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File Description Date Submitter
Albright, Sarah, Mrs. January 28, 1906 Mar 2003 Tom Fort
Baker, Richard P. September 1896 Aug 2008 Laurel Baty
Baker, Willis P. May 22, 1870 Aug 2008 Laurel Baty
Barr, Harriett Byrd December 1897 Aug 2008 Laurel Baty
Bird, James July 30, 1892 Aug 2008 Laurel Baty
Bivins, Mary 1888 Dec 2004 Carla Miles The Registry
Byrd, John April 11, 1904 Aug 2008 Laurel Baty
Byrd, Marinda May 1900 Aug 2008 Laurel Baty
Byrd, Mildred Whitely March 1910 Aug 2008 Laurel Baty
Byrd, William February 21, 1900 Aug 2008 Laurel Baty
Byrd, William A. August 1887 Aug 2008 Laurel Baty
Campbell, J. E. August 31, 1936 Feb 2007 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
Clower, John R. July 3, 1904 May 2007 Meredith Clapper The Registry
Clower, Thomas Harrison, Sr. December 18, 1920 May 2007 Meredith Clapper The Registry
Drake, John Hodges , Major December 11, 1859 Sep 2007 Carolyn Shank
Drake, John Richard, Dr. March 7, 1859 Aug 2007 Carolyn Shank
Dudley, Lucille Fuller August 16, 1985 Apr 2003 Jon Fuller
Dunbar, Jane Russell Wardlaw August 12, 1870 Oct 2011 Carla Miles The Registry
Edwards, Loxla October 1880 Mar 2007 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
Erwin, J. H. 1880 Nov 2006 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
Fennell, Benjamin F. May 4 1915 Apr 2004 Carla Miles The Registry
Fuller, Forney Monroe January 16, 1942 Mar 2005 Jon Fuller
Fuller, George H. December 14, 1954 Mar 2003 Jon Fuller
Hearn, Pearl Carroll May 12, 1918 Feb 1999 Brenda Barfield
Hood, Robert L. October 9, 1921 Feb 1999 Brenda Barfield
Huling, Fletcher Brown January 6, 1944 Jun 2006 Patsy McCoy
Huling, Kate Whitman, (Mrs. Fletcher Brown) October 27, 1962 Jun 2006 Patsy McCoy
Ingram, Bat May 21, 1910 May 2009 Carla Miles The Registry
Ingram, H. P., Mrs. February 11, 1898 Oct 2013 Rachel Dobson
Johnson, Cleo Catherine Fuller August 2, 1999 Jul 2003 Jon Fuller
Martin, Sarah Lucinda Story (Mrs. Marcellas Newton) April 13, 1908 Aug 2006 Valerie (Johnson) Freeman The Registry
Matthews, Evie August 1889 Nov 2004 Carla Miles The Registry
McCollister, Thomas March 13, 1927 Apr 2007 Lanny Gamble
McConnell, Ruby Gart, Mrs. May 1962 May 2010 Delilah Evans
Odom, Charles January 1903 Jul 2005 Carla Miles The Registry
Parker, Lassie Lamar, Miss October 27, 1962 Jun 2006 Patsy McCoy
Pitts, Bud, Mrs. March 1902 Jan 2005 Carla Miles The Registry
Reid, I. A. "Alex / Aleck" July 21, 1879 Dec 2006 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
Reid, Sam A. November 1880 Apr 2007 Candace [teal] Gravelle
Renfro, Forney September 1881 Apr 2007 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
Smith, Dallas Burton 1913 May 2006 Linda Ayres The Registry
Smith, Obediah B. October 22 1954 Oct 2004 Melissa Smith
Thomas, Carrie Watson July 18 1926 Oct 2004 Melissa Smith
Thomas, Micajah October 1 1912 Oct 2004 Melissa Smith
Thrower, Mary Dorothy Phillips May 23, 2014 Nov 2014 Debra Crosby The Registry
Tillery, Albert January 1901 Jan 2005 Carla Miles The Registry
Tubbs, Erby Lester October 27, 1962 Jun 2006 Patsy McCoy
Vaughan, Bernard W. (Buck) May 12, 19662 Jul 2006 Patsy McCoy
Waldrup, Edwin 1886 Sep 2004 Carla Miles The Registry
Williams, Georgia Hill (Mrs. B. W.) March 1885 Mar 2009 Carla Miles The Registry
Wright, Bernice (Huling) May 12, 1962 Jun 2006 Patsy McCoy
Wright, Leon Bruce May 2, 1956 Jun 2006 Patsy McCoy


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