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Birth Records

File Description Date of Birth/Notice Date Submitter
Langley, Lena Florence June 5, 1916 Jan 2006 Carol Burnham

Marriage Records

Compilations and Indexes

Description Date Submitter
Marriage Records Connected to the Samuel Pool Bayne Family Dec 2002 David L. Bayne
Bozeman Marriages 1827-1876 Feb 2010 Kathy Cochran
Cameron Marriages (Jefferson, Mobile, & Montgomery Counties) Jan 2001 Edith Cameron Blankenship
Grimes Marriages in Alabama, 1821 - 1934 Oct 2001 Christine Thacker
Misc. Marriage Records Mar 2000 Heather Hughey
Vann, Van Marriage Licenses, Vol. A-18, 1817-1919 Mar 2000 Heather Hughey
Various Marriages for Urquharts, Williams, and related families, 1818-1915 Jun 2003 Karen Tapley

Individual Marriages

Bride Groom Date of Marriage/Notice Date Submitted Submitter
Aldrich, City Frizle, Gale August 8, 1839 Jul 2006 Bushy Hartman
Allen, Caroline Urquhart, Norrman 7 October 1830 May 2003 Karen Tapley
Barnes, Leola Williamson, E. P., Capt. 14 April 1904 Aug 2003 Carla Miles
Barnes, Mary Garrett, James Madison, Jr. 6 September 1911 Feb 2004 Carolyn Golowka
Bloodworth, Emily M. Brummett, Francis K. October 13, 1820 Jul 2006 Bushy Hartman
Bostick, Mary Fitchett , Daniel T. 17 September 1822 Jan 2002 Carolyn Golowka
Dandy, Eliza F. Bobbitt, Henry A. August 2, 1839 Jul 2006 Bushy Hartman
Daniel, Elizabeth McDaniel, Henry R. August 18, 1820 Jul 2006 Bushy Hartman
Ferguson, Francis, Mrs. Bryant, Henry 19 November 1825 Apr 2003 Karen Tapley
Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth Harris, Stephen W. May 22, 1830 Jun 2006 Bushy Hartman
Harris, Minerva Stallings, Joseph August 25, 1839 Jul 2006 Bushy Hartman
Harvey, Elisabeth Jeter, Charles September 5, 1839 Jul 2006 Bushy Hartman
Huguley, Ada Alice Lanier, LaFayette 12 February 1874 Aug 2003 Valerie Freeman
Jackson, Carrie Cochran Lowe, Robert J 9 April 1902 Jun 2004 Tania Ruiz
Jones, Seletar Sessions, John 6 September 1826 Jan 2002 Carolyn Golowka
Lasson, Mary A. Scott, Counsel June 6, 1839 Jul 2006 Bushy Hartman
Maddox, Eliza Norman, Sherwood B. 9 April 1827 Jan 2002 Carolyn Golowka
Masters, Mary Nolen, Alexander September 3, 1839 Aug 2009 Gina Brown The Registry
McDaniel, Issabella Sessions, Reuben 4 September 1828 Jan 2002 Carolyn Golowka
Monny, Dorcas Rollo, John A. October 28, 1834 Jun 2006 Bushy Hartman
Owen, Jane Argyra Hargrove, Fort, Lowndes County 16 August 1894 May 2003 Rae V. Calvert
Patterson, Sarah Hearne, William 29 October 1822 Jan 2002 Carolyn Golowka
Perry, Sally Kirkland, James October 28, 1820 Jul 2006 Bushy Hartman
Powell, Elizabeth Hearne, Ebenezer T. 24 October 1822 Jan 2002 Carolyn Golowka
Powell, Frances Hearne, George Thomas Coker 19 Decmeber 1822 Jan 2002 Carolyn Golowka
Riley, Jane Elizabeth Jackson, Elbert W. August 8, 1839 Jul 2006 Bushy Hartman
Robinson, Anne Wyatt, William August 16, 1820 Aug 2007 Deb Haines
Sessions, Mary Ann Smith, Robert W. 29 March 1827 Jan 2002 Carolyn Golowka
Tallaffero, Sophia L. A. Meriwether, James Bradley 30 September 1830 Jan 2002 Carolyn Golowka
Urquhart, Catherine Williams , John Allen 12 September 1826 Apr 2003 Karen Tapley
Vickers, Mary Forsin, W. 7 October 1830 Apr 2003 Karen Tapley
Walker, Nancy Dickey, Robert H. September 1, 1839 Jul 2006 Bushy Hartman
Welsh, Elizabeth L. Tunnel, Stephen September 5, 1839 Jul 2006 Bushy Hartman
Williams, Keziah L. Urquhart, Thomas, Pike County 21 January 1836 May 2003 Karen Tapley


Description Date of Death/Notice Date Submitter
Barnes, J. M., Rev. 28 April 1913 Feb 2004 Lisa Graham
Carter, Cecil E. February 4, 1939 Jun 2005 Kathy Cochran Brooks
Goodwin, Russell, Jr. 7 July 1959 Jull 2003 Angela Markes


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