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Due to the extensive Census Images holdings for the state of TEXAS, the counties have been divided into two separate sections:

TEXAS Counties: A through L

TEXAS Counties: M through Z

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TIPS FOR VIEWING CENSUS IMAGE FILES: When you click on a county/year link, you will see an http directory of filenames (such as 0001a.gif, 0001b.gif, etc.). The name of each image file is the page number. (In the case of 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920 census, the file name includes both the Enumeration District and the sheet number.)

FOR S-K PUBLICATIONS CENSUS IMAGES: The first file in each ftp directory is 0000read.htm, which contains information on (1) what page numbers are included in that county (there are often missing page numbers) and (2) what townships (or other county subdivisions) are covered by which page numbers. READING THIS FILE (0000read.htm) CAN ASSIST YOU IN DETERMINING WHICH PAGES YOU MAY WISH TO VIEW.

After viewing a page, use your Back button to return to the ftp directory so that you may select another page for viewing.

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