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Wills From Will Book D

Surnames M - Z

Name Page Date of Will Date Submitted Submitter
Mason, B. W. 276-277      
Mason, Mary W., Miss 345-347      
May, Paul 80-81      
McCaw, John 26-27      
McCord, Robert 119-201      
McCurdy, W. D. 278-184      
McDuffie, Ada Ohn 16-17      
McGrath, Mathew 253-254      
McMullan, Chales 580      
McPherson, J. C., Jr. 307 December 22, 1923 Jun 2003 Carolyn GolowkaThe Registry
McPherson, Jno C., Sr. 308-310 April 16, 1924 Jun 2003 Carolyn GolowkaThe Registry
McPherson, Mannie B., Mrs. 423-424 September 14, 1932 Jun 2003 Carolyn GolowkaThe Registry
McQueen, Elizabeth 375      
McQueen, M. L. 380-382      
McQueen, Martha C. 162-163      
McQueen, W. P. 126-127      
McQueen, Willis B. 567-569      
Meadows, J. J. 330-332      
Meadows, Ransom, Codicil 586      
Meadows, Sarah 540-544      
Mealing, Anna Virginia Clayton 11-12 March 6, 1896 Mar 2001 Carolyn GolowkaThe Registry
Means, Lewis 493      
Meriwether, S. Russell 385-386      
Moorer, John D. 319-321      
Moorer, O. E. 136-137      
Noble, L. W. 39      
Owen, Benjamin P. 409-410      
Owen, Mary W. 274-175      
Payne, Edmond Paul 563-565      
Perdue, A. W. 110      
Pierce, W. H., Sr. 255-256      
Polly, W. R. 48      
Poole, Annie E. 160-161      
Poole, William H. 513-515      
Powell, C. W. 37-38      
Powell, H. M. 130-132      
Priester, C. N. 433-436      
Pruitt, S. L. 461-563      
Quillian, T. L. 71      
Rahn, Mary R., Mrs. 219-224      
Ramsey, J. A. 164      
Rast, Ann E. 138      
Rast, Eugenia M. 540-544      
Reddock, Cesar 392-393      
Robinson, Ann 176      
Robinson, E. W. 500-508      
Robinson, Julia T. 103      
Rogers, Alice B. 442-445      
Rogers, Eliza C. 106      
Roper, Fannie O. 285      
Rowen, Sallie K. 576-579      
Rudulph, B. B. 371-377      
Russell, W. P. 112      
Scott, W. O. N. 202-205      
Searcy, F. M. 88-96      
Searcy, Susan A. 29-30      
Shackelford, R. G., Mrs. 260-262      
Shuford, Julius 534      
Simpson, R. O. 335      
Smith, Adom G. 578      
Smith, C. M. 446-447      
Smith, Richard 101-103      
Snow, E. H. C. 128      
Snow, Orinda R. 82-88      
Speers, C. B., Mrs. 464-468      
Spence, J. A. 9      
Spirey, Stephen W. 437-439      
Staggers, R. R. 371-372      
Staggers, Sallie K. 72-74      
Stewart, Alex 122      
Stone, Dorothy E., Mrs. 373-374      
Stone, W. P. 124      
Strickland, Ida 390-391      
Strickland, William M. 431-432      
Stringer, Henrietta 348-349      
Stringer, John P. 458-460      
Sullivan, F. A. 378-379      
Sumner, J. Henry 414      
Supple, Lou 554-447      
Taylor, James 50      
Thomas, R. S. 186-190      
Thompson, Lucinda L., Mrs. 295-296      
Traylor, M. H. 43      
Traylor, T. G. 314-315      
Tucker, Susan A. 179      
Turner, Evelyn 570-572      
Turner, James A. & Elizabeth B. 20-21      
Turner, Joseph 248      
Twombly, R. F. 486-487      
Tyler, Mansfield 46-47      
Tyson, Mary Chilton, w/o Shem Labon Tyson 1-6 October 23, 1895 Apr 2010 Carolyn GolowkaThe Registry
Varner, Robert L. 545-549      
Varner, Virginia 166      
Vasser, Mary Virginia 64      
Vaughn, Annie L. 128      
W? Bec? 368-370      
Walker, Arabella K. 215-218      
Walker, Charles Davis 193      
Walker, Martha L. C. 289-292      
Walker, Stafford 241-246      
Watson, E. H. 322-323      
Webb, Bettie 352      
Whatley, Gilbert 455-467      
Whitley, Georgia Josephine Watson Jenkins, Mrs. 66 January 4, 1906 May 2009 Carolyn GolowkaThe Registry
Whitley, Hilliard J. 67 September 23, 1907 May 2009 Carolyn GolowkaThe Registry
Whitman, Mary C. 426-427      
Whitten, Charles A. 34-36      
Whittle, W. H. 304-306      
Williams, Amelia 125      
Williamson, D. M. 573-574      
Willoughby, Bill 483-485      
Wilmerding, Eleanor E. 140      
Winnemore, Samuel E. 54-55      
Wood, A. J. 394      
Wood, J. C. 205-210      


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