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Pawnee Rock Cemetery

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Submitted By Oz Oz and by Laura Youtsey Ball 12/30/2019

Location: Pawnee Rock, Barton, KS Location Map   

Description and/or Directions

Off SW 60 Rd between SW 120 and SW 110 Avenues

Total Records: 88
NoLastnameFirst,Middle,Maiden NamesBirthDeathPlotInscriptionsNotes
1Alexander  David 5/17/184811/12/1900
2Alexander  Isaac 2/15/188603/04/1900Son of D. D. & A. T. Alexander
3Ashby John T. 3/16/18574/26/1922
4Ashby Lydia G. 6/10/18392/13/1902Wife of J. T. Ashby
5Atteberry Erma M. __/__/____/__/__Same stone with Gerald E. Atteberry
6Atteberry Gerald E. 11/22/191107/06/1997Maried 7-1-1937
7Atteberry Manson M. 01/23/190504/19/1905Same stone with Rebecca J. Atteberry
8Atteberry Rebecca J. 01/28/190504/25/1905Same stone with Manson M. Atteberry
9Barrett Audrey Wilson __/__/____/__/__Same stone Hugh Preston Barrett
10Barrett  David M. 02/01/190504/05/1905
11Barrett Elizabeth 03/10/190505/28/1905Same stone with Hugh Barrett
12Barrett Hugh Preston __/__/____/__/__Same stone with Audrey Wilson Barrett
13Barrett Hugh 03/03/190505/18/1905Same stone with Elizabeth Barrett
14Barrett  Martha Alice 01/30/190504/28/1905
15Barrett Mary Elizabeth 03/09/193612/13/1936
16Barrett Melissa Ann 2/18/19644/30/1964
17Bauer Alex J. 6/21/199607/05/1998Same stone with Allen & Jo-Anne Bauer
18Bauer  Edith M. 02/14/190505/14/1905
19Bauer Florence __/__/__5/23/1907Age 13y8m2d, Dau of J. G. & E. M. Bauer
20Bauer Hattie E. 03/20/190506/12/1905Same stone with Lester G. Bauer
21Bauer  John G. 02/07/190504/10/1905
22Bauer John C. 10/15/183712/08/1915Same stone with Margaretha Bauer
23Bauer Lester C. 03/20/190505/23/1905Same stone with Hattie E. Bauer
24Bauer Margaretha 4/16/18357/22/1916Same stone with John C. Bauer
25Bauer Robert L. 11/24/19402/17/2000Same stone with Alex and Virginia Bauer Married 10-31-1959
26Bauer Virginia A. __/__/____/__/__Same stone with Robert and Alex Bauer
27Baxter Berwyn 03/30/190506/15/1905Same stone with Gracie Baxter
28Baxter Gracie 03/31/190506/22/1905Same Stone with Berwyn Baxter
29Berg Infant __/__/__03/22/1905Son of E. & J. Berg
30Billings Enoch W. __/__/__1/26/1890Age 51y7m28d
31Blackmore Bertha O. 02/25/190505/18/1905Same Stone with James A.
32Blackmore Henry 2/23/191203/03/1912Son of James & Bertha Blackmore
33Blackmore James A. 02/22/190505/15/1905Same Stone with Bertha O.
34Blanchard Daisy B. 8/18/190810/17/1994
35Blanton Infant __/__/__11/03/1907Son of  W. A. & Z. B. Blanton
36Blanton William A. 02/11/190504/11/1905
37Bloom Alice M. 03/02/190505/18/1905Same Stone with Eugene F.
38Bloom Eugene F. 03/03/190504/02/1905Same Stone with Alice M.
39Bloom Flora 02/01/190504/24/1905Same Stone with Peter Bloom
40Bloom Laura M. __/__/__2/3/1888
41Bloom Peter 01/29/190505/05/1905Same Stone with Flora Bloom
42Brady Eva J. Warner 9/13/18853/16/1921Wife of I. S. Brady
43Brady Ira Stanton 9/13/187206/10/1960
44Brewer Margaret E. 01/21/190504/20/1905Same Stone with Thomas H.
45Brewer Mary Elva 02/11/190504/24/1905Same Stone with Ora A.
46Brewer Ora A. 02/11/190504/15/1905Same Stone with Mary Elva
47Brewer Thomas H. 01/17/190504/11/1905Same Stone with Margaret E.
48Brink Charles W. 07/01/191901/06/1993
49Catterfeld Dellors F. 05/13/1905__/__/__Same Stone with
50Catterfeld Robert W. 04/24/190506/23/1905
51Chaney Georgia A. 03/10/190505/27/1905
52Chaney Lionel H. __/__/__03/10/1918Son of L. A. & Georgia Chaney
53Cleveland Ellen A. 01/18/190503/07/1905Same Stone with Philip and Joseph
54Cleveland Joseph 12/09/190403/03/1905Same Stone with Philip and Ellen
55Cleveland Philip H. 01/08/190503/28/1905Same Stone with Joseph & Ellen
56Daniels Alice B. 02/04/190504/09/1905
57Daniels Andrew __/__/__2/26/1922Same Stone with Sarah Age 93y1m7d
58Daniels John H. 01/29/190505/07/1905
59Daniels Louisa C. 01/24/190504/11/1905
60Daniels Dr. M. L. 6/8/18473/16/1912
61Daniels Roscoe R. 5/26/188802/12/1960KS Pvt Signal Corps WWI
62Daniels Sarah __/__/__9/23/1905Age 75y8m12d Same stone with Andrew
63Daniels Walter C. 6/17/18846/16/1886Son of J. H. & A. B. Daniels
64Darcey James J. 4/21/19118/28/1999Same Stone with Marguerite
65Darcey Marguerite 9/21/19133/31/2004Mar. 7-10-1937 Same stone with James J.
66Dring Arthur 02/13/190504/13/1905
67Dring Verna B. 02/26/190504/08/1905
68Dunavan Daniel Owen 6/26/19447/20/2004Same Stone with Sheryl Ann
69Dunavan Ira M. 06/08/19107/26/1990Same Stone with Mildred B.
70Dunavan Mildred B. 10/01/191212/02/1994Same Stone with Ira M.
71Dunavan Shery Ann 3/19/1945__/__/__Same Stone with Daniel Owen
72Ellis Charles E. 9/16/18819/30/1910
73Erickson Anna 01/29/190504/07/1905Same Stone with Erick
74Erickson Erick 01/31/190503/18/1905Same stone with Anna
75Fay L. A. Vivian __/__/__8/13/1920
76Fields Louise 01/08/190503/14/1905
77Flick Ellis Edward Jr. 9/20/19203/31/1990S Sgt USMC WWII
78Flick Mary E. Briggs 6/25/192012/21/2001Same Stone with Thomas A. Mar. 11-29-1947
79Flick Thomas A. 8/30/192512/24/1984Same Stone with Mary E.
80Franklin Eve Ann Ella 1/16/192207/11/1997Same Stone with Halbert Neil Mar. 7-13-1939
81Franklin Halbert Neil 11/13/192105/05/1986Same Stone with Eve Ann Ella Mar. 7-13-1939
82French Earl 5/14/18864/30/1965Same Stone with Ruth Mar. 3-5-1911
83French Eldon P. 10/07/19149/28/1988Same Stone with Margaret L. Mar. 5-19-1939
84French Lee Allen 04/09/190505/15/1905
85French Margaret L. 08/07/19193/15/1989Same Stone with Eldon P. Mar. 5-19-1939
86French Ruth 7/25/189210/27/1985Same Stone with Earl Mar. 3-5-1911
87Fry Susan __/__/__11/10/1886Age 51y7m, Wife of Harvey Fry
88Unruh   Carrie 03/02/190503/26/1905Last name from obituary in this project

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