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Books: History of Conecuh County, 1881

Embracing a Detailed Record of Events from the Earliest Period to the Present;
Biographical Sketches of Those Who Have Been Most Conspicuous in the Annals of the County;
A Complete List of the Officials of Conecuh, Besides Much Valuable Information Relative to the Internal Resources of the County
By Rev. B. F. Riley Pastor of the Opelika Baptist Church Columbus, Ga.;
Thos. Gilbert, Steam Printer and Book-Binder 1881

Thank you to Joy Fisher for transcribing this book, May 2004


Chapter Title

Preface, Table of Contents Preface, Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Early Settlement of Conecuh by the Whites-Conflict at Battle Branch-First Settlement of Bellville-Hampden Ridge-Alexander Autrey-Other Settlers-Land Claims-Emigration
Chapter 3 Early Privations and Struggles-Unparalleled Difficulties-Scarcity of Tools- Undaunted Heroism-Meagreness of Blacksmith's Facilities-Joshua Betts-A Barefooted Population-Paucity of Grist Mills-Georgia Currency, &c
Chapter 4 Indian Hostilities--Their Depredations-Early Forts, &c
Chapter 5 Signs of Advancement-Industrious Signs Prevailing
Chapter 6 A Chapter of Biography--Early Heroes and Their Struggles--Frowning Barriers-- Unequalled Energy--Moral Giants-How the Basis was Laid--Apostolic Consecration, &c., &c
Chapter 7 Centres of Population--Bellville--Hampden Ridge--Sparta Brooklyn-Fort Crawford
Chapter 8 Centres of Population (Continued),-Old Town-Fork Sepulga-Burnt Corn-Evergreen
Chapter 9 An Early Home and Its Surroundings-Mode of Transportation Adopted by the Early Fathers
Chapter 10 Customs and Habits of the Early Pioneer Families-Rude State of Society-Early Amusements
Chapter 11 Continued Development-Rapid Advancement-Tides of Population-Gathered Fruits of Toil-Improved Homes-Social Changes-Reverses, &c.
Chapter 12 Transportation and the Inauguration of Postal Routes-Navigation of the Couecuh River-Brooklyn-The First Post-Office-The Different Mail Lines Established
Chapter 13 A Chapter of Biography-Rev. James King-Rev. Keidar Hawthorne, and Others
Chapter 14 Conecuh from 1825 to 1835-Current History Resumed-The Lull of Apprehension Among the Inhabitants-The Fruits of Peace-Tragedy--Rude Customs Still Prevailing-The Birth of Political Agitation, &c.
Chapter 15 Conecuh from 1831 to 1845-Interesting Epoch-Birth of Political Issues-The Excitement Begins-Hot Coutests-The Great Indian War-Democrats and Whigs-Hard and Soft Money-Educational Improvements, &c
Chapter 16 Chapter of Biography-Hon. J. S. Hunter-Richard Warren, etc
Chapter 17 Conecuh from 1845 to 1855-Status of the County at this Period-Acrimonious Politics-Sad Tragedy-Steam Navigation of Conecuh-A Disaster and a Protracted Law Suit-Caterpillars-Mexican War-Sickness in the County, &c
Chapter 18 A Chapter of Biography-John Crosby-James M. Bolling Rev. Hanson Lee, etc.
Chapter 19 Conecuh from 1855 to 1860-A Period of Stirring Activity-More Progress-Academy at Bellville-Know-Nothingism in Conecuh-A County Organ Established-Railroad Excitement-Telegraphic Line-Murder of Allen Page-Ominous Signs on the Political Horizon
Chapter 20 Chapter of Biography-E. W. Martin-Rev. George Lee-F=fezekiah Donald-Churchill Jones, etc.

Chapter 21

The War Record of Conecuh-Intense Excitement-Conecuh Patriotism-Conecuh Guards, &c.
Chapter 22 A Chapter of Biography-James A. Stallworth-William A. Ashley-Rev. W. C. Morrow- J. M. Henderson, etc.
Chapter 23 Dark Sway of Reconstructionism--Social Chaos---Demoralization--Local Troubles- Sovereignty of the Bayonet--The Negro as a Politician--How the New Order of Things Affected Southern Society--Heroism Displayed, &c.
Chapter 24 "Peep o' Day "--Darkness Clearing Away--Advancement of Order-Returning Signs of Prosperity-The People Becoming Themselves Again-A Glance at Current Events up to the Present.
Chapter 25 Present Representative Men of Conecuh-Rev. Andrew Jay-Dr. J. L. Shaw, etc.
Chapter 26 Population-Principal Town--Climate--Soil--Stock Raising-Productions-Industrial Resources-Forests-Streams-Numerous Advantages, Social, Educational, Agricultural-Colored Population, &c.
Appendix 1 Constitution of the Conecuh Historical Society

Appendix 2

Conecuh Guards, Company E, Fourth Alabama Regiment.


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