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The Blue Book of the
State of Wisconsin ~ 1907
Complied and Published Under the Direction of
J. D. Beck, Commissioner of Labor and Industrial Statistics 1907.

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Biographical Sketches (index to)
Ainsworth, RoderickAssemblymanb. Illinois
Alldridge, William J.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Anderson, Peter C.Assemblymanb. Norway
Baker, Allen S.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Baker, John FranklinAssemblymanb. Wisconsin
Bancroft, L. H.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Barker, H. W.State Senator - 31st Dist.b. Wisconsin
Bauer, Frank S.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Beedle, George E.Insurance Commissionerb. Wisconsin
Bell, William H.Assemblymanb. England
Berg, Ove H.Assemblymanb. Germany
Berner, Ed. J.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Bichler, William J.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Bird, Harland PageState Senator - 1st Dist.b. Pennsylvania
Birge, Edward AsahelDean of the College of Letters and Scienceb. New York
Bishop, Isaac ThorntonState Senator - 3rd Dist.b. Wisconsin
Brazeau, Theodore W.State Senator - 9th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Brockhausen, FrederickAssemblymanb. Denmark
Browne, Edward E.State Senator - 21st Dist.b. Wisconsin
Burke, TimothyAssemblymanb. Wisconsin
Burns, Eugene EdwardState Senator - 16th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Cahoon, WilberAssemblymanb. Wisconsin
Cain, Elmer E.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Campbell, M. L.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Carpenter, Fred J.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Cary, C. P.State Superintendentb. Ohio
Cary, William JosephU.S. Representative - 4th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Cassoday, John B.Chief Justice of the Supreme Courtb. New York
Cernahan, W. A.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Clausen, Lorenzo N.Assemblymanb. Norway
Cleary, M. J.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Connor, William D.Lieutenant Governorb. Canada
Coolidge, D. C.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Cooper, Henry AllenU.S. Representative - 1st Dist.b. Wisconsin
Curtiss, W. M.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Dahl, Andrew H.State Treasurerb. Wisconsin
Davidson, James H.U.S. Representative - 8th Dist.b. New York
Davidson, James O.Governorb. Norway
Detling, John M.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Disch, WilliamAssemblymanb. Switzerland
Dodge, Johsua EricJustice of the Supreme Courtb. Massachetts
Domachowski, Jos. A.Assemblymanb. Poland
Douglas, DavidAssemblymanb. Scotland
Durley, Albert W.Assemblymanb. Illinois
Ekern, Herman L.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Elver, Elmore T.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Emerson, A. R.State Senate Officer - Chief Clerkb. Wisconsin
Esch, John JacobU.S. Representative - 7th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Estabrook, Charles E.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Everett, Edward A.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Fairchild, Edward T.State Senator - 5th Dist.b. Pennsylvania
Falconer, Russel C.State Senate Officer - Sergeant-at-Armsb. New York
Falvey, W. H.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Frear, James H.Secretary of Stateb. Wisconsin
Fridd, John A.State Senator - 19th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Froemming, Theo. C.State Senator - 4th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Georgi, Herman EmilAssemblymanb. Wisconsin
Gilbert, Frank L.Attorney Generalb. Wisconsin
Goldsworthy, Clifford R.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Grasse, George F.Assemblymanb. Massachetts
Hagemeister, Henry F.State Senator - 2nd Dist.b. Wisconsin
Hagen, CharlesAssemblymanb. Wisconsin
Hager, Wallace S.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Harrass, Otto A.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Harring, J. D.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Hazelwood, John A.State Senator - 23rd Dist.b. Wisconsin
Heilbron, H. H.Assemblymanb. Germany
Hudnall, George B.State Senator - 11th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Hughes, John F.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Husting, Paul O.State Senator - 13th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Ingram, C. A.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Irvine, WesleyAssemblymanb. Canada
Irvine, William S.Assembly Officer - Sergeant-at-Armsb. Maryland
Jackson, F. M.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Jenkins, John J.U.S. Representative - 11th Dist.b. England
Jones, John R.Assemblymanb. Pennsylvania
Kander, SimonAssemblymanb. Maryland
Kay, William A.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Keppel, V. S.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Kerwin, James C.Justice of the Supreme Courtb. Wisconsin
Keup, E. G.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Keyes, Edward J.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Kimball, Frank J.Assemblymanb. New York
Kindlin, Geo. W.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Kubasta, F. W.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Kuckuk, AntoneAssemblymanb. Wisconsin
Kusterman, GustavU.S. Representative - 9th Dist.b. Germany
La Follette, Robert M.U.S. Senatorb. Wisconsin
Le Roy, Edward WebsterAssemblymanb. Wisconsin
Ledvina, Lawrence W.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Lockney, HenryState Senator - 33rd Dist.b. Wisconsin
Luy, JacobAssemblymanb. Wisconsin
Mains, David F.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Marquardt, August F.Assemblymanb. Germany
Marsh, Spencer M.State Senator - 25th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Marshall, Roujet D.Justice of the Supreme Courtb. New Hampshire
Martin, Harry ChapmanState Senator - 17th Dist.b. Wisconsin
McGee, W. J.Assemblymanb. New Brunswick
McGregor, DuncanAssemblymanb. Scotland
McKenzie, James A.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Miller, Thomas H.Assemblymanb. Minnesota
Morris, David J.Assemblymanb. Wales
Morris, ThomasState Senator - 32nd Dist.b. Canada
Morse, Elmer A.U.S. Representative - 10th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Mueller, Frank F.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Munson, Oliver G.State Senator - 28th Dist.b. Iowa
Murphy, James WilliamU.S. Representative - 3rd Dist.b. Wisconsin
Neitzel, Chas.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Nelson, E. F.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Nelson, John MandtU.S. Representative - 2nd Dist.b. Wisconsin
Noble, James HarveyState Senator - 24th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Norcross, PlinyAssemblymanb. Massachetts
Nye, Ray J.Assemblymanb. Iowa
Olen, Otto L.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
O'Neil, JeremiahAssemblymanb. Wisconsin
Owen, Walter C.State Senator - 10th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Page, George E.State Senator - 7th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Palmer, Lucian H.Assemblymanb. Alabama
Parkinson, John BarberVice-President of the Universityb. Illinois
Pearson, Charles L.State Senator - 27th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Perry, Wm. M.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Peterson, F.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Peterson, J. P.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Pickart, ChristianAssemblymanb. Wisconsin
Potter, B. S.Assemblymanb. New York
Randolph, Samuel W.State Senator - 15th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Reynolds, Thos.Assemblymanb. Ireland
Richards, Harry SangerDean of the College of Lawb. Iowa
Roehr, Julius EdwardState Senator - 8th Dist.b. New York
Roethe, Henry E.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Rollmann, HenryAssemblymanb. Wisconsin
Roycraft, Thos. A.Assemblymanb. Ireland
Rummel, JacobState Senator - 6th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Russel, H. L.Dean of the College of Agricultureb. Wisconsin
Sanborn, Albert W.State Senator - 12th Dist.b. Vermont
Schauer, Anton G.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Schmidt, NicAssemblymanb. Germany
Scott, George E.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Scott, JohnAssemblymanb. Wisconsin
Shaffer, C. E.Assembly Officer - Chief Clerkb. Wisconsin
Siebecker, Robert G.Justice of the Supreme Courtb. Wisconsin
Smith, Charles H.State Senator - 18th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Smith, FredAssemblymanb. Germany
Smith, SimonAssemblymanb. England
Soper, Fred R.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Sorenson, Ole P.Assemblymanb. Denmark
Sprague, Edward H.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Stafford, William H.U.S. Representative - 5th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Stephenson, IsaacU.S. Senatorb. New Brunswick
Stewart, Thomas A.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Stondall, Albert M.State Senator - 26th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Stout, Charles F.Assemblymanb. Michigan
Stout, James H.State Senator - 29th Dist.b. Iowa
Thomas, John O.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Thomas, Theodore M.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Thompson, Carl D.Assemblymanb. Michigan
Ties, FredAssemblymanb. Prussia
Timlin, W. H.Justice of the Supreme Courtb. Wisconsin
Turneaure, Frederick EugeneActing Dean of the College of Mechanics & Engineeringb. Illinois
Turner, William RufusAssemblymanb. Wisconsin
Van Hise, Charles RichardPresident of the Universityb. Wisconsin
Weber, Frank J.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Wehrwein, S. F.Assemblymanb. Wisconsin
Weisse, Chas. H.U.S. Representative - 6th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Wellensgard, Christian C.Assemblymanb. Denmark
Whitehead, John M.State Senator - 22nd Dist.b. Illinois
Wilcox, Fred M.State Senator - 14th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Winslow, John B.Justice of the Supreme Courtb. New York
Wolff, George W.State Senator - 20th Dist.b. Wisconsin
Wright, James A.State Senator - 30th Dist.b. Wisconsin


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