Harrison County

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Cemetery Readings

File Description Size Date Submitter
Adamsville Cemetery, 1941 9.9K Oct 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Adamsville Cemetery, partial reading 1996 5.3K Sep 2001 Patti Hickman & Barbara Hamilton
Adamsville Cemetery            Index of Surnames Sept 2011 Gail Johnson
Ash Cemetery 2.3K Feb 2005 Susan Ritter
Benedum Cemetery 2.1K Sep 2002 Joseph L. Wood
Benedum Cemetery (partial reading) 1.1K Jul 2009 Jean Myers
Bethel Cemetery 8.6K Apr 2007 Carol Winters Julian
Boggess Cemetery 1.5K Dec 2001 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Boring Cemetery  (image) 225KB Jul 2011 Douglas E. Alexander
Boring Cemetery (image)  Harvey F. & Iza Viola Alexander 298.1 Kb Jan 2013 Douglas Alexander
Boring Cemetery (image)  Griffith, Earnest I. & Melinda M. 90K Jun 2014 Douglas Alexander
Brandy Gap Cemetery 3.7K Mar 2002 N.L. Kotowski
Brick Church Cemtery 2.4K Nov 2000 N.L. Kotowski
Bridgeport Baptist Cemetery 2.7K Mar 2005 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Susan Ritter
Center Branch Baptist Church Cemetery 1.9K Aug 2000 N.L. Kotowski
Clark District Cemeteries(misc) 1.5K Aug 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Clarksburg IOOF Cemetery 7.3K 1999
Sep 2003
N.L. Kotowski
D.J. Lanaham
Clay District Cemeteries (misc) 3.4K Aug 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Cunninghams Run Cemetery 2.0K Dec 2001 Mariana Zuelsdorf & Cathy Leonard
Davisson Cemetery 1.6K Jan 2001 N.L. Kotowski
Duck Creek Cemetery 5.8K Mar 2002 N.L. Kotowski
Eagle District Cemeteries, pg 1 (misc) 4.1K Jul 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Eagle District Cemeteries, pg 2 (misc) 6.6K Jul 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Elk View Masonic Cemetery 5.0K Jan 2001 N.L. Kotowski
Enterprise IOOF Lodge #209, Pt 1 (Unknown - K) 44K Jan 2001 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Enterprise IOOF Lodge #209, Pt 2 (L - Z) 61K Jan 2001 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Everson Family Cemetery 4.3K Nov 2002 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Fairview Cemetery 6.0K Feb 2001 N.L. Kotowski
Fortney Cemetery 4.1K Jul 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Good Hope Masonic Cemetery 4.1K Jan 2001 N.L. Kotowski
Greenlawn Cemetery 26K Mar 2001 N.L. Kotowski
Hall Cemetery 2.3K Oct 2000 N.L. Kotowski
Harbert Family Graveyard 1.0K Dec 2001 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Holden Family Graveyard 950 Jan 1997 Jane Hodgson
Holy Cross Cemetery 43K Nov 2002 N.L. Kotowski
Horner Family Cemetery 1.6K Oct 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
IOOF Cemetery, above Wallace 1.5K Dec 2001 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Isaiah Harbert Cemetery 1.3K Dec 2001 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Jackson Cemetery 4.9K Dec 1999 Susan Ritter
Jarvisville Cemetery 1.7K Aug 2003  Ken Childers
Linn Cemetery 1.6K Mar 2000 Patti Hickman & Barbara Hamilton
Lion's Club Cemetery, Lumberport(misc) 19K Jan 2001 N.L. Kotowski
Lumberport IOOF #178 Cemetery
Lumberport IOOF #178 Cemetery(Alphabetical order)
Oct 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Mason Cemetery 1.2K Jan 2001 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Mason and Hawker Cemetery 1.8K Dec 2001 Cathy Leonard
Mathews Family Cemetery 2.2K Oct 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
McCarty Family Cemetery 2.0K Nov 2001 Mariana Zuelsdorf
McIntyre Cemetery, Enterprise 1.4K Sept 2001 Patti Hickman
Old Shinn Graveyard 1.5K Nov 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Old Webb Cemetery/ Oral Lake Cemetery 1.4K Aug 1998 Jill Cruse
Plant Cemetery 11K Jun 2006 Machelle Maxwell
Point Pleasant 10K May 2005 Helen McKeown
Reynolds Cemetery, Reynoldsville 3.0K Mar 2005 Susan Ritter
Righter Graveyard 3.3K Nov 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Rose Hill Cemetery 9.0K May 1999 N.L. Kotowski
Salem IOOF Memorial Cemetery 5.3K Jan 2001 N.L. Kotowski
Sardis District Cemeteries (misc) 2.1K Aug 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Shaw Cemetery, Big Indian Run 3.5K Apr 2001 Judy Hopkins
Sees Cemetery 6.8K Nov 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Shinn Cemetery, Pine Bluff 1998 (old section only) 2.0K Jul 2000 Bill Rector
Shinn Cemetery, Pine Bluff 1935 (entire) 6.8K Nov 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Shinn Cemetery, Shinns Run1996 6.5K Sep 2001 Patti Hickman & Barbara Hamilton
Shinn Cemetery, Shinns Run 1935 6.5K Nov 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Shinn Cemetery, Shinnston 5.8K Nov 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Shinnston Masonic Cemetery 64K
N.L. Kotowski
Sally Hill
Shinnston Masonic Cemetery, Pt 1 (Unknown - Mason) 1940 115K Feb 2001 Madeline 
Shinnston Masonic Cemetery, Pt 2 (Matheny - Zuspan) 1940 111K Feb 2001 Madeline 
Shinnston Masonic Cemetery Veterans Listing 3.1K Mar 2005 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Sigley Family Cemetery 1.5K Sept 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Slocum Cemetery, partial 1996 1.5K Sep 2001 Patti Hickman
Slocum Cemetery 2.9K Nov 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Smith Cemetery, Clay District 3.1K Sep 2001 Patti Hickman
Smith Cemetery, Simpson District 6.7K Nov 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Sturm and Tetrick Cemetery 4.1K Nov 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery 5.0K Mar 2002 N.L. Kotowski
Sycamore Creek Church Cemetery 3.7K Mar 2002 N.L. Kotowski
Teter Cemetery 2.1K Mar 1999 Unknown
Thomas Cemetery, 1999 3.3K Nov 2000 Barbara & Tim Barker
Thomas Cemetery, 1927 4.2K Nov 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Thompson Cemetery 1.9K Sept 2001 Patti Hickman
Wyatt IOOF Cemetery 7.3K May 2001 N.L. Kotowski
Sally Hill
Wyatt IOOF Cemetery, 1940 12K Nov 2000 Mariana Zuelsdorf
Wyatt IOOF Cemetery 1.8K Nov 2000 Patricia Lamb

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