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Crown Hill Cemetery Entrance
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Cemetery Entrance

The Olinger Mortuary's Crown Hill Cemetery, established in 1907, is located at 7777 West 29th Avenue, Wheatridge, CO 80215.

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File Description Size Date Submitter
Ament, Abbie C. Martin Image 51K Jun 2010 Sally A. Brill
Andreson, Hampton S. & Orcelia M. Image 46K Jun 2010 Jim Davenport
Arnett, W. R. Image 64K Jun 2010 Rita Timm
Babish, Anton Image 79K Jun 2010 B.j. Jorgensen
Babish, Rose Kamby Image 60K Jun 2010 B.j. Jorgensen
Bailey, Hattie M. Image 55K Jun 2010 Dennis & Bev Bailey
Bankston, Bartlett S. Image 53K Jun 2010 Paula Neal
Baumert, August & Helen G. Burry Image 51K Jun 2010 Ron Baumert
Beeler, John Henry, Pearl M. & Velma V. Image 54K Jun 2010 Barbara Lunsford
Benbow, Benjamin & Nellie R. Image 48K Jun 2010 Rita Timm
Bender, Mollie J. Image 29K Jun 2010 Jim Davenport
Bishop, Dean Albert Image 59K Jun 2010 Rita Timm
Bjorkman, Ernest H. Image 31K Jun 2010 Jim Davenport
Blakley, Anna R. Image 43K Jun 2010 Rita Timm
Bodine, Dora M. Image 56K Jun 2010 Leona Gustafson
Bodine, Louis M. Image 54K Jun 2010 Leona Gustafson
Breon, Charles E. Image 28K Jun 2010 Jane Duke Mcachan
Brown, Josiah C., Nellie F., Nellie Brown Mortell, & Herbert C. Image 38K Jun 2010 Jim Davenport
Burry, Robert F. & Zilla L. Image 31K Jun 2010 Ron Baumert
Burry, Stephen & Lula Graul Image 44K Jun 2010 Ron Baumert


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