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Census Records - Transcriptions

1850 Census
1850 Census Index

1860 Federal Census Index

1860 Federal Census
Pages 1 - 24
Pages 25 - 49
Pages 50 - 74
Pages 75 - 99
Pages 100 - 124
Pages 125 - 149
Pages 150 - 175
Pages 176 - 200
Pages 201 - 225
Pages 226 - 250
Pages 251 - 276
Pages 277 - 301
Pages 302 - 322
Transcriber's Notes
1860 Census Records Scanned Images

1880 Census Sample
1880 1% Census Sample


1890 (Veteran's) Special Schedule
Bloomery District
Capon District
Gore District
Mill Creek District
Romney District
Sherman District
Springfield District

Vital Records - Births, Deaths, Marriages



Ebenezer Cemetery
Offut-Haines Cemetery
Quaker Cemetery



Biography of Hon. John J. CORNWELL
Biography of Ira COWGILL
Biography of Benjamin Hornbeck
Biography of James Sloan Kuykendall
Biography of Hon. Garnett Kerr KUMP
Biogrpahy of John Linthicum
Biography of William A. SLOAN
Biography of Robert WHITE
Biography of Joshua S. Zimmerman


Wills - Probate Records

Will of Andrew PANCAKE - 1786
Sale Account of the Heirs of Joseph PANCAKE
Will of Simon EARSOM - 1795


Military Files

Revolutionary War Pensioners
Hampshire County Public Claims, 1756
Revolutionary War Soldiers
Cullins, John War File
Henderson, Sampson, submitted by J. Renfew, Dec. 2002
Pension file of Jacob High, submitted July 2002
Lyon, William submitted March 2003
Williams, Robert submitted May 2003 by J. Renfrew
Soldiers of 1812
20th Century Wars


 Family and County History
Frederick / Hampshire Counties, Virginia - TAYLOR, CARTMILL Surnames
Minute Book 1788-1789
Slaveholders, 1850
1865 Tax List



Charles Van HARMISON

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