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Census Transcriptions

         1880 1% Sample Census

Vital Records - Biths, Deaths, Marriages

         Mics. Birth Records

         1853-1890 Deaths  A-Be  submitted by Ford and Nagle

         1853-1890 Deaths Bi-Cl

         1853-1890 Deaths Co-D

         1853-1890 Deaths E-Gre

         1853-1890 Deaths Gri-H

         1853 -1890 Deaths I-K

         1853-1890 Deaths L-Ma

         1853-1890 Deaths Mc-My

         1853-1890 Deaths N-P

         1853-1890 Deaths Q-Se

         1853-1890 Deaths  Sh-Sp

         1853-1890 Deaths  St-U

         1853 -1890 Deaths V-Z

Cemetery Records

          Bailey Memorial
          I.O.O.F. Cemetery (partial), submitted Feb. 7, 2002
          Mt. Calvary Catholic
          Janes Memorial United Methodist Church Cemetery
          Knottsville United Methodist Church Cemetery
          WV National Cemetery-Prunytown (Partial)
          West Hill cemetery


Biography of Columbus T. BARTLETT
Biography of General Thomas BARTLETT
Biography of Frank BENNETT
Biography of Lee Earl BENNETT
Biography of Lee BENNETT

Biogrpahy of Clyde COLE
Biography of William Bernard CRUISE

Biography of John W. DUDLEY

Biography of G. Wesley EVANS
Biography of Mrs. Charlotte M. EVANS
Biography of Grafton Educators

Biography of O. Jay FLEMING
Biography of Harry E. FLESHER
Biography of Harry FRIEDMAN
Biography of Jedediah FRUM
Biography of William FRUM

Biography of Enoch GIBSON
Biography of Adam GROW

Biography of Alfred A. HOLT
Biography of Howard HOLT

Biography of Norman Festus KENDALL

Biography of Daniel L. LARUE
Biography of Walter Elbert LEACH

Biography of Oliver MONTGOMERY

Biography of Creed O. NEWLON
Biography of Melvin NEWLON

Biography of Ray M. PARRISH

Biography of Jedediah Waldo ROBINSON

Biography of W. P. SAMPLES
Biography of Samuel A. SHACKELFORD
Biography of Thomas L. SHIELDS
Biography of Dudley L. SHIELDS
Biography of Charles W. STEEL
Biography of William B. STUCK
Biography of F. S. SUDDARTH, M. D.

Biography of John R. THAYER

Biography of Ole Everett WYCKOFF
Biography of W. Merle WATKINS

County History

         Early History of Taylor County, WV

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