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Evans Cemetery
Phenix City

Evans Cemetery Sign
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Evans Cemetery, Photo 1
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Evans Cemetery, Photo 2
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Entrance Sign Cemetery from a distance Cemetery, close-up


Photos were taken and submitted by Jon F. Fuller

These photos and the listing are copyrighted and belong to him.  You may not use these photos or listing without the owner's express, written permission.

More Information about Evans Cemetery in Text File






Under a large Pine Tree

A row of five dirt mounds - unidentified, one marked with board only - lettering washed away

Two small concrete slabs (unidentified)

Tom W. Fugatt Feb. 1, 1971 Feb. 1, 1971 Infant
Josie E. Elkins Oct. 2, 1908 March 7, 1959 "At rest with Jesus"  Concrete headstone

Fuller - Dudley Lot

Lucille F Dudley 1905 1985 "Sister"   "At Rest"  Granite headstone
Jack E Dudley     Dates washed away  (Mar. 28, 1898-Feb. 4, 1970)    Wooden Stake
Chester Dudley Nov. 11, 1900 June 18, 1963 Marble Soldier headstone: Pfc. Alabama Hq Co 3 Bn 6 Inf/WWI  (also concrete slab)
Mary F. Dudley May 4, 1909 Dec. 6, 1989 Marble headstone 
Effie Lee Fuller 1883 1934 "Mother" Granite headstone 
John Greene Fuller 1876 1936 "Father"  Granite headstone
Edward D. Fuller April 14, 1912 June 3, 1972 "Dugle"  Granite headstone
Nick Smith     "Uncle"  "At Rest"  Granite headstone

Next North - wire fenced Smith Lot
Inside of fence

 Several unmarked graves, many small cement stumps, most undecipherable

Samuel A. Smith July 13, 1910 Sept. 2, 1928 Concrete Slab
Nora Smith Holcomb Feb. 22, 1908 Nov. 7, 1955 Concrete Slab
Andrew J. Smith Dec. 24, 1881 Dec. 5, 1921 Concrete Slab

Outside of above fenced lot

Larry Eugene Williams  Aug. 25, 1961  Aug. 25, 1961  Granite headstone (same as Billy)
Billy Wilborn Williams, Jr.  Nov. 19, 1954 Nov. 19, 1954 Granite headstone (same as Larry)

North of Smith Lot -- Wire fenced Noblest Lot
Inside lot

Small stone, no identification
Several small headstones; unidentified
Dolpus I. Niblett   March 23, 1927 Age 20 years, 20 days
A precious one from us has gone
A voice we loved is stilled;
A place is vacant in our home,
Which never can be filled.
God in His wisdom has recalled
The boon his love had given,
And alas the body slumbers here,
The Son is safe in Heaven.

Marble headstone

Goldie B. Niblet June 27, 1902 July 11, 1918 "Daughter of D. I. & R. M."  Concrete headstone

Outside above lot, near center of cemetery

James C. Taylor
Dec. 14, 1891 Feb. 23, 1965 Marble soldier marker   Alabama Pfc Co H 167 Inf 42 Div/WWI
J. W. Brown Dec. 8, 1877 Dec. 13, 1914 Concrete slab, crude letters

North of above lot, outside fence
A wire fenced lot - completely overgrown

Two separate marble headstones; unidentified

North of above lot, outside fence
Three concrete slabs lined in a row in woods

Susan (Niblett) Aughtmon Sept. 23, 1831 Nov. 19, 1906  
Sarah F. Fuller March 22, 1856 August 24, 1902  
Sallie Nibitt (copied as is) 1803  1894  

North of the above

Three broken and unreadable concrete headstones in pieces
(the headstone below was somewhat readable during the first known cemetery recording 
by Dorothy M. Samen in 1973)

Marmaduk N. Young 18 (03?) Jun ? "In Memory of"

North of the above in woods

A raised tomb; no identity and about six graves with small stones;
unidentified. Appear to be others in the woods.

To the west, a crude concrete headstone; badly weathered:

Andson D. Richmond May 4, 1910 Nov. 1909 (copied as is)

Another headstone near

Annie Elizabeth (Young) Dec 24, 1874 Jan. 26, 1875 "In Memory of"    "The daughter of G. W. & Martha Young"

A marble headstone set off by itself (excellent condition)

Charles Smith Jan. 22, 1862 June 11, 1886 "My husband"

He hath gone where sorrow Are no more,
And all earthly pleasures
(rest of verse buried in ground)

Further in the woods, west side of cemetery:

A small marble headstone; unidentified

Mr. L. D. Norris Nov. 13, 1860 June 21, 1937 Footstone
Mrs. N. A. Norris     Headstone  (no dates)
Mrs. L. S. McManos     Headstone  (no dates)

Small grave - wooden marker

Small slab with imprint of a hand

Mrs. M. J. Taylor     Slab
Mr. T. A. Taylor     Headstone

Next row, west

William O. Norris May 27, 1898 Sept. 24, 1959 Marble soldier marker -- Alabama Pfc. U.S. Army World War I


Mrs. L. G. McClellan June 30, 1892 Oct 12, 1925 Concrete slab

Several Infant graves - no markers

Directly west of the above  

Long concrete curbed Newberry Lot - name "Newberry" engraved in concrete
8 graves, unidentified, marked only with wooden stobs.


Outside the above Newberry Lot 

small concrete headstone & slab

Katie May Pankston June 19, 1881 (?) Jan 27, 1890   (?) "In Memory of"  "A precious one from us is gone"

East of the Newberry Lot - a wire fenced lot:
Three unidentified graves

Next lot west: two large concrete slabs

Polly Ann Norris     Wife of H. H. Norris
H. H. Norris April 20, 1853 July 1924  

West of the above, Williams Lot  

concrete curbed lot; the name "Williams" engraved in cement. Four Concrete slabs

Henry L. Williams July 24, 1859 Sept. 7, 1932  
Vashti Williams  July 2, 1865 Jan. 7, 1942 (crude lettering)
Ambrose Williams Oct. 5, 1888 Mar. 31, 1911  
Viola Williams Dec. 30, 1886 Oct. 1, 1887  

Next Lot south - concrete walled Fuller Lot
Three concrete slabs walled with cinderblock and concrete

Georgia Fuller Jan. 2, 1886 June 19, 1949 Wife of G. H. Fuller
George H. Fuller Sept. 16, 1878 Dec. 17, 1954  

Hattie V. Fuller
July 15, 1874 Aug. 5, 1913 In Memory of 
My Wife
Next - south of the above Fuller lot:
Concrete curbed lot. Name on the curb is R. S. Leverett
Raleigh S. Leverett Oct. 27, 1894 June 1, 1972 At Rest
Jane R. Leverett Jan. 15, 1932 Feb. 27, 1971 At Rest
Infant of R. S. & Rebecca Leverett      

South of the above lot
Four concrete slabs: 2 unidentified

Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. H. Forsyth      Slab  (no dates)
Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. E. W. Byrd  May 5, 1917   Slab

South of the above - under large Pine trees, concrete slab:

Charlie L. Newberry Nov. 6, 1881 April 5, 1949  

North of the above - unfenced

Tillman Benton Newberry July 8, 1903 July 9, 1979 Concrete slab
Lizzie B. Newberry June 27, 1903 Dec. 25, 1997 Polished granite slab with granite headstone  REST IN PEACE
East of the above - Long wire fenced lot of eight graves:
Ruby C. Newberry July 21, 1908 Oct. 27, 1972 Marble slab

In loving memory of our sister. At peace with God

Sarah D. Newberry March 25, 1894 July 5, 1962 Concrete slab
Unreadable Funeral Home marker      
V. M. Newberry April 13, 1868 May 23, 1953  
Ophelia McLemore Oct. 4, 1872 Jan. 14, 1958 Wife of V. M. Newberry
No identity     Concrete slab
R. W. Newberry  Feb. 11, 1910 July 15, 1913  
Susie Newberry  Aug. 24, 1901 Oct. 7, 1901  
Next lot east - long narrow fenced Norris Lot - several concrete slabs; 
A. A. Norris  March 8, 1832 Nov. 24, 1911  
Mrs. S. C. Norris  April 20, 1825 Oct. 25, 1911  
Andrew J. Norris Jan. 1, 1870 April 22, 1856 Son of Susan & Ambrose Alexander Norris
M. L. Norris  Nov 22, 1855 April, 1912  
Leahey Miller Norris     Wife of M. L. Norris
Ozella Frances Norris C.    March 7, 1869   
Dreucilla Norris     Wife of M. L. Norris
East of above lot - long wire fenced Williams Lot with concrete posts and gravel:
David Brent Williams Dec. 13, 1961 Mar. 8, 1980 Polished Granite headstone and slab          Our beloved son
Iva B. Williams Sept. 16, 1905 Jan. 19, 1996 Polished Granite Slab
Henry Buell Williams Sept. 5, 1888 Feb. 18, 1974 Polished Granite Slab
Cecil Williams August 31, 1924 Sept. 26, 1927 Small concrete slab
Stella Harrison Williams Feb. 1, 1881 Jan. 5, 1961 Polished Granite slab                             Loving Wife of H. B. Williams
North of Williams Lot
Viola H. Howard  1900 1972 Concrete slab
Floys Hall Feb. 4, 1921 Sept. 16, 1999 Polished granite slab w/ a planter at the head Beloved Mother
Edward 'Big Boy' Howard Nov. 12, 1923 Aug. 4, 2001 Polished granite slab
Loving Daddy                                              (at the foot of the slab)
'He made everyone laugh'
South of Williams Lot
Clyde Howard Norris Nov. 13, 1892 May 21, 1964 Concrete slab
Willie T. Howard March 9, 1866 Jan. 10, 1902 Concrete slab
Lura Lee Greer May 4, 1869 July 31, 1962 Mother
Amburs C. Greer Dec. 6, 1869 Nov. 25, 1947  
Next east of the above lot
J. D. Wells July 7, 1897 Feb. 10, 1933  
Next east of Wells grave
Yolly A. Buckner Dec. 4, 1950 June 23, 19_1 (?) Phenix City, Ala.
North of Buckner grave
Mr. Davie Allen 
Mrs. Melia Allen 
West side of cemetery - entering from Hwy 80 (Crawford Road)
Two Burford Lots together - the first encircled with granite; second with red brick
1st Lot
Emmett L. Burford Dec. 25, 1879 Oct. 30, 1946 Concrete slab
Emma L. Burford Dec. 9, 1885 Jan. 24, 1945 Concrete slab
2nd Lot
Emma L. Burford Oct. 12, 1918 Aug. 7, 1968 Concrete slab  "At Rest"
Harvey Lee Burford Nov 29, 1913 Sept 7, 1993 Concrete slab w/ bronze U.S. Veteran marker US ARMY World War II
North of the above lots; far west side of cemetery near small pines
D. E. Williams 
D. L. Williams
    Double slab
L. G. Williams May 14, 1885 Jan. 30 1950 Concrete slab
End of Cemetery


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