy Jackson
Rock Hill Church Cemetery, Chipley 24K Apr 1999 Whit Gainey
Strickland Cemetery, Ebro 2K Aug 2002 Danny & Suzy Jackson
Vernon Cemetery, Vernon 7K Sep 2002 Danny & Suzy Jackson
Wells Cemetery, Sunny Hills 2K Nov 2003 Whit Gainey & L. T. Johns
Woods Cemetery 3K Apr 1998 Sylvia Dee Smith

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