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Total Records: 31
NoBride GroomMarriage Date NotesSubmitter
1Atkins, Lucy  Almond, Thomas 11/25/1868Atkins, Lucy J. - Almond, Thomas J. November 25, 1868Angie Rapids
2Beckham, Annie  Beckham, P. 01/9/1868Beckham, Annie - Beckham, P. S. January 9, 1868Angie Rapids
3Berry, Bettie  Allen, J. 09/1/1868Berry, Bettie A. - Allen, J. Linsay September 1, 1868Angela Rapids
4Brockman, Lou  Graves, Thomas 11/26/1867Brockman, Lou - Graves, Thomas E. November 26, 1867Angie Rapids
5Brockman, Lou  Graves, Thomas 11/26/1867Brockman, Lou - Graves, Thomas E. November 26, 1867Angie Rapids
6Campbell, Mary  Smith, L. 06/11/1868Campbell, Mary - Smith, L. Jacquelin June 11, 1868Angie Rapids
7Canaday, Alie  Webb, John 11/19/1868Canaday, Alie R. - Webb, John A. November 19, 1868Angie Rapids
8Collins, Surname  Collins, Surname __/__/__Collins, Surname MarriagesJudy  Purcell
9Dade, Mollie  Kincheloe, R.S. 01/7/1868Dade, Mollie O. - Kincheloe, R.S. January 7, 1868Angie Rapids
10Goodwin, Jane  Jackson, Joseph 11/27/1867Goodwin, Jane - Jackson, Joseph November 27, 1867Angie Rapids
11Haxall, Mary  Cameron, Alexander 09/__/1868Haxall, Mary - Cameron, Alexander September 1868Angela Rapids
12Hume, Hattie  Watts, Charles 12/1/1868Hume, Hattie S. - Watts, Charles E. December 1, 1868Angie Rapids
13Jameson, Lillie  Burrows, H. 02/12/1868Jameson, Lillie - Burrows, H. C. February 12, 1868Angie Rapids
14Landran, Mary  Gibson, John 10/27/1863Landran, Mary C. - Gibson, John W. 27 Oct 1863Thomas Lee Bailey
15Landran, Mary  Gibson, John 10/27/1863Landran, Mary C. - Gibson, John W. October 27, 1863Thomas Lee Bailey
16Mundy, Julia  Perry, Levi 01/7/1868Mundy, Julia A. - Perry, Levi L. January 7, 1868Angie Rapids
17Parrott, Surname  Parrott, Surname __/__/1849Parrott, Surname Marriages 1803-1849John Parrott
18Payne, Willie  Belger, Edward 04/29/1868Payne, Willie E. - Belger, Edward A. April 29, 1868Angie Rapids
19Peyton, Jennie  Grimes, J. 10/21/1868Peyton, Jennie M. - Grimes, J. Lee October 21, 1868Angie Rapids
20Peyton, Virginia  Chancy, John 06/14/1868Peyton, Virginia H. - Chancy, John F. June 14, 1868Angie Rapids
21Powers, Amanda  Collins, Isaac 09/1/1847Powers, Amanda - Collins, Isaac September 1, 1847Thomas Lee Bailey
22Powers, Amanda  Collins, Isaac 09/1/1847Powers, Amanda - Collins, Isaac 1 Sep 1847Thomas Lee Bailey
23Priest, Mary  Yowell, William 02/16/1869Priest, Mary Ella - Yowell, William L. February 16, 1869Donald Buncie The Registry
24Sanford, Jane  Rowe, James 12/12/1867Sanford, Jane B. - Rowe, James W. December 12, 1867Angie Rapids
25Shifflet, Surname  Shifflet, Surname __/__/1854Shifflet, Surname Index to Marriage Bonds 1775-1854Ruth Swortzel Porter
26Shifflet, Surname  Shifflet, Surname __/__/__Shifflet, Surname Marriage RecordsRuth Porter
27Sparks, Marieta  Jones, Alphonso 02/13/1868Sparks, Marieta - Jones, Alphonso N. February 13, 1868Angie Rapids
28Stanard, M.  Rawlins, William 02/12/1868Stanard, M. Champe - Rawlins, William February 12, 1868Angie Rapids
29Thomas, Sarah  Browning, G. 04/__/1868Thomas, Sarah T. - Browning, G. J. April 1868Angie Rapids
30Thomson, Mary  McMurran, E.M. 01/6/1868Thomson, Mary E. - McMurran, E.M. January 6, 1868Angie Rapids
31Waugh, Mary  Priest, A. 02/18/1869Waugh, Mary E. - Priest, A. Tellus February 18, 1869Donald Buncie The Registry

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