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A Very Special Thank You Goes to
Ann Anderson
who transcribed hundreds of biographies
from "Memorial Record of Alabama", 2 volumes
published by Brant & Fuller in Madison, WI (1893).

Description Date of Birth Date Submitter
Austin, John William and Mary Elizabeth Sutherland, his wife 1839/ 1849 Feb 2004 Linda Austin
Batson, James P. January 10, 1845 May 2004 Ann Anderson
Bentley, John S. ? May 2004 Ann Anderson
Bridges, Evie Davis January 31, 1890 Aug 2000 Ronald Bridges
Brown, J. A. January 23, 1852 May 2004 Ann Anderson
Bruce, L. M. November 23, 1852 May 2004 Ann Anderson
Clisby, Alfred A., Jefferson County September 29, 1848 Jul 2006 Carolyn GolowkaThe Registry
Crawford, A. D. April 15, 1850 May 2004 Ann Anderson
Crew, John S. October 31, 1838 May 2004 Ann Anderson
Edwards, Della Bunt May 12, 1862 Jun 2000 Della Edwards
Ezekiel, Lodis V. November 16, 1918 Nov 2004 Ronald Bridges
Gay, Gilbert S 1795 Jul 2004 Elaine Hendricks
Hughes, Rev. John Dawson  - PHOTO June 01, 1861 Oct 2008 Regina Hughes
Jones, J. C. about 1828 May 2004 Ann Anderson
Lauderdale, A. R. June 1, 1852 May 2004 Ann Anderson
Livingston, A. R. February 10, 1845 May 2004 Ann Anderson
McAdory, P. J. March 10, 1833 May 2004 Ann Anderson
McCord, Z. D. January 6, 1863 May 2004 Ann Anderson
McDonald, Thomas S. April 10, 1836 May 2004 Ann Anderson
McEwen, George Washington
2nd biography
October 22, 1828 Dec 1998
May 2004
Ronald Bridges
Ann Anderson
McEwen, Tera & Faye ? Nov 1998 Ronald Bridges
McLeod, John November 22, 1835 May 2004 Ann Anderson
Miller, Andrew Jackson January 24, 1834 Oct 1998 Ronald Bridges
Miller, John McBride
Pnoto of tombstone
January 11, 1841 Jan 2004 Ronald Bridges
Moon, W. H. September 23, 1844 May 2004 Ann Anderson
Munroe, Duncan, Clay County May 1786 May 2004 DeAnn Monroe Steely &
Elaine Monroe Nagel
Neighbors, J. H. before 1844 May 2004 Ann Anderson
Nolen, R. S. August 27, 1837 May 2004 Ann Anderson
Pennington, T. J. June 23, 1840 May 2004 Ann Anderson
Pond, H. W., Mayor ? Apr 1999 Ronald Bridges
Sears, John A. & Tabitha Jane October 12, 1812/ Decmeber 22, 1808 Nov 1998 Ronald Bridges
Simpson, Charles M. July 26, 1853 May 2004 Ann Anderson
Slaughter, John N. November 4, 1828 May 2004 Ann Anderson
Smith, Felix L. April 30, 1847 May 2004 Ann Anderson
Spence, John K. October 27, 1843 May 2004 Ann Anderson
Vansandt, James January 11, 1805 Dec 2006 Ronald Bridges
Vardaman, John F. May 19, 1835 May 2004 Ann Anderson
Willingham, Ike ? Nov 1998 Ronald Bridges


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