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Will Records
Description File Size Date Submitter
1855 - 1872 Wills Index Will Book 3 6k Jan 2003 Lynda Eller
Alford, Asenath 1842 6k Mar 2002 Don Clark The Registry
Bailey, Columbus Franklin 5k Jun 1999 Melissa Smith
Bentley, John Sr. 4k Mar 2001 Allen L. Bentley
Bishop, Iry (Ira) 3k Dec 1999 Don Clark The Registry
Burton, Jacob 1862 9k Apr 2002 Kenny Burton
Caldwell, John 2k May 1999 Beth Collins
Carlisle, Elizabeth 3k Aug 1999 Steve Renouf
Carlisle, Michael A. J. 7k Jul 2002 Don Clark The Registry
Clark, William 4k Dec 1999 Don Clark The Registry
Davis, Thomas Fullilove 4k Dec 1999 Jeanette Cuthriell
Dorman, Wiley D. 6k Aug 2002 Judith Fowler Kilgore
Germany, William Clopton 2k Jun 1999 Melissa Smith
Gilder, Sennot 6k Dec 1999 Don Clark The Registry
Harrell, Susannah 1853 2k Mar 2004 Jeannette Frandsen
Holstun, William Jr. 4k Mar 2002 Don Clark The Registry
Jarrell, George 5k Jul 2002 Don Clark The Registry
Knight, John 1k Oct 1999 Marcia Shepard
Leverett, Mary Griffin 5k May 1999 Beth Collins
Mitchell, James S. 17k Jul 2002 Don Clark The Registry
Moore, Levin 1855 7k Feb 2003 Phil McGinty
Morgan, William C. 4k Mar 2002 Don Clark The Registry
Morris, Garrett 7k May 1999 James A. Morris
Morris, Lewis 34k May 1999 James A. Morris
Musick, Jonathan 4k Jun 1999 Melissa Smith
Pearson, Amanda L. ? 1K Apr 2006 Candace Teal Gravelle
Robinson, Jesse Berryman Sr. 4k Aug 1999 Steve Renouf
Robinson, Kate Grimmett 2k Jun 1999 Melissa Smith
Robinson, Sarah 5k Aug 1999 Steve Renouf
Royston, Thomas B September 18, 1867 4K Apr 2016 Diana Elder
Sanders, Jordan 4k Aug 1999 Robin Coulter
Slaughter, John R. 5k Aug 2001 Roger Thornton
Smith, D.E.M. 6k Jun 1999 Melissa Smith
Stamps, Britton March 23, 1869 9K Aug 2015 Freddie Shearin
Stevens, Theophilus 6k Aug 1999 Steve Renouf
Sutton, Seaborn 4k Jul 2002 Don Clark The Registry
Thomas, John H. 1864 4k Apr 2002 Ronda McAllen
Towles, John C. 1876 9k Jul 2002 Don Clark The Registry
Towles, Toliver 5k Jul 2002 Don Clark The Registry
Whatley, Wyatt 1837 7k Mar 2004 Jeannette Frandsen
Wilkins, Dr. John L. 6k Dec 1999 Glenda Brack
Willis, Paul Tillman 9k Jul 1999 Sarah Sharpless
Wilson, Hugh 6k Nov 1999 Jeanette Cuthriell
Wise, John 1859 7k Jul 2002 Don Clark The Registry

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