Herald Obituaries

October 1999

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Submitted by Karen Monk

Date Printed File Name File Size
Oct. 1, 1999 100199ob.txt 9.2 kb
Oct. 2, 1999 100299ob.txt 6.8 kb
Oct. 3, 1999 100399ob.txt 11.2 kb
Oct. 4, 1999 100499ob.txt 4.0 kb
Oct. 5, 1999 100599ob.txt 7.0 kb
Oct. 6, 1999 100699ob.txt 12.5 kb
Oct. 28, 1999 102899ob.txt 3.9 kb
Oct. 29, 1999 102999ob.txt 9.0 kb
Oct. 31, 1999 103199ob.txt 13.2 kb

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If you don't, who will???

Won't You Help Us???

These files are submitted by volunteers just like you! I make it a habit that anytime I transcribe records, whether for myself or to share with others, I type them in text format so that I can submit them to the USGenWeb project. It doesn't take any extra effort and it really can help many people. I'm very grateful to the USGenWeb archives for all the great info provided by the volunteers. If you agree, please email me, Jeannie Watts, with your submission to the archives.

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