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[1860 - 1865 Marriage abtracts - Monroe Democrat][Clark][Felker][Hofferd][McNeley][Rhodes][Strock]

Total Records: 1393
NoBride GroomMarriage Date NotesSubmitter
11860 - 1865 Marriage abtracts - Monroe Democrat,  __/__/__1860 - 1865 Marriage abtracts - Monroe DemocratValerie Perry
21885 - 1887 Some Monroe County, PA Marriages,  __/__/__1885 - 1887 Some Monroe County, PA MarriagesSandy Jensen
31888 - 1892 Marriage extracts from The Stroudsburg Jul 1888 - Jul 1892 Times,  __/__/__1888 - 1892 Marriage extracts from The Stroudsburg Jul 1888 - Jul 1892 TimesValerie Perry
4Ables, Sophia  Dana, George T 11/20/1868Ables, Sophia - Dana, George T November 20, 1868Donald Buncie The Registry
5Ace, Hannah  Miller, Simon P 07/24/1875Ace, Hannah - Miller, Simon P July 24, 1875Donald Buncie The Registry
6Ackerman, Ariella  Engler, Jacob 10/8/1874Ackerman, Ariella - Engler, Jacob October 8, 1874Donald Buncie The Registry
7Adams, Harriet  Washington, Moses 04/17/1875Adams, Harriet - Washington, Moses April 17, 1875Donald Buncie The Registry
8Adams, Mary Alice  Thompson, George 04/1/1865Adams, Mary Alice - Thompson, George April 1, 1865Donald Buncie The Registry
9Albert, Amelia  Sigler, John P 03/17/1866Albert, Amelia - Sigler, John P March 17, 1866Donald Buncie The Registry
10Albert, Arielah  Hays, Thomas H 02/11/1875Albert, Arielah - Hays, Thomas H February 11, 1875Donald Buncie The Registry
11Albert, Jane  Smith, John 08/12/1865Albert, Jane - Smith, John August 12, 1865Donald Buncie The Registry
12Albert, Susannah H  Vanauken, James W 04/14/1855Albert, Susannah H - Vanauken, James W April 14, 1855Donald Buncie The Registry
13Albertson, Jane  Metzgar, Daniel 02/19/1852Albertson, Jane - Metzgar, Daniel February 19, 1852Donald Buncie The Registry
14Albertson, Margaret J  Stecher, Abraham 08/1/1868Albertson, Margaret J - Stecher, Abraham August 1, 1868Donald Buncie The Registry
15Albertson, Sally Ann  Staples, Nelson 07/8/1843Albertson, Sally Ann - Staples, Nelson July 8, 1843Donald Buncie
16Albregth, Elizabeth  Ulrech, Charles 06/6/1858Albregth, Elizabeth - Ulrech, Charles June 6, 1858Donald Buncie The Registry
17Alsop, Hannah  Bell, James 05/11/1841Alsop, Hannah - Bell, James May 11, 1841Donald Buncie
18Altemose, Anna Maria  Gruber, Peter 06/19/1855Altemose, Anna Maria - Gruber, Peter June 19, 1855Donald Buncie The Registry
19Altemose, Ivilla  Felker, Thomas 08/__/1874Altemose, Ivilla - Felker, Thomas August 1874Donald Buncie The Registry
20Altemose, Mary Ann  Faulstick, Geo. A 03/24/1872Altemose, Mary Ann - Faulstick, Geo. A March 24, 1872Donald Buncie The Registry
21Altemose, Sarah  Keller, Joseph L 04/__/1843Altemose, Sarah - Keller, Joseph L April 1843Donald Buncie
22Anderson, Martha  Burr, George 08/20/1868Anderson, Martha - Burr, George August 20, 1868Donald Buncie The Registry
23Andre, Caroline  Boys, Daniel 03/4/1854Andre, Caroline - Boys, Daniel March 4, 1854Donald Buncie The Registry
24Andre, Ella C  Brodhead, Joseph K 06/23/1874Andre, Ella C - Brodhead, Joseph K June 23, 1874Donald Buncie The Registry
25Andre, Ellen  Crossdale, Evan T 05/31/1849Andre, Ellen - Crossdale, Evan T May 31, 1849Donald Buncie
26Andrews, Georgiana E  Bowers, Joseph L 12/25/1860Andrews, Georgiana E - Bowers, Joseph L December 25, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
27Andrews, Mianna  Spragle, Jacob 09/2/1876Andrews, Mianna - Spragle, Jacob September 2, 1876Donald Buncie The Registry
28Angelmoyer, Margaret  Woodling, Jeremiah 03/7/1872Angelmoyer, Margaret - Woodling, Jeremiah March 7, 1872Donald Buncie The Registry
29Angelmyer, Sally  Cramb, Josiah 08/26/1854Angelmyer, Sally - Cramb, Josiah August 26, 1854Donald Buncie The Registry
30Angle, Elizabeth  Detrich, Samuel S 02/25/1865Angle, Elizabeth - Detrich, Samuel S February 25, 1865Donald Buncie The Registry
31Angle, Emma  Dietrick, John 06/27/1861Angle, Emma - Dietrick, John June 27, 1861Donald Buncie The Registry
32Angle, Mariah C  Overfield, James W 01/24/1860Angle, Mariah C - Overfield, James W January 24, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
33Angle, Sarah J  Bush, Henry D 06/4/1848Angle, Sarah J - Bush, Henry D June 4, 1848Donald Buncie
34Angle, Sarah C  Anderson, Jeremiah 04/22/1854Angle, Sarah C - Anderson, Jeremiah April 22, 1854Donald Buncie The Registry
35Anglemeyer, Lavinia  Tozier, Charles 11/6/1855Anglemeyer, Lavinia - Tozier, Charles November 6, 1855Donald Buncie The Registry
36Anglemoyer, Ann Mariah  Brong, William 12/25/1864Anglemoyer, Ann Mariah - Brong, William December 25, 1864Donald Buncie The Registry
37Anglemoyer, Susan  Decker, William A 02/11/1866Anglemoyer, Susan - Decker, William A February 11, 1866Donald Buncie The Registry
38Anglemyer, Dianna  Dailey, Andrew __/__/1868Anglemyer, Dianna - Dailey, Andrew 1868Donald Buncie The Registry
39Applebach, Catharine  Haas, John 08/5/1865Applebach, Catharine - Haas, John August 5, 1865Donald Buncie The Registry
40Armintage, Sarah  Houser, Daniel 05/20/1841Armintage, Sarah - Houser, Daniel May 20, 1841Donald Buncie
41Armitage, Etna  Staples, Ed. 03/15/1861Armitage, Etna - Staples, Ed. March 15, 1861Donald Buncie The Registry
42Arndt, Catharine  Dout, Elias 08/3/1853Arndt, Catharine - Dout, Elias August 3, 1853Donald Buncie The Registry
43Arndt, Lizzy  Smiley, John B 01/16/1867Arndt, Lizzy - Smiley, John B January 16, 1867Donald Buncie The Registry
44Arnold, Elizabeth  McCormick, William C 08/20/1860Arnold, Elizabeth - McCormick, William C August 20, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
45Arnold, Elizabeth C  Meckes, Linford 11/7/1861Arnold, Elizabeth C - Meckes, Linford November 7, 1861Donald Buncie The Registry
46Arnold, Harriet  Kresge, Nathan 07/14/1866Arnold, Harriet - Kresge, Nathan July 14, 1866Donald Buncie The Registry
47Arnold, Margaret  Mosteller, Samuel 05/10/1873Arnold, Margaret - Mosteller, Samuel May 10, 1873Donald Buncie The Registry
48Arnst, Susan  Yiesley, John 09/5/1850Arnst, Susan - Yiesley, John September 5, 1850Donald Buncie The Registry
49Aurnt, Susanna  Roberts, Franklin 06/11/1855Aurnt, Susanna - Roberts, Franklin June 11, 1855Donald Buncie The Registry
50Ayler, Mary Ann  Messinger, Reuben 08/20/1848Ayler, Mary Ann - Messinger, Reuben August 20, 1848Donald Buncie
51Azer, Margaret A.  Houck, John 01/29/1853Azer, Margaret A. - Houck, John January 29, 1853Donald Buncie The Registry
52Azer, Sally Ann  Tock, Benjamin 06/3/1848Azer, Sally Ann - Tock, Benjamin June 3, 1848Donald Buncie
53Azer, Sally Ann  Keshan, John Augustus 03/6/1858Azer, Sally Ann - Keshan, John Augustus March 6, 1858Donald Buncie The Registry
54Baethe, Augusta  Credner, Christian 01/25/1874Baethe, Augusta - Credner, Christian January 25, 1874Donald Buncie The Registry
55Baldwin, Lizzie  Dreher, Oscar 04/15/1876Baldwin, Lizzie - Dreher, Oscar April 15, 1876Donald Buncie The Registry
56Ballmoose, Fannie  Michael, Philip M 11/15/1866Ballmoose, Fannie - Michael, Philip M November 15, 1866Donald Buncie The Registry
57Barlib, Diana  Barlib, Enoch 03/11/1873Barlib, Diana - Barlib, Enoch March 11, 1873Donald Buncie The Registry
58Barlow, Bridget  Durkin, J. J. 03/20/1875Barlow, Bridget - Durkin, J. J. March 20, 1875Donald Buncie The Registry
59Barnes, Clara  Whitaker, Aaron 09/1/1849Barnes, Clara - Whitaker, Aaron September 1, 1849Donald Buncie
60Barnes, Lydia H  Seip, William R 05/14/1860Barnes, Lydia H - Seip, William R May 14, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
61Barnes, Margaret  Shook, David 11/30/1871Barnes, Margaret - Shook, David November 30, 1871Donald Buncie The Registry
62Barrier, Maria C  Becker, Charles 02/1/1868Barrier, Maria C - Becker, Charles February 1, 1868Donald Buncie The Registry
63Barry, Amelia E  Bittenbender, William 09/8/1861Barry, Amelia E - Bittenbender, William September 8, 1861Donald Buncie The Registry
64Barry, Ea  Kresge, Henry 11/11/1876Barry, Ea - Kresge, Henry November 11, 1876Donald Buncie The Registry
65Barry, Hester A  Baltz, Edward 12/4/1860Barry, Hester A - Baltz, Edward December 4, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
66Barry, Julia P  Walter, Samuel E 07/20/1875Barry, Julia P - Walter, Samuel E July 20, 1875Donald Buncie The Registry
67Barthold, Amelia  Umphred, John W 01/22/1852Barthold, Amelia - Umphred, John W January 22, 1852Donald Buncie The Registry
68Bartholomew, Josephine  Dreher, Edward L 08/5/1876Bartholomew, Josephine - Dreher, Edward L August 5, 1876Donald Buncie The Registry
69Bartholomew, Viola  Zill, James M. 07/20/1876Bartholomew, Viola - Zill, James M. July 20, 1876Donald Buncie The Registry
70Bartron, Mariah  Yetter, Martin 02/4/1860Bartron, Mariah - Yetter, Martin February 4, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
71Bates, Anna  Peter, Isaac 11/30/1865Bates, Anna - Peter, Isaac November 30, 1865Donald Buncie The Registry
72Bates, Ellen  Stephens, William 07/6/1867Bates, Ellen - Stephens, William July 6, 1867Donald Buncie The Registry
73Becker, Emaline  Singer, Jacob 867 04/11/__Becker, Emaline - Singer, Jacob April 11, 867Donald Buncie The Registry
74Bedell, Mary C  Walker, Jacob 10/16/1868Bedell, Mary C - Walker, Jacob October 16, 1868Donald Buncie The Registry
75Beer, Caroline  Angelmoyer, Aaron 03/9/1872Beer, Caroline - Angelmoyer, Aaron March 9, 1872Donald Buncie The Registry
76Beer, Mary R  Ulrich, John M 12/30/1872Beer, Mary R - Ulrich, John M December 30, 1872Donald Buncie The Registry
77Beesecker, Margaret  Staples, Lorenzo 01/20/1855Beesecker, Margaret - Staples, Lorenzo January 20, 1855Donald Buncie The Registry
78Bellas, Matilda  Ruff, Godfrey 04/23/1843Bellas, Matilda - Ruff, Godfrey April 23, 1843Donald Buncie
79Belle, Ann Mariass  Brink, William 04/6/1851Belle, Ann Mariass - Brink, William April 6, 1851Donald Buncie The Registry
80Belles, Amanda E  Setzer, Peter 04/28/1866Belles, Amanda E - Setzer, Peter April 28, 1866Donald Buncie The Registry
81Bellis, Eliza A  Kinsley, John M 05/13/1855Bellis, Eliza A - Kinsley, John M May 13, 1855Donald Buncie The Registry
82Bender, Christiana  Huntsman, John 10/14/1865Bender, Christiana - Huntsman, John October 14, 1865Donald Buncie The Registry
83Bender, Mary Ellen  Shafer, Edward A 02/19/1865Bender, Mary Ellen - Shafer, Edward A February 19, 1865Donald Buncie The Registry
84Bender, Sophia  Pugh, Daniel 06/9/1860Bender, Sophia - Pugh, Daniel June 9, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
85Benton, Susan  Wallace, John S 06/20/1840Benton, Susan - Wallace, John S June 20, 1840Donald Buncie
86Bergenstock, Mary  Barron, William Henry 08/2/1874Bergenstock, Mary - Barron, William Henry August 2, 1874Donald Buncie The Registry
87Bernard, Mary S  Palmer, Charles S 07/21/1841Bernard, Mary S - Palmer, Charles S July 21, 1841Donald Buncie
88Berry, Ellen  Baskin, William 03/14/1860Berry, Ellen - Baskin, William March 14, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
89Bertzal, Eliza Ann  Palmer, John T 02/22/1844Bertzal, Eliza Ann - Palmer, John T February 22, 1844Donald Buncie
90Besecker, Mary Ann  Price, Daniel 02/22/1846Besecker, Mary Ann - Price, Daniel February 22, 1846Donald Buncie
91Bidleman, Eliza  Burnett, Daniel B 04/24/1842Bidleman, Eliza - Burnett, Daniel B April 24, 1842Donald Buncie
92Bieber, Loraine L  Greenwald, A. O. 08/12/1867Bieber, Loraine L - Greenwald, A. O. August 12, 1867Donald Buncie The Registry
93Billings, Mary  Arnold, Joseph 10/28/1855Billings, Mary - Arnold, Joseph October 28, 1855Donald Buncie The Registry
94Bisbing, Ann  Neigh, Samuel 07/4/1847Bisbing, Ann - Neigh, Samuel July 4, 1847Donald Buncie
95Bisbing, Elizabeth  Gearhart, Jacob 07/14/1860Bisbing, Elizabeth - Gearhart, Jacob July 14, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
96Bisbing, Magdalene  Bush, Depuy 09/18/1872Bisbing, Magdalene - Bush, Depuy September 18, 1872Donald Buncie The Registry
97Bisbing, Melissa  Fellyer, Charles 08/25/1855Bisbing, Melissa - Fellyer, Charles August 25, 1855Donald Buncie The Registry
98Bisbing, Sally A  Lee, Daniel 02/29/1868Bisbing, Sally A - Lee, Daniel February 29, 1868Donald Buncie The Registry
99Bisbing, Susannah  Bush, Abraham 01/19/1868Bisbing, Susannah - Bush, Abraham January 19, 1868Donald Buncie The Registry
100Bittenbender, Elizabeth  Shook, Joseph 09/23/1865Bittenbender, Elizabeth - Shook, Joseph September 23, 1865Donald Buncie The Registry
101Bittenbender, Kate  Marsh, Sylvester 02/1/1873Bittenbender, Kate - Marsh, Sylvester February 1, 1873Donald Buncie The Registry
102Bittenbender, Tacy  Shively, John S 10/5/1860Bittenbender, Tacy - Shively, John S October 5, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
103Blair, Georgianna  Holmes, Stephen 04/26/1864Blair, Georgianna - Holmes, Stephen April 26, 1864Donald Buncie The Registry
104Bloof, Maria  Cortright, George 05/29/1858Bloof, Maria - Cortright, George May 29, 1858Donald Buncie The Registry
105Bloom, Maggie L  Gruber, George S 01/23/1874Bloom, Maggie L - Gruber, George S January 23, 1874Donald Buncie The Registry
106Bogart, Lucinda  Dreher, Jacob 11/18/1866Bogart, Lucinda - Dreher, Jacob November 18, 1866Donald Buncie The Registry
107Bond, Catharine  Drum, Peter 01/3/1874Bond, Catharine - Drum, Peter January 3, 1874Donald Buncie The Registry
108Bond, Christiana  Evens, H. S. 06/24/1855Bond, Christiana - Evens, H. S. June 24, 1855Donald Buncie The Registry
109Bond, Hannah  Doll, Addison 05/13/1867Bond, Hannah - Doll, Addison May 13, 1867Donald Buncie The Registry
110Bonnell, Eleanor  Armstrong, Milton 11/13/1841Bonnell, Eleanor - Armstrong, Milton November 13, 1841Donald Buncie
111Bonnell, Mary  Swartwood, Oliver P 03/12/1850Bonnell, Mary - Swartwood, Oliver P March 12, 1850Donald Buncie The Registry
112Borger, Mary  Brown, William 12/3/1873Borger, Mary - Brown, William December 3, 1873Donald Buncie The Registry
113Bortree, Hannah  Boys, John 03/25/1844Bortree, Hannah - Boys, John March 25, 1844Donald Buncie
114Bossard, Alice S  Carer, John T 11/18/1874Bossard, Alice S - Carer, John T November 18, 1874Donald Buncie The Registry
115Bossard, Kate  Woodling, J. J. 03/4/1868Bossard, Kate - Woodling, J. J. March 4, 1868Donald Buncie The Registry
116Bossard, Susan  Hood, Samuel 12/6/1866Bossard, Susan - Hood, Samuel December 6, 1866Donald Buncie The Registry
117Bossart, Emele  Gower, Lynford 01/12/1843Bossart, Emele - Gower, Lynford January 12, 1843Donald Buncie
118Bowers, Sallie A  Distit, Lewis 05/25/1872Bowers, Sallie A - Distit, Lewis May 25, 1872Donald Buncie The Registry
119Bowlby, Emma Jane  Kramer, Harry F 11/15/1874Bowlby, Emma Jane - Kramer, Harry F November 15, 1874Donald Buncie The Registry
120Bowlby, Rettie B.  Moore, Justus L. 01/18/1875Bowlby, Rettie B. - Moore, Justus L. January 18, 1875Donald Buncie The Registry
121Bowman, Caroline  Orndt, George H 12/22/1859Bowman, Caroline - Orndt, George H December 22, 1859Donald Buncie The Registry
122Bowman, Christiana  Hamblin, John 11/9/1861Bowman, Christiana - Hamblin, John November 9, 1861Donald Buncie The Registry
123Bowman, Hannah  Eilber, Charles 05/9/1864Bowman, Hannah - Eilber, Charles May 9, 1864Donald Buncie The Registry
124Bowman, Hannah C  Price, W. C. 12/13/1865Bowman, Hannah C - Price, W. C. December 13, 1865Donald Buncie The Registry
125Bowman, Margaret  Wismer, Phillip 07/4/1865Bowman, Margaret - Wismer, Phillip July 4, 1865Donald Buncie The Registry
126Bowman, Susan  Mackes, Francis 11/23/1873Bowman, Susan - Mackes, Francis November 23, 1873Donald Buncie The Registry
127Boys, Carrie M  Haviland, Wm. K. 06/7/1865Boys, Carrie M - Haviland, Wm. K. June 7, 1865Donald Buncie The Registry
128Boys, Mary E  Haviland, Wm. K. 01/13/1859Boys, Mary E - Haviland, Wm. K. January 13, 1859Donald Buncie The Registry
129Bradford, Mary Jane  Broadhead, Richard __/__/1849Bradford, Mary Jane - Broadhead, Richard 1849Donald Buncie
130Brewer, Ann Mariah  Drake, James R 03/24/1866Brewer, Ann Mariah - Drake, James R March 24, 1866Donald Buncie The Registry
131Brewer, Rachel  Hohenshilt, Lewis 01/19/1867Brewer, Rachel - Hohenshilt, Lewis January 19, 1867Donald Buncie The Registry
132Briih, Jennie M  White, John J 09/13/1876Briih, Jennie M - White, John J September 13, 1876Donald Buncie The Registry
133Brish, Effy Jane  Imm, Henry 12/27/1855Brish, Effy Jane - Imm, Henry December 27, 1855Donald Buncie The Registry
134Brodhead, Ellen Jane  Marvin, Ezra 07/31/1875Brodhead, Ellen Jane - Marvin, Ezra July 31, 1875Donald Buncie The Registry
135Brodhead, Martha Jane  Keller, George B 09/__/1845Brodhead, Martha Jane - Keller, George B September 1845Donald Buncie
136Brodhead, Mary L  Evans, Charles 10/17/1876Brodhead, Mary L - Evans, Charles October 17, 1876Donald Buncie The Registry
137Brong, Hannah  Heiney, Alfred 08/10/1867Brong, Hannah - Heiney, Alfred August 10, 1867Donald Buncie The Registry
138Brotzman, Sarah  Frable, Jacob 06/24/1854Brotzman, Sarah - Frable, Jacob June 24, 1854Donald Buncie The Registry
139Brotzman, Susanna  Bush, Andrew 12/5/1850Brotzman, Susanna - Bush, Andrew December 5, 1850Donald Buncie The Registry
140Brown, Emma R  Dewitt, Isaac 03/12/1867Brown, Emma R - Dewitt, Isaac March 12, 1867Donald Buncie The Registry
141Brown, Hattie  Storm, John B 10/24/1865Brown, Hattie - Storm, John B October 24, 1865Donald Buncie The Registry
142Brown, Hester A  Schoonover, Barnard S 03/10/1846Brown, Hester A - Schoonover, Barnard S March 10, 1846Donald Buncie
143Brown, Martha  Bush, Wilson 12/22/1859Brown, Martha - Bush, Wilson December 22, 1859Donald Buncie The Registry
144Brown, Mary  Sigafus, Jacob Y 09/7/1864Brown, Mary - Sigafus, Jacob Y September 7, 1864Donald Buncie The Registry
145Brown, Mary A  Warner, Richard 10/2/1866Brown, Mary A - Warner, Richard October 2, 1866Donald Buncie The Registry
146Brown, Rebecca J  Price, Charles M 01/13/1858Brown, Rebecca J - Price, Charles M January 13, 1858Donald Buncie The Registry
147Brown, Sarah P  Smith, David 12/28/1854Brown, Sarah P - Smith, David December 28, 1854Donald Buncie The Registry
148Brown, Susan S  Henry, William E 11/18/1858Brown, Susan S - Henry, William E November 18, 1858Donald Buncie The Registry
149Brutzman, Julia A  Bartzler, Andrew 03/9/1844Brutzman, Julia A - Bartzler, Andrew March 9, 1844Donald Buncie
150Brutzman, Julia Ann  Fravel, Jefferson 05/13/1855Brutzman, Julia Ann - Fravel, Jefferson May 13, 1855Donald Buncie The Registry
151Bugluss, Christianna  Wolfinger, Daniel 08/27/1868Bugluss, Christianna - Wolfinger, Daniel August 27, 1868Donald Buncie The Registry
152Bunnel, Julia Ann T.  Fenical, Geo. 12/25/1851Bunnel, Julia Ann T. - Fenical, Geo. December 25, 1851Donald Buncie The Registry
153Bunnell, Ary Jane  Rinehart, Winfield 02/25/1875Bunnell, Ary Jane - Rinehart, Winfield February 25, 1875Donald Buncie The Registry
154Bunnell, Eunice  Butz, Daniel W 02/26/1843Bunnell, Eunice - Butz, Daniel W February 26, 1843Donald Buncie
155Bunnell, Susanna W  Zimmerman, Hiram 09/17/1872Bunnell, Susanna W - Zimmerman, Hiram September 17, 1872Donald Buncie The Registry
156Burk, Sophia  Fisher, Edwin 08/1/1868Burk, Sophia - Fisher, Edwin August 1, 1868Donald Buncie The Registry
157Burrell, Hattie  Staples, Hiram L __/__/1860Burrell, Hattie - Staples, Hiram L 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
158Burson, Caroline  Hollinshead, William 06/__/1842Burson, Caroline - Hollinshead, William June 1842Donald Buncie
159Bush, Elizabeth  Troch, John M 12/3/1868Bush, Elizabeth - Troch, John M December 3, 1868Donald Buncie The Registry
160Bush, Ellen  Strader, John W 12/14/1850Bush, Ellen - Strader, John W December 14, 1850Donald Buncie The Registry
161Bush, Emily  Burnett, Michael M 04/8/1849Bush, Emily - Burnett, Michael M April 8, 1849Donald Buncie
162Bush, Francis  Sears, George W 10/11/1876Bush, Francis - Sears, George W October 11, 1876Donald Buncie The Registry
163Bush, Hannah  Houser, Charles U 11/20/1841Bush, Hannah - Houser, Charles U November 20, 1841Donald Buncie
164Bush, Hannah Maria  Brodhead, Thomas 11/10/1846Bush, Hannah Maria - Brodhead, Thomas November 10, 1846Donald Buncie
165Bush, Hannah  Deitrick, William 12/21/1861Bush, Hannah - Deitrick, William December 21, 1861Donald Buncie The Registry
166Bush, Isabella  Courtright, Martin 01/5/1876Bush, Isabella - Courtright, Martin January 5, 1876Donald Buncie The Registry
167Bush, Louisa H  Fisher, William 10/12/1850Bush, Louisa H - Fisher, William October 12, 1850Donald Buncie The Registry
168Bush, Lydia  Wyckoff, John M 12/30/1874Bush, Lydia - Wyckoff, John M December 30, 1874Donald Buncie The Registry
169Bush, Margaret  Shaw, Hiram 12/1/1864Bush, Margaret - Shaw, Hiram December 1, 1864Donald Buncie The Registry
170Bush, Margaret  Dunlap, William H 04/21/1868Bush, Margaret - Dunlap, William H April 21, 1868Donald Buncie The Registry
171Bush, Marietta  Labar, Amzi L 06/9/1868Bush, Marietta - Labar, Amzi L June 9, 1868Donald Buncie The Registry
172Bush, Mary E  Storm, Mahlin 12/18/1872Bush, Mary E - Storm, Mahlin December 18, 1872Donald Buncie The Registry
173Bush, Sarah  Brown, Philip 04/13/1854Bush, Sarah - Brown, Philip April 13, 1854Donald Buncie The Registry
174Bush, Sarah Jane  Detrick, Amzi C 11/20/1873Bush, Sarah Jane - Detrick, Amzi C November 20, 1873Donald Buncie The Registry
175Bush, Sarah J  Jayne, Henry D 10/21/1876Bush, Sarah J - Jayne, Henry D October 21, 1876Donald Buncie The Registry
176Bush, Susan D  Transue, Isaac R 03/23/1864Bush, Susan D - Transue, Isaac R March 23, 1864Donald Buncie The Registry
177Bush, Susan  Macready, James E 04/13/1868Bush, Susan - Macready, James E April 13, 1868Donald Buncie The Registry
178Buskirk, Aurora  Staples, Jacob 06/2/1867Buskirk, Aurora - Staples, Jacob June 2, 1867Donald Buncie The Registry
179Buskirk, Ellen  Stump, Jacob 08/16/1874Buskirk, Ellen - Stump, Jacob August 16, 1874Donald Buncie The Registry
180Buskirk, Hannah  Storm, Jacob 06/19/1850Buskirk, Hannah - Storm, Jacob June 19, 1850Donald Buncie The Registry
181Butler, Frances  Rees, James H 06/4/1844Butler, Frances - Rees, James H June 4, 1844Donald Buncie
182Butts, Margaret A  George, John W 02/13/1875Butts, Margaret A - George, John W February 13, 1875Donald Buncie The Registry
183Butts, Martha J  Druckenmiller, Henry A 12/25/1875Butts, Martha J - Druckenmiller, Henry A December 25, 1875Donald Buncie The Registry
184Buttz, Ellen  Miller, Peter B 05/24/1868Buttz, Ellen - Miller, Peter B May 24, 1868Donald Buncie The Registry
185Buttz, Mary  Getz, James 11/23/1876Buttz, Mary - Getz, James November 23, 1876Donald Buncie The Registry
186Butz, Catharine  Shiffer, Franklin 09/4/1865Butz, Catharine - Shiffer, Franklin September 4, 1865Donald Buncie The Registry
187Butz, Catharine  Davidson, Timothy 02/15/1877Butz, Catharine - Davidson, Timothy February 15, 1877Donald Buncie The Registry
188Butz, Hannah  Haney, Edward F 11/30/1876Butz, Hannah - Haney, Edward F November 30, 1876Donald Buncie The Registry
189Butz, Maria  Paul, Daniel 05/5/1864Butz, Maria - Paul, Daniel May 5, 1864Donald Buncie The Registry
190Butz, Rachel  Miller, Peter 08/__/1874Butz, Rachel - Miller, Peter August 1874Donald Buncie The Registry
191Butz, Sarah  Voelker, Jacob 11/10/1872Butz, Sarah - Voelker, Jacob November 10, 1872Donald Buncie The Registry
192Butz, Sarah  Eyer, Peter 10/12/1873Butz, Sarah - Eyer, Peter October 12, 1873Donald Buncie The Registry
193Campbell, Sarah C  Metzgar, Josiah 08/3/1861Campbell, Sarah C - Metzgar, Josiah August 3, 1861Donald Buncie The Registry
194Carter, Lidia  Ray, James 09/18/1851Carter, Lidia - Ray, James September 18, 1851Donald Buncie The Registry
195Carter, Lucinda  Hammon, Conrad 04/18/1841Carter, Lucinda - Hammon, Conrad April 18, 1841Donald Buncie
196Caul, Ataline  Kintner, Daniel 12/25/1860Caul, Ataline - Kintner, Daniel December 25, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
197Chambers, Elizabeth  Brutzman, Theodore 09/10/1864Chambers, Elizabeth - Brutzman, Theodore September 10, 1864Donald Buncie The Registry
198Chambers, Mary Ann  Halterman, Moses 08/29/1874Chambers, Mary Ann - Halterman, Moses August 29, 1874Donald Buncie The Registry
199Clark, Hanna  Vallerchamp, James G 04/8/1874Clark, Hanna - Vallerchamp, James G April 8, 1874Donald Buncie The Registry
200Clark, Margaret A  Warrick, Daniel J 02/6/1873Clark, Margaret A - Warrick, Daniel J February 6, 1873Donald Buncie The Registry


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