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Engagement & Marriage Announcements

Description Date Submitter
Marriage of Ben Carden and Laura Lessley May 2001 Ronald Bridges
Marriage of John Sims Miller and Bessie Stewart Feb 2001 Ronald Bridges
Vester Miller & Miss Bazemore Mar 2000 Ronald D. Bridges
Marriage of Ellis Smith to Lula Lecoy May 2001 Ronald Bridges
Marriage of M. J. Woofin and Dollie I. Tippett May 2001 Ronald Bridges


Description Date of Article Date Submitter
Advertisement Placed by Reuben McDuffie Cain September 5, 1856 Dec 2003 Ronald Bridges
Judge Suttle Support of Buck and Breck October 24, 1856 Dec 2003 Ronald Bridges
Jurors for Fall Term 1870
A List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Rockford
Professional Cards
Officers of Coosa County
October 1, 1870 Nov 2004 Ronald Bridges
Prof. J. A. Darden Paid Visit July 12, 1901 Jan 2004 Ronald Bridges
Visit of Marion Tippett January 15, 1909 Dec 2000 Ronald Bridges
Bugs in the Corn July 23, 1909 Apr 1999 Ronald Bridges
Col. Felix L. Smith on Arxon Case
Hotel at Equality and Residence of Lon Thomas Destroyed by Fire
John W. Gillispie Opens New Store
December 3, 1909 May 2001 Ronald Bridges
J. N. Dodson (and family) Leave Area for Oklahoma December 17, 1909 May 2001 Ronald Bridges
E. E. Calloway Enters Law School
Archie Hendrix Darden Visits The Chronicle
January 7, 1910 May 2001 Ronald Bridges
Masonic Officers January 20, 1910 Nov 2004 Ronald Bridges
Masonic Meeting
Fire Destroys Barn of George W. Harden
January 21, 1910 Feb 2001 Ronald Bridges
From Our Correspondents - James M. Logan March 4, 1910 Nov 2004 Ronald Bridges
World's 6th Sunday School Convention May 20, 1910 Nov 2004 Ronald Bridges
S. M. Adams, Jno K. McEwen, Mrs. John Dobson visit Sabastine Co., AK June 17, 1910 Oct 2000 Ronald Bridges
Estille Items - Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Stewart September 9, 1910 Dec 2004 Ronald Bridges
Rural Tragedy: John D. Thompson & Brock King August 29, 1913 Oct 2000 Ronald Bridges
Glorious Fourth July 10, 1914 Mar 1999 Ronald Bridges
Local and Personal - A. M. Waldrip October, 16 1914 Nov 2004 Ronald Bridges
Local and Personal March 30, 1917 Nov 2004 Ronald Bridges
Lonzo L. Culver & John H. Peter Wounded
Thomas Jackson Tippett Moves to Georgia
January 10, 1919 Feb 2001 Ronald Bridges
J. H. Darden of Goodwater Named Editor of Goodwater Enterprise January 2, 1920 Sep 2005 Ronald Bridges
Run Away Buggy February 15, 1923 Aug 2005 Ronald Bridges
New Coosa County Officials January 5, 1936 Mar 1999 Ronald Bridges
Big Turkey Dinner (H.W.Pond) April 20, 1939 Mar 1999 Ronald Bridges
Weogufka Home of Mrs. Maude Thompson is Destroyed by Fire

April 27, 1939

Apr 2005

Ronald Bridges

John K. McEwen Donates Indian Relics to State
An Old Confederate Soldier - John McBride Miller
June 1, 1939 Apr 1999 Ronald Bridges


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