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Military Records

Revolutionary War

File Description Date Submitter
Landers, John September 22, 1781 Mar 2008 David Norton

War of 1812

File Description Date Submitter
Bounty Land Warrant for John Gay Aug 2003 Candace Gravelle
Some Military Land GrantsFor Soldiers Of The War Of 1812 [old Benton County) Aug 2010 Linda Ayres

Indian Wars

File Description Date Submitted
The Benton County Alabama Volunteers, 1836 Apr 2006 Linda Ayres
Some Military Land GrantsFor Soldiers Of The Indian Wars [old Benton County] Aug 2010 Linda Ayres

Civil War

Individual's Military Records

File Description Image of Record Date Submitter
Champion, William Image 45K Oct 2005 Bethany Little
Christopher, Phillip P.   Jan 2004 Susan Beck
Hammonds, Martin V., Randolph County   Oct 2009 Patricia Harden
Willingham, Caleb   Jan 2004 Susan Beck
Henry Blankenship, Epps Brown, Elijah Morris, Finns, Mathis and McGradys who served in the CSA   Mar 2001 Leigh Mathis-Downs


File Description Date of Record Date Submitter
George Washington Bennett Civil War Pension Application   Nov 2001 Fred H. Bennett
DeArman, John 1872 Sep 2006 C Gravelle
Scoggijns, S. D. "Mark" (Pvt) August 22, 1902 Aug 2007 Linda Barrett


File Description Date Submitted
Camp Stewart United Confederate Veterans Oct 1997
Some Civil War Soldiers in Calhoun County Aug 2008 Linda Ayres
The 5th Battalion Volunteer Infantry
Company B
Company C
Sep 2006 Linda Ayres
The 3rd Alabama Cavalry
Company G, Floyd Bush's Calhoun County Rangers
Sep 2006 Linda Ayres
The 10th Alabama Infantry Regiment
Company D
Company G, "Pope Walker Guards"
Company H
Sep 2009 Linda Ayres
The 22nd Alabama Infantry Regiment
Company E, The Calhoun Boys, Cleburne County

Apr 2006

Linda Ayres

The 25th Alabama Infantry Regiment
Company I
Sep 2006 Linda Ayres
The 30th Alabama Infantry Regiment
Company B
Company E
Jan 2008 Linda Ayres
The 31st Alabama Infantry Regiment
Company D
Apr 2006 Linda Ayres
The 44th Alabama Infantry Regiment
Company K
Apr 2005 Linda Ayres
The 48th Infantry, CSA, Statewide Mar 2005 Linda Ayres
The 51st Alabama Infantry (Partison Rangers)
Company D, The Dudley Snow Rangers
May 1999
July 1999
Mike Cobb
Darryl Higginbotham
The 55th Alabama Infantry Regiment
Company C
Jan 2008 Linda Ayres
The 58th Alabama Infantry
Company F
Jan 2008 Linda Ayres
The 1st Alabama Reserves (62nd Infantry Regiment)
Company B, Talladega County
Company F
Jan 2008 Linda Ayres
McHarge Company Of Calhoun County Alabama Reseves Apr 2004 Linda Ayres


File Description Date Submitted
Members of the 10th AL Regiment Buried Near Bristoe Station, Manassas, Prince William Co., VA, October 27, 1883 Oct 2006 Candace Gravelle


File Description Dates Date Submitter
Letter from John Virgil Grubbs to Stella Lou Grubbs about their father, John Nabors Grubbs, Civil War service, Greene County March 28, 1955 Feb 2010 William Grubbs

World War I

Distinguished Service Cross Citation, 1918

File Description Date Submitter
Davis, Newman Dec 2007 Joy Fisher
Jeffers, Lamar Dec 2007 Joy Fisher
Pitts, William A. Dec 2007 Joy Fisher
Sisson, Charles Dec 2007 Joy Fisher

World War II

File Description Date of Record Date Submitter
Johnston, James Edward February 11, 1942 May 2008 David Norton


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